300+ Small Business Ideas to Become an Entrepreneur

The path to self-employment does not start with starting a business but before that. The simple phrase: Without a small business idea no business. What sounds simple is sometimes really complicated. Because not always falls a great business idea from the sky and directly into the lap of the founder. Often small business ideas take a long time to come.

A Small Business Ideas by Business Guide Blog

This need not be! There are many business ideas and you do not necessarily have to reinvent the wheel. On this page, we present small business ideas. Maybe you will find the right business idea for you here.

You Will Find

Low-Cost Small Business ideas are presented here:

A Garden Helper who helps the gardener

Gardener HelperA Man and his garden – a never-ending love story. But what if the tasks become more and more extensive, you no longer have time for your garden or you are simply no longer physically able to take care of it? In such cases, it is advisable to hire a garden worker. The industry is becoming increasingly popular. The best prerequisites, then, to get involved and to become self-employed as a garden helper. But what does everything have to be considered?

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How To Start A Delivery Service Business

Delivery Services Near Me - How To Start A Delivery Service BusinessNot a few working people harbor the desire for a self-determined daily work routine. Nobody who tells you what to do and what to leave. Instead: the full responsibility for all your actions and decisions. The path that makes this wish come true is, of course, self-employment. Starting a business sounds pretty exciting, but how exactly it works, only a few know. Particularly important for a successful business is small business ideas that appeal to as many or as financially strong a person as possible. A market that currently has a lot of potentials is that of delivery services. In this post, you will learn how to start a delivery service and what you have to keep in mind.

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House Sitter Jobs | What is behind this business model?

House Sitter Jobs-A Small Business IdeasWhat a babysitter is, literally knows every child. But what about the Housesitter Jobs? These terms are far from anchored in the German vocabulary and cause question marks over many people’s minds. The principle is quite similar to babysitting. Instead of taking care of a toddler, a house or apartment is being guarded. The business model is already firmly established in other parts of the world, such as the US and Australia. In World, it is just beginning to take hold. So it’s a good time to get into the industry and make money as a house sitter and a home sitter.

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Create Ironing Service | Ideal as a sideline suitable

Ironing Service Business ModelAfter work, put it on the ironing board and free the shirts from wrinkles for the next few days? For most people, this is a real horror performance. No question: Ironing is by far one of the most unpopular household activities. If you see things differently and maybe even passionately iron, it is not a bad idea to think about setting up an ironing service. Because just because so many people are reluctant to iron, this can significantly increase your prospects for success. But what do you have to consider everything if you want to start an ironing service as a small business idea?

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Dog walkers will | A Small Business ideas for the part-time entry

Dog Walkers- Business Guide Blog2Dogs are animals that need a lot of attention and exercise. Unfortunately, not every owner can offer enough exercise. Above all, work and living in small apartments mean that more and more dogs suffer from a lack of activity. Masters and mistresses who want to change this may look forward to a new trend that has come from the United States and wins more and more followers. There is the talk of so-called Dog walkers – people who go with foreign dogs and get money for it. Sounds like a dream job for you? Then you should definitely read on to find out what requirements you have to fulfill as a budding dogwalker. This is really a small business idea for those who have no money.

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Cleaning Services Business – Employed with household resolutions and Co.

Cleaning Services BusinessAs small business ideas, do you enjoy cleaning up, dispose of rubbish and really “clear ship”? Then bring the best conditions to start your own business with a clearing service. What does that mean in concrete terms? In the following article, you will learn what you have to keep in mind and how the dream of your own business will come true.

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Mobile Podiatry Service | That’s what matters in practice

Mobile Podiatry ClinicsA well-groomed appearance enjoys a very high priority in our society. More and more people are not only looking for the face, hands and body look good, but also the feet. The deliberate examination of these body parts, however, makes sense not only from a cosmetic point of view but also from a health point of view. Because the fact is: who goes to the foot care, not only lets his feet “brighten”, but in the truest sense of the word maintain. As more and more people develop the desire to do something good for their bodies and are prepared to spend money on it, they have ideal starting conditions for those who want to become self-employed with a mobile foot care. Read here what you have to consider in this project.

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Delivery Snack boxes | Sweeten employees’ workday and earn money

delivery snack boxes-A small business ideasAre you looking for a business idea that will make other people happy? How about supplying your offices, agencies, and workshops with delicious snacks, literally sweetening your employees’ day-to-day work? Setting up snack boxes turns out to be a lucrative business if the concept is implemented professionally. Find out how it works, what to look for and how you can reach a large number of customers.


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Window Cleaner Services | So, set up your own building cleaning company

Window Cleaner Services-Thumbnail
By Nathan Cowley

Huge glass fronts, hard-to-reach windows or simply no time or desire: There are many good reasons for choosing to hire a professional window cleaner. Both commercial customers and private individuals increasingly use this service and benefit from numerous advantages. If you decide to become self-employed as a window cleaner, you should know that under no circumstances should this profession be underestimated. Because even if it seems easy to clean windows, this is a physically extremely strenuous activity. What else you need to know as a (prospective) window cleaner, tells you the following post.

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Self-Employed as a Domestic Worker | A particularly flexible business

Self-Employed as a Domestic WorkerWhat was often referred to as a cleaning lady in the past has become a recognized business by now. Home helpers provide cleanliness, order and improved family life. What many do not even know: The tasks of a household help not only cleaning. If you are thinking about becoming self-employed in this area, you can also offer services such as shopping, medical visitation, and babysitting. But how do you actually become a domestic worker?

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Cell Phone Repair Shop – You have to pay attention to everything

Man’s best friend is no longer the dog, but the smartphone. At least that’s what you might think when you watch the countless people who are looking at their phones wherever they go and stand, seemingly unable to put it down for a few minutes. The triumph of the smartphone cannot be denied. No wonder, after all, it is the handy communication devices are true all-rounders. However, the growing functionality of modern mobile phones also brings with it a dark side: once they are broken, the professional usually has to work. Luckily, the professional image “mobile doctor” has now established itself in this country. But what exactly is behind the winking term?

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Vehicle Repairing Shop or Workshop | An attractive way to independence

Vehicle Repair ShopThe Man and his car – a love story that is second to none. In fact, there is hardly any other country that attaches so much importance to its means of transportation. It is cleaned and polished, cherished and cared for, which does what it takes, so that the beloved car always looks immaculate. And when a blemish arises, many will not spare the expense or effort to eliminate it. An industry that benefits from this boundless love of motoring is car preparation. Anyone who is self-employed in this area can look forward to a well-heeled clientele.

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Bicycle Courier Service | Self-employed as a bicycle courier

Bicycle Courier ServiceThe profession of bicycle courier has a special appeal for many. Especially sports people, who can not imagine sitting in the office for eight hours a day or more, sometimes think about swapping the desk chair for a bicycle and working as a courier. If you bring the necessary condition and have no problem with being out in the wind and weather, then it might be worthwhile thinking about starting a new career. How to become self-employed as a bicycle courier, what you are aware of and what requirements you have to meet is revealed in the following article.

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Self-Employed as Moving Assistance Business | This is how your business becomes a success

Moving Assistance BusinessMoving Assistance Business means a company who look after the things during moving from one place to another. Removals – for some the epitome of a new beginning, for others the ultimate in horror. It can not be denied that a move from A to B is always associated with a great deal of (organizational and physical) effort and does not just cause a sweat break out. That is why it is not surprising that many people get professional support on the boat and hire a relocation helper. If you are interested in this profession and want to become self-employed with a removal company, you not only have to show strength and physical fitness. It also depends on a whole series of other conditions that you meet at best all. Find out more in this post.

Become a Tutor | It is important to pay attention to everything

Become a TutorThe World school system is constantly under scrutiny. Teacher shortage, failures, too much teaching material in too little time … It is no wonder that many students are overstrained and do not come along with the curriculum. In such cases, it often makes sense to think about going to a tutor. If you want to become self-employed in this professional field, you can usually look forward to a good order situation – the demand has been high for years. It is estimated that about 25 percent of the students have ever taken tutoring. But how do you become a tutor? And what legal requirements must be met for this?

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Mobile Food Cart | What you have to pay attention to

Mobile Food CartYou want to become self-employed with a mobile sausage stand? Under certain circumstances, not a bad idea. Keep in mind, however, that you have to overcome some hurdles before you can throw the first sausages on the mobile grill. What should be considered when starting a business, how to gain a foothold in the industry as quickly as possible and what else you should know – the following article will tell you.

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Fruit Delivery Service to the office | Health promotion that pays off

In the hectic everyday life of many companies, the subject of healthy nutrition often falls under the table. Too complicated, too time-consuming, too time-consuming – there are many “good” excuses that justify the quick currywurst in the canteen and give the healthy alternatives a discreet discharge. It is not difficult at all to eat well in the office. One possibility – which has since become a promising business idea – is fruit baskets for companies. Find out what lies behind and how you can build such a business.

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Bloggers, Who Make Money | How can one live from blogging?

bloggers who make moneyBlogger who make money write fluffy lyrics, take fancy photos and above all: get lots of great products. No question, Blogger is currently one of the absolute dream jobs. But how do you become a blogger? And how can you live on it? Answers to these and many other questions can be found in the following article.

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Secretarial Service | As virtual assistant to support the customers

Virtual assistant serviceYou enjoy organizing like to take on administrative tasks in the background and can express yourself well and comprehensible? Then you should think about setting up a secretarial service. This business model is currently in great demand, as more and more companies and freelancers are choosing to outsource classic office tasks. Whether as a virtual assistant who processes the tasks from your own home office or at the customer’s site – who wants to start a secretarial service, can look forward to a varied and exciting everyday working life. Read here what you have to pay attention to on your way to independence.

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Mobile waffle stand | Is this business idea worth it?

Mobile Waffle Stand with healthy sweet snacksFreshly baked, wonderfully fragrant and heavenly tasting waffles – Well, does your mouth water? In all likelihood, after all, there are hardly any people who would reject this sweet snack. Waffles are simply delicious and thanks to various toppings such as powdered sugar, applesauce, and hazelnut spread also extremely changeable. So it seems that with the Waffles and small business ideas, you can approach quite a few people and build a successful business. Of course, it’s not that easy. In this post, you’ll learn what you need to keep in mind if you want to start your own business with a waffle stand.

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Become self-employed as a Music Teacher

Become a Music Teacher-Thumbnail
Source: www.splitshire.com

Musical people have the rhythm in their blood and often master several instruments at once. It’s not uncommon for them to turn their passion into a career. If you do not want to be on stage as a musician, but would rather pass on your passion to others, for example, you have the option of becoming a music teacher. But how exactly does it work? How can one be self-employed as a music teacher?

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How To Become a Nutritionist | How to build a successful business

How to become a NutritionistThe topic of nutrition plays a very central role in the lives of more and more people. While a few years ago, everything seemed to be indiscriminately stuffed into it, a strong awareness of healthy and balanced food is now emerging, which can have a direct influence on the health of a person. One professional group that benefits significantly from this development are nutritionists. But what does a dietitian do all day? And what do you have to do to be able to practice this profession? The following post will clarify you.

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Open an eBay Store | Make a career in the field of eCommerce

eBay Seller-Open an eBay StoreThe online sales platform eBay is known to most people only from the point of view of a buyer. However, it is also possible to switch sides and use eBay as a professional sales channel. Anyone who wants to earn money as a commercial eBay trader has to pay a lot of attention – the platform distinguishes strictly between private sellers and companies. How to become an eBay dealer and what you need to think about – the following article will tell you.

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Become Self Employed as a Freelance Copywriter | How to Become a Copywriter?

How to become a copywriterWhile classic journalism is increasingly weakening, the importance of digital media continues to increase. Of course, not every content posted on the web automatically has a journalistic value – but what we read there must still be written by someone. The triumphant advance of the World Wide Web is also the triumph of the copywriters. Because these can often not save themselves from orders. If you are thinking about becoming a copywriter and taking the step into self-employment, this is the time. Learn how to become a copywriter in this article.

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Open Nail Salon Nearby Your Home – the dream of your own nail salon!

It is a fact that opening your own nail salon is not an easy affair and you are certainly not the first to come up with this idea. And that’s no wonder in the growing nail design, nail care, and manicure market. Basically, the customer base is more aimed at the female persons and these are also the ones who decide on the success of your nail salon.

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Found a Catering Company | This is how the start of self-employment succeeds

Catering Business IdeaIf you enjoy entertaining other people and pampering them with culinary delicacies, but do not want to start a classic catering business, you may find your calling in catering. Catering companies can look forward to a very good order situation – not least because they appeal to both private and business customers. However, until the entrepreneurial success sets in, you have to take a long and sometimes difficult journey. Because one thing is for sure: founding a catering company may sound easy. But again, this is a challenge that wants to be mastered. In this post, we tell you all the important information you need to know as the future owner of a catering company.

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How I Become a Wedding Planner | Dream job with some requirements

wedding planning organizerAfter marrying has gone out of fashion for a few years, it is now as hip as long ago. More and more couples are dreaming of the perfect wedding ceremony – and are ready to go deeper into their pockets. The result is a wedding industry that has never boomed like this. Not only classic actors such as bridal outfitter and florist benefit from the turnaround, but also new occupational fields. One of them is the wedding planner. Find out in this article how you can become a wedding planner and what requirements you have to fulfill for this varied dream job.

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The Childminder will | You should bring these qualities with you

It used to be normal for a childminder to be available if you wanted to earn a little bit on the side. Today, it is not so easy anymore, the job as a childminder or day father has become more demanding and subject to some regulations. This is absolutely necessary, after all, you take responsibility for a strange child for several hours a day. The parents want to keep their children in good hands and do not have to worry about the time they are cared for. Who has the goal to become a childminder who can build a solid foothold, but there are some things to note in advance.

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Healthy Food Box Subscriptions – Box Schemes With Healthy Food in the self

Healthy Food Box Subscriptions - Box SchemeRegional and seasonal products, sustainable cultivation, fair conditions, organic standards – topics like these are just ubiquitous when it comes to food and nutrition. No question: A healthy lifestyle is currently extremely popular – but unfortunately not always easy to implement. Especially when the workday takes a lot of time and you enjoy a few nice moments with the family after work instead of hiking through the supermarket, the intention is to eat a balanced diet and to support the farmers on site. go there fast. In exactly such cases, the business idea of the Abokiste takes hold. If you grow and/or produce your own products or have good contacts with producers, these are ideal conditions for implementing this idea.

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How to Become Photographer to Earn Money with Your Photos

Starting a Photography Business-ThumbnailPhotography is a great example of how working your hobby can become a profession. Every professional photographer has started in the same way with his passion: just click on it and get better over time. Being self-employed as a photographer is not difficult. It is usually complicated afterward, namely, when it comes to keeping his job above water. The competition is tough and many jobs are poorly paid. Self-employed as a photographer – you have to pay attention to everything.

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Commercial Janitorial Service | That’s how the foundation works

In almost every major building complex – be it a condominium or a business – there is a janitor. Its tasks are diverse and require a number of different skills. These, in turn, ensure that the job description of the caretaker is very varied. However, anyone who wants to start a janitorial service should not only know which technical knowledge to bring. Even business knowledge is indispensable – after all, one is the owner of a company.

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Niche Websites Ideas | How to generate passive income

The Internet is not only a place of entertainment and information for more and more people but also a place where you can make money. The so-called online businesses are still on the rise and are gaining more and more followers. There are multiple reasons for that. While some people smell the fast money, others are looking forward to being able to work flexibly and anywhere. Before these wishes come true, however, you should first think carefully about which business model you want to set up on your own. In this article, we introduce you to the example of niche sites and explain, among other things, how you can create niche pages and ultimately earn money.

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Open kiosk | Here’s what you should know!

Having your own small kiosk can be the solution for a solid livelihood. After all, kiosks are well-visited depending on their location and environment, they sell cigarettes, tobacco, magazines & books, sweets, maybe even baked goods, tickets for public transport and just about everything that the passing, urgent customer could need on the fly. A coffee to go, a pretzel on the hand above something to read. You can also be a contact point for the sale of tickets at S-Bahn stations or stops. At the kiosk you get information. They may sell mobile phone cards, prepaid cards, gift certificates and more. In the future, you can become the nice kiosk owner next door, the one with always cool drinks, and a nice chat.

Create Shopping Service | Read here what you should consider!

Stressed workaholics, restricted seniors, families who just want to enjoy the time together – the target group of so-called shopping services is huge and is constantly growing. No wonder, after all, it is extremely comfortable to have bread, milk, and Co. delivered to your doorstep. What was taken for granted a few decades ago has been almost completely forgotten lately? Now the shopping services are celebrating their renaissance and are once again enjoying great popularity. Who wants to start a shopping service now, finds very good conditions – but also a tough competition.

Energy Consultants will | Everything you should know and pay attention to

Sustainability plays a central role in the lives of more and more people. You want to act in such a way that you do as little harm to the environment as possible, and that subsequent generations will find another earth on which to live well. One area that is really closely linked to sustainability is energy. Fortunately, eco-power, energy efficiency, and co. Are no longer marginal issues. On the contrary, more and more often you become the (desired) normal case. One professional group that benefits significantly from this are the so-called energy consultants. The good news: In order to work as an energy consultant, you do not have to fulfill any specific professional requirements. The bad thing is that the market is full of black sheep that you have to fight against.

Web designers will | Successfully self-employed as a freelancer

In the increasingly digitized world, it is almost obvious that web designers are celebrating a boom. In fact, the services of this professional group are currently very much in demand. And yet, many web designers are reluctant to be asked if it pays to enter the industry. Irregular revenues, modular systems, huge competition and customers who are not 100 percent satisfied even after the tenth changes are helping to tarnish the image of the profession. But if you do not want to be put off and still want to become a web designer, this article will tell you everything you need to know.

Travel Guide Become | You have to meet these requirements

It is the dream of many people: always be on the road and earn money. A profession that can make this life possible, for example, is the guide. If you are interested in how to become a travel guide, which challenges you have to meet, and what the daily work of a travel guide looks like, then you are in the right place. The following article provides an overview of the most important information.

Open Tattoo Studio | This business gets under your skin

What was considered rather skeptical just a few years ago has long since become an integral part of our society? We are talking about tattoos that have managed to change from marginal to the mass phenomenon. The scene is happy about steady growth, new trends and general acceptance. For the tattoo studios all over the country, this means above all one thing: an outstanding order situation. So it’s not so wrong to think about opening such a studio yourself, provided, of course, you have a set of requirements and you have the makings of a tattoo artist. What you need to know if you want to open a tattoo studio? The following article tells you.

Open deco shop | Make people happy with nice things

Not only in the Christmas period, but also in the rest of the year, deco elements are very popular with many people. Shops that offer the corresponding goods have been enjoying great popularity for some years now – but they also have to deal with intense competition from the well-known chains. Anyone who would nevertheless like to open a deco shop and thus delight customers should, above all, never lose sight of one thing: uniqueness. An assortment made up of merchandise that only exists in your store will most likely be the key to success. What else is there to keep in mind when you want to open a deco store, tells you the following post.

Open pawnshop | This is how the path to self-employment works

There are countless ways to become self-employed. One that only springs to mind when you think of your own business is the opening of a pawnshop. In a pawn shop, you offer people the opportunity to sell personal valuables to quickly and unbureaucratically get a larger amount of cash. Over time, the customer then has the opportunity to buy back the item (on installments). The amount of interest you charge on this “credit” usually depends on the duration of the contract. If a customer does not buy back his belongings within the agreed time, you can auction them and earn extra money. As simple (and ingenious) as the Pfandhaus business model may sound, the creation of such a company is not without its consequences. What you have to keep in mind, if you want to open a pawn shop, tells you the following article.

Locksmiths open | How lucrative is this business idea?

Almost everyone knows this situation: A moment of carelessness, the door closes and the next moment you realize: I just barred myself. In itself no big problem, after all, locksmiths are usually fast on the spot to reopen the door. If only there were not the sometimes exorbitant high costs that result from this service. You might think that it really pays off to do a locksmith. But is that really the case? And what else do you need to know if you want to open a locksmith? Find out in this post.

Open Craft Shop | With the hobby in self-employment

Have you been dreaming of having your own business for some time, helping you turn your hobby into a career? Maybe you are a passionate hobbyist and love to let your creativity run free in do-it-yourself projects. In this case, you should definitely think about opening your own craft shop. As a local retailer, it’s definitely not easy these days – but if you’re serious about being self-employed right from the start and are looking for some important “rules of the game,” then your business has prospects for success.

Open Dance School | Step by step to your own business

Dancing is the great passion that you would like to pass on to other people? Then you’ve probably already thought of opening your own dance school. A big adventure, no question. But also no impossibility. Read this post what you have to consider everything if you want to open a dance school and what conditions you must meet.

Open tea shop | A pleasurable way to independence

When it comes to the popularity of drinks in the World, tea still has to rank behind the coffee, but it can also be said that demand has increased significantly in recent years. In addition to the old-established tea drinkers, more and more young people are discovering the fascinating world of teas. Whether classics like black tea or trend products like the green matcha tea – the enthusiasm for the infusion drink is great. So why not use the euphoria and open your own tea shop? Here, however, the customers should not only find a large selection, but also an owner who has a real idea of tea and good advice. What else you need to consider if you want to open a tea shop, reveals the following post.

Establish Chocolate Factory | The sweet seduction as a daily business

Even if everyone just discovered the “healthy lifestyle” for themselves and consciously pay attention to his diet, the candy classic chocolate is as popular as ever. If you take a closer look at the start-up scene, you can see that the topic is also increasingly being taken up in the form of a business. Chocolate factories enjoy great popularity and are sprouting up like mushrooms. If you too want to benefit from this trend, you should not waste any time and plan your own business startup. The following article will help you.

Opening perfumery | Self-employed with great scents and more

Perfumeries are stores that people go by and value their appearance. They not only want to look good, they also want to smell very pleasant. To achieve these goals, they are ready to reach deep into their pockets. This fact ensures that perfumeries can be considered a particularly lucrative business idea – provided that you go through this project structured and focused and know exactly what is important. In the following article, you will learn how to open a perfumery step by step.

Open Pet Grooming | Step by step to animal good business

The dog is the most favorite pet. The “partner with the cold snout” is not only deeply loved, but cherished and cherished by most owners with great dedication. An industry that benefits significantly from this is the dog hairdressers. If you also think of opening a pet grooming salon, it can turn out to be quite a lucrative business. The days when the four-legged friends were kept only as watchdogs and had to sleep in the kennel are long gone. For the best friend of a man now several billion Euros are spent annually – including for the regular visit to the groomer.

Create property management | You absolutely must know that

Anyone who likes to deal with administrative tasks and, at best, also comes from the real estate industry, may have already thought about founding a property management company. As a property manager, you are responsible for a wide variety of tasks. They hire craftsmen, are at the tenants’ disposal for questions, create utility bills and ensure that everything “runs smoothly”. Your customers include various property owners who do not want to worry about all this, but rather commission an external service provider with the work. So far the theory. But how is the founding of a property management in practice?

Opening hairdressing salon | These conditions are important

“No matter what the future brings – people always have to go to the hairdresser’s.” Phrases like these express how firmly the profession of the hairdresser is rooted in our society. That at some point it might not be possible anymore is more than questionable for most people. In turn, these are the best conditions if you are flirting with opening your own hairdressing salon. In fact, the chances are good to build a solid customer base after a short time – provided you meet all the requirements for this job. Find out how to open a hairdressing salon in this post.

Open Call Center | A communicative way to independence

Call centers are booming like never before and enjoy the best order situation. The reason for this: Communication with the customer is a task that is outsourced by many companies and passed on to the telephone center. Anyone who currently flirts with the idea of opening their own call center encounters ideal starting conditions that allow a quick entry into the industry. On the other hand, there are always different hurdles and problems to be expected. The following article provides you with an overview and gives you valuable tips along the way if you want to open a call center.

Found Security Company | Self-employed with a security service

You would like to take care of other people’s well-being and, for example, make sure that events take place safely and smoothly? Then you might already be thinking of starting a security company. This step into self-employment makes perfect sense – because security is needed in many areas and constantly. However, what you should know from the beginning: It is not easy to start your own security company. The following article reveals to you what everything has to be considered and what requirements you absolutely have to meet.

Open Bistro | Step by step to your own gastronomy

Open your own bistro – for many people, this is a long-cherished dream that is both within reach and yet infinitely far away. Anyone who wants to become self-employed in the catering industry should definitely know that a lot of bureaucratic hurdles will come to him. Simply sign up for a trade and open a bistro is not enough. Find out in this article what else you need to keep in mind and how to open your own gastronomy step by step.

Open campsite | An industry with great potential

For many people, camping is not just a form of overnight accommodation, but a real way of life. In addition, it is just announced. From the North Sea to the Alps is camped and camped, which lasts. More and more followers discover the holiday in nature for themselves and equip themselves with high-quality equipment. But not only the manufacturers of mobile homes, cookware, and Co. benefit from this development. Campsite owners are also looking forward to excellent workloads and a younger target audience who are also willing to dig deeper for the right quality. It seems that right now is the right time to open a campsite. But how do you do that?

Opening wine trade | With noble drops for entrepreneurial success

Although wine is not the favorite drink (this is known to be beer), but it is still liked and regularly consumed. Against this background, it seems very promising for many to open their own wine trade. But is that really the case? Is this a profitable business idea in times of discount wines? In this post, you will receive all the important information you need if you want to open a wine trade.

Open Dog School | A dream job for many animal lovers

The favorite animal of the people is still the dog. No other quadruped man so often manages to conquer the hearts of people as the friend with the cold snout. The love for the dog is so omnipresent in this country that it encounters one in the most diverse areas. Keepers go with their dogs not only to the hairdresser and in the kennel, but also for education lessons. Dog schools enjoy country-wide, landed east popularity – and not without reason. Because almost every dog owner recognizes sooner or later that there is still need for optimization in your own pet. If you want to open a dog school, then you can already look forward to good starting conditions. But there are a lot more to consider.

Establish bus companies | Which requirements do you have to fulfill?

Why wander into the distance, even if there is a lot to discover in this country? This could be the motto of various bus companies that offer their customers various trips to various sights, events, and cities. Who wants to start a bus company, has good prospects for success – because this form of travel is still very popular and even with the younger target audience again on the rise. But in the end, to really do everything right, you should know what is really important in the foundation. As a bus operator, you have to meet a number of requirements and know exactly what the legal framework for your business is.

Found Locksmith | Thus, the entry into self-employment succeeds

The metal industry is a loud and dirty industry – and still popular and in demand. No wonder, because metal structures are needed almost everywhere. Starting with bridges over upper story car parks to huge observation decks – the metal construction material not only offers stability but also longevity. If you want to start your own locksmithery, then you probably want to approach it a little smaller and more modest. Instead of large constructions, you are most likely to have goals, stairs, and railings on your program. What you as the future owner of your own locksmith need and need to bring with you? The following article tells you.

Founding a gardening | As a nature lover in the self-employment

Who works as a gardener, can look forward to an extremely varied professional life. The activity requires not only physical fitness but also a comprehensive knowledge of the most diverse plant species and their optimal attitude. Anyone who enjoys this and also enjoys spending time in the fresh air is the born gardener. If you also like to take responsibility and make your own decisions, it may not be a bad idea to start your own gardening. What you need to know and know in this regard is revealed in the following article.

Open Butchery | So you become self-employed as a butcher

Although more and more people are consciously choosing to live as vegetarians and vegans, there are still enough butchers who can live well in their business. Meat as a food still enjoys great popularity – if it has a good quality and does not come from factory farming. What else you need to know, if you open a butcher shop and want to be successful, read this post.

Open furniture shop | Everything you need to know about this

A small, fine furniture store with selected pieces that appeal to a specific target group – That sounds like a great business idea in your ears? Then you should definitely think about the concrete implementation. Opening a furniture store is surprisingly easy compared to other business models and is subject to manageable conditions. However, the prospects for success are all the greater. With the right concept and an irresistible unique selling proposition, you have a good chance of inspiring many customers for your shop. How this opens up a successful furniture business is revealed in this article.

Establish electrical operation | Self-employed as an electrician

You are an electrician and want to become self-employed with this profession? A very good idea, because electrical companies can still look forward to an excellent order situation. In times of the smart home – in other words, the fully networked house – there are also some completely new challenges for electricians. Those who specialize in this area and develop a certain expertise has very good chances to prevail against the competition. What else do you need to know if you want to start an electrical business? That tells you this post.

Open confectionery | This is how you fulfill your life’s dream

There are many people who like to bake and decorate ornate cakes and other pretty treats, and they want to make this passion their profession. The dream to open your own pastry shop is widespread. The bad news, however, is that being able to become self-employed as a pastry chef is not enough. The pastry chef belongs to the professions subject to licensing and requires appropriate training. If you want to start your own business, you have to meet some other requirements. What this is about and what else you need to know, you will learn in this article on the topic of pastry making.

Open online shop – a good idea?

Basically, opening an online store is always a good idea, provided you consider some basic aspects. Actually, it has never been easier to enter the e-commerce business today, and the demand for online shopping is increasing. Why? We live in a time where time means money, everything has to be fast, uncomplicated and simple. If you need something, you do not spend hours on the road, but your search for products on the Internet.

Opening a detective agency | What you have to pay attention to

Almost every boy (and certainly many a girl) dreams of becoming a detective at some point during his childhood. Spying on shadowy figures, releasing secrets and helping to make the world a little bit better – what sounds like a childhood dream to many is a lived reality for some. The profession of the detective is still up to date and not a few people think about opening their own detective agency. What you have to pay attention to here is revealed in the following article.

Open Dog Pension | What to pay attention to?

Do you love animals and especially the second favorite pet of the people did it to you? According to statistics, every third family in the country owns a dog. Sure, we love the diversity of the four-legged friends, our loyal guardians, playmates and everyday settlers. Most of them would do anything for their dog to make it as good as possible.

From time to time, however, it happens that the dog just does not fit into the concept and you need a caregiver. For example, when going on vacation or on a business trip. Friends, family members, and acquaintances have no time – what now? You have recognized the problem of many dog owners now want to help with the help of their own dog kennel.

Found flight school | You absolutely must know that

If you want to start your own flight school, you have to prepare for countless obstacles right from the start. Because it is clear: this is by no means a simple undertaking. But on the contrary. As the founder of a flying school, you not only need to bring with you extensive expertise but also meet various requirements and guidelines. The legal situation should not be unknown to you. What you need to know in concrete terms if you want to start a flight school is revealed in this article.

Open Hookah Bar | How to open a hookah bar?

Shisha smoking has now arrived in our circles and has established itself pretty well as a trend. Even non-smokers sometimes visit a good hookah bar to enjoy a relaxing evening with friends. Shisha bars are the expression of coziness, a little relaxation, and shutdown. The shisha is always in the center of such a bar visit. In addition to traditional drinks or alcoholic cocktails, they are simply ordered from the waiter. The trend itself comes from the Arab countries, where Shisha tobacco is an old tradition. It symbolizes togetherness and connectedness. In some wealthy Arab regions, a shisha is generally smoked after successful deals. If you have the dream to open your own hookah bar, then you should be aware of the basic concept. After all, the basic values of a hookah bar can not really be changed.

Open junkyard | Make money with old things

We all know that you can earn money with scrap. But how? That’s the big question. In fact, opening a junkyard is a business idea that does not inspire positive feelings in every founder. Too loud, too dirty, too exhausting – yes, who wants to open a junkyard, may not be a mimosa, but must be able to tackle. It seems that hardly any other business is further from the current trend towards digitalization than the junkyard. The fact that it is still worthwhile to enter this business area is proven by a single word: resource scarcity. It is a huge misconception that this world offers us infinite resources. At some point, every resource is used up. Probably the one who still owns them and can resell them.

Open Aunt Emma Shop | You should pay attention to this!

Aunt Emma shops have almost been forgotten and are now celebrating their revival. The small village shops, which are also referred to as consumption in some regions, offer everything the buyer’s heart desires – but with a manageable selection. There is always an extra helping of customer service in Tante Emma shop and of course one or the other info from the village. But can such a business model, which looks almost antiquated in modern times, really work? Read here what you have to keep in mind when opening a corner shop and delighting your customers.

Open Laundromat | Which conditions are there?

Everybody owns dirty laundry, but most of the time they also have their own washing machine and so one should ask oneself at this point if the opening of a launderette is worthwhile. Earlier and even a few years ago, it was quite common for people to do their dirty laundry at the Laundromat. Not everyone could afford an expensive washing machine at the time, a few Euros left for the salon. Today, not so well-heeled people can get a washing machine; many have never even seen a Laundromat from the inside. So if you want to open a launderette, you need to know your target group and choose your location wisely.

Open Flower Shop | What to pay attention to?

There is no question that flowers are liked by almost every person and are usually the expression of a solemn occasion. Whether for a birthday, for Valentine’s Day, for the wedding or just so to make the dear wife a joy – flowers are always a sign of appreciation, love, hope, life, and happiness. Yes, flowers make our life more beautiful, they decorate our gardens, apartments or the dull office and they trigger in us a variety of happy hormones. No wonder, because flowers smell of nature, summer and wellness.

Open ice cream parlor – just a summer business?

Seasonal business or more – is it worth opening an ice cream parlor?

The fact is: Almost all people love ice, especially in summer! The customer base you address with an ice cream parlor is broad and ranges from very small customers to older people. The fact is that the clientele exists – depending on the weather and temperature almost all ice cream parlors are full of the rappel. And so it is a fact that the cost of a scoop of ice rises annually and the clientele hardly stagnates.

All in all positive aspects if you have dedicated yourself to the idea of opening an ice cream parlor. However, it is not so easy to work out the right concept for your ice cream parlor. And you certainly have to pass an obstacle course with an ice cream parlor if you want to be successful.

Open farm shop | How to successfully run a farm shop

For some people, it is easy to open their own farm shop. Some have been running their own agriculture for some time, others have a great location, plenty of space in their own yard and some just love the concept behind a farm shop. So when we think of a farm shop, the idea of organic quality comes straight to our heads. And indeed, many farm shops attach importance to the origin of their offer, most of them even come from their own vineyards. But of course, since you want to offer more than you grow yourself or just want to have a more varied offer, also has its own farm shop and buy his goods.

Open gas station | What you have to pay attention to

If you are looking for the right business idea for your self-employment, you may want to start where there is an increasing need. This can be found in the area of gas stations because every day needs vehicles of all kinds of fuel to move them. A high demand without having to prove or troublesome setup. Anyone wishing to open a gas station now faces very special challenges. Although the demand is there in any case, however, high capital investment must be made before the foundation and otherwise, the current regulations should not be ignored. In addition, even the competition does not sleep and just large gas station groups are hard to beat.

Open Youth Hostel | What you have to pay attention to

Not only school classes, but also many young people who want to travel independently and cheaply, often look for hostels for their nights. As demand and demand have steadily increased in recent years, it makes sense to open a youth hostel now. But beware! Not everyone who offers affordable accommodation for groups, couples, and individuals automatically becomes the owner of a youth hostel. What you need to know if you want to open a youth hostel is revealed in the following article.

Open Debt Collection Office | How to start a serious business

When it comes to debt collection, many people automatically feel uncomfortable. Dubious business, money-driving, and contacts in shady circles are just three prejudices of many with whom this professional field has to deal. If you are not put off by this, you often scent the big business in the debt collection industry. The fact is: opening a debt collection agency is not that easy and requires a lot of time. Find out in this article how you can set up your own debt collection company and what requirements you must fulfill.

Open paint shop | You must know these pitfalls

Opening up a paint shop – this entrepreneurial project sounds relatively simple at first but turns out to be a major challenge in many cases. For example, many people do not even know that the profession of a painter is protected and requires appropriate vocational training. What pitfalls are still waiting for you, if you play with the idea to open a paint shop, tells you the following article.

Naturopaths open practice | You have to pay attention to everything

In recent years, naturopathy has become a real alternative to traditional medicine for many people. Anyone who believes the methods and gets involved in the treatments, often notable noticeable successes. No wonder then that more and more alternative practitioners are opening up practices. If you too are thinking about becoming self-employed as a naturopath, you should plan this project well in advance. Many non-medical practitioners quickly ignore the fact that you not only have the technical know-how, but also an organizational talent and basic business knowledge. Read here how to open a naturopathic practice step by step.

Open Second Hand Shop | Which conditions are there?

A second-hand shop is a predominantly social affair and means in the World as much as “second-hand”. Used clothes are usually sold, which are still in good condition and can be worn a second time. These often include shoes, children’s clothes or toys and other used items. At the same time, with a second-hand shop, you get a certain position against our “disposable society”. Used things are not necessarily bad and can look good on a second or third person. Another advantage of second-hand clothes is the price because used clothes are usually sold at a far cheaper price than the original price. Second-hand stores are on the rise and absolutely trendy. Not just for people who can not buy new clothes themselves.

Opening book trade | Starting a business for the love of literature

Bookstores are places that most people like to frequent. They radiate something familiar while having countless adventures. People who go to a bookstore often do not exactly know what they are looking for – and even if the goal is clear, you will almost always find something you would not have expected and still need. Quite a few people also like to call the bookstore a treasure hunt. It is exactly this magic that makes the special business of books and magazines so successful. If you want to open a bookstore, you should not only believe in the magic of your store but also keep an eye on its economic success.

Found Software Companies | You absolutely must know that

Digitization continues to progress – and with it the so-called online businesses, which can be implemented anywhere from anywhere in the world. A very good example of this form of self-employment is the software company. As a software developer, you work as a freelancer with various clients and can, on the other hand, focus on creating your own (digital) products, such as plugins and interfaces. But how can you start a successful software company? What steps are necessary to survive in the digital world and what mistakes should be avoided? The following article provides information.

Founding carpentry | As a craftsman in the self-employment

While most founders are following the trend of digitization and setting up an online business, it almost seems as if traditional industries like the craft industry are gradually being forgotten. Of course, it’s nothing like it. Because even though we all like to surf, connect and travel in clouds, we sometimes need a specialist for specific tasks. If you want to set up a craft business – for example, a joinery – you should definitely keep in mind a few important facts and aspects. What this actually about reveals the following article.

Open sports shop | With a lot of perseverance in the self-employment

You are a big sports fan and would like to make your passion a profession? Then maybe you have already thought of opening your own sports shop. For most, this dream seems out of reach – after all, you would have to compete with a really big competition. However, anyone who still wants to take the step into self-employment must be prepared for a long journey – which, in the end, can certainly pay off.

Found Music Label | How does the foundation of a record company work?

Many musicians and music enthusiasts dream of owning their own record label. Making money with music – for many a goal that will never be achieved. Some, however, manage to turn their hobby into a profession and thus succeed. Of course, if you’re thinking of starting your own music label, there’s a lot you need to keep in mind. Read more here.

Found a circus | It is important to pay attention to everything

The world of the circus is colorful, iridescent – and for most people anything but ordinary. It is all the more surprising if someone expresses the desire to start a circus. “Is that so easy?” Or “Does that make any sense these days?” Are just two responses from many that evoke such a plan. Even if you dream of running your own circus, it does not make much sense to jump headlong into the adventure. To be successful, every step should be well thought out. The following article will help you.

Open delicatessen | With noble products in the self-employment

Delis are shops in which customers can buy very special products. Caviar, antipasti, seafood, good wines – all of these and many other delicacies are part of the standard range of a delicatessen. The people who belong to the target group of these specialty shops are willing to pay some high sums for the goods. One might think that it opens up a delicately lucrative business idea for the business idea of delicatessen. But beware, the appearance can be deceptive. Because to really convince customers of the offer, you have to invest a lot of work. Read here how to successfully open a discount shop.

Create a fashion label | Step by step to your own fashion brand

The world of fashion is considered to be particularly fast-moving and is significantly influenced by changing trends. Whoever manages to gain a foothold here, can never be sure of his cause. Because already in the next season it can happen that the current collection is no longer celebrated. Setting up a fashion label is a challenge – but it can be mastered with the right preparation. Find out here how to start your own fashion label step by step and become successful.

Open Hotel | How to become self-employed in the hotel industry

The tourism industry is booming. Not only foreign guests but also many locals discover this varied country for themselves and ensure that the hotels can look forward to many occupied beds from the sea to the edge of the Alps. If you too want to enter the hotel industry, now is a perfect time. But beware: opening a hotel means first and foremost: a lot of hard work that should not be underestimated. Whatever comes your way, if you want to open a hotel – that’s what this article tells you.

Open Yoga Studio | Open Studio with Far Eastern Philosophy

Hardly any other sport is currently as popular as yoga. No matter where you look, the exotic movement sequences, which are extremely relaxing when you are watching, are everywhere. No wonder then that the yoga studios are celebrating boom. In fact, this is a good time to think about starting your own yoga studio. But beware, this step should not be underestimated. There are many challenges waiting for you that cannot be mastered with yoga education alone.

Open sauna | Make money with the sweat of others

Especially when it’s cold and gray outside, many people like to go to the sauna. The conscious sweating is healthy and boosts the immune system in combination with cold showers and soothing foot baths. In addition, a sauna bath is perceived by most followers as particularly relaxing and is a good opportunity to clear the head. In short, anyone who plays with the idea of opening a sauna can look forward to many potential customers. But what is there to consider when starting a business?

Open Pharmacy | You have to pay attention to everything

Most people are surprised when they realize how easy it is to start a business. In many cases, even a special education or study is not required to become self-employed in this or that industry. The situation is completely different in the case of pharmacies. If you want to open a pharmacy, you not only need to have the appropriate professional background, but also a whole range of regulations. How you succeed despite all hurdles to successfully open a pharmacy – you will find out in this article.

Open bar | So you succeed in the entry into the gastronomy

If you ask different people about their dreams, surprisingly many people answer A bar of their own. In fact, this business model, in all its variants, continues to enjoy great popularity – even though there are far more comfortable ways to become self-employed. Fact is: Opening a bar is not child’s play. To the obvious hurdles such as real estate search, bureaucracy marathon, and financing quickly join problems that hardly anyone would have expected at the beginning. What you need to pay attention to when founding a bar is revealed in this post.

Open kebab shop | With Turkish specialties to success

The doner kebab is a favorite fast food and even stands out competitors such as hamburgers and pizza. Opening a kebab shop, therefore, Kebab shop is a lucrative business idea for which more and more people are enthusiastic. But how exactly does the foundation of a snack bar for Turkish specialties work? And what has to be considered in order to be successful after all? The following article answers these and other questions.

To open car rental | That is everything to note

The business of renting cars is booming. Whether on vacation or on business trips – the modern man wants nowhere to do without his mobile pedestal and always be mobile. Who wants to open a car rental, so has quite good prospects of success and solvent customers. However, it is crucial that you do not rush head over heels into the business, but plan well in advance. Important aspects are, for example, financing, insurance, and the right location. Read here how to open a car rental step by step.

Open restaurant | Step by step to your own gastronomy

An own restaurant is the dream of many people. But beware: Often the challenges are bigger than you initially expected. Gastronomy is a tough industry that requires not only organizational talent but also brings a lot of hard and physical work with it. If you want to open a restaurant and place yourself on the market in the long term, you should know it from the start and never forget it. What you have to keep in mind if you want to open a restaurant, read in the following article.

Open boutique | Make the dream of owning a store come true

To open a boutique, you need a few basic requirements. The most important thing is to be the founder of staying power. It often takes quite a while for a boutique to establish itself at its location and become a profitable business. Despite all the risks, it is worthwhile to open your own boutique. What you expect then is a varied work routine that requires creativity, entrepreneurial thinking, and social skills. In other words, you never know what to expect next in your own business.

Open Pension | So you have success in the hospitality industry

Tourism is becoming increasingly popular in the most countries, which in turn gives the tourism industry a big boost. Not only large hotels but also small pensions are happy about many guests who can accommodate and host them. So, if you’re thinking of opening a pension, there are definitely prospects for success. However, this only happens if you consider a number of important aspects. What exactly this is about is revealed in the following article.

Open mobile phone shop | How to successfully set up a mobile phone shop

When it comes to the start-up business, the retail industry continues to enjoy great popularity. Despite the increasing digitization and spread of online shops, there are still many people who prefer to shop analogously and appreciate the on-site advice from the experts. The possibilities for you as founder and future shopkeeper are almost limitless. For example, if you’re thinking about opening a mobile phone store, it’s important that you pay attention to the points below.

Open Cinema | That’s how the project can work

When one thinks of cinemas, most of them automatically envision the huge film palaces, which usually belong to a large chain. In addition, there are also many small cinemas, which are run privately and in addition to the well-known blockbusters like to show niche films. The romantic idea of the small program cinema ensures that more people are interested in opening their own cinema. But is that really useful in times of Netflix and Co.?

Create a publisher | How to successfully found a publisher

Even as the world becomes more digital, countless publishers continue to publish printed books and magazines. In addition, there are now various e-publications, such as e-books and ePapers, which complement the offerings of traditional publishers. Anyone who is interested in an activity in the publishing industry and plays with the idea of self-employment should clarify some things in advance and ask themselves various questions. One of them is: Do I just want to publish my own books or those of other authors? The answers to these and other considerations are extremely revealing if you want to start your own publishing house.

Found a private school | You need to know these hurdles

Admittedly, founding a private school is not a classical way to self-employment. For example, most people who want to become their own boss start to build an online business or develop products. One of the reasons why so few people seriously think about starting a private school is that the project is anything but easy. Government policies are strict and different from state to state – and so it happens that many throws in the towel before they reach their destination.

Open car dealership | Requirements and advice for the foundation

The fact is that the automotive industry is booming and we can be sure that the trend in these means of transportation will continue to increase. Accordingly, success can be expected if one enters the automotive business. But despite all the chances of success, it should be made aware that the competition is not exactly small. Well-known car dealerships such as BMW, Audi, and Mercedes are unbeatably positioned on the market. If you want to assert yourself here, you have to specialize and, above all, have a lot of endurance. Also, you should be able to deal with numbers and not be scared of challenges. Long-term success in the automotive industry is still possible, even if the competition is present. If you also intend to open your own car dealership, then you should be aware of some aspects.

Open gallery | Make money with art – that’s how it works

Who wants to open a gallery, would like to earn money with art. Not a bad plan, after all, some works are worth quite a lot and promise good sales. However, you should never approach the industry too naively and naïve. The art market is highly competitive and the number of potential buyers has dropped in recent years. If you want to open your own gallery in spite of “Galeriesterben”, you should pay attention to the following notes.

Create Advertising Agency | How to successfully start your own business

There are many good reasons for choosing to start an advertising agency. Arguably the most compelling argument: There are many potential customers willing to spend a lot of money on professional advertising campaigns. But this advantage can quickly become a disadvantage because it ensures that more and more advertising agencies compete at the start. In order to prevail against the competition and win as many customers as possible, it is important to be unique and to score with quality. Find out how to successfully start an advertising agency in this post.

Open a toy library | You must know these rules

Not a few people dream of opening their own games library and thus making good money. What sounds simple at first, brings with it some challenges. Since gambling can be addictive and can have a lasting negative impact on people, there are strict regulations in many countries regarding the founding of gaming houses, gambling halls, casinos and betting offices. What this actually about reveals the following article.

Establish Contractors | This is to be considered at the foundation

Many founders find it difficult to tailor their business to focus on a specific area. They often ask themselves a question: Do I really have to decide? Is not it theoretically possible to offer not just one, but many different services? So-called contracting companies prove that this is definitely the case. The service companies, which are very often in the agricultural sector, but often also in the construction industry, are multi-talents who have the right service for every customer. But what do you have to pay attention to, if you want to start a contract business?

Open pizzeria | You have to pay attention to everything at the foundation

Pizza always works. It does not matter if it’s the soccer evening with the buddies or as a “basis” for the upcoming party, with the children or the best friends, for lunch or dinner – the plate dough with the varying toppings from Italy is one of the favorite foods of many people. The idea of becoming self-employed and opening a pizzeria does not even sound so outlandish and tends to be promising – customers will finally be in abundance! Theoretically yes, in practice, however, one should think in advance about a whole series of aspects that unfortunately are often disregarded during the foundation. Read here what is important if you want to open a pizzeria?

Founding Construction Company | You have to pay attention to everything

Building a house is a great lifelong dream for many people – but only a few can really do it themselves. It is more common for a construction company to be commissioned to build their own four walls. Undoubtedly, building a house is a mammoth project that brings together many professionals. Many construction companies specialize in providing all the services required from a single source, making it as easy as possible for the builders. If you too want to start such a construction company, you must pay attention to a few things. You can find out which ones here.

Open Record Shop | Here’s what you should know

Records are almost like a relic from days gone by, especially for the older generation. However, many younger people have been rediscovering the sound carrier for some years now and have long since chosen it as a cult object. Many collectors do not even care to hang up and listen to the records. It is much more popular to put the sometimes rare plates in original packaging in the closet and to hope that they will eventually be worth a lot of money. The reason for the increase in the value of records also ensures that record stores are enjoying an upswing again. Almost forgotten, they shoot up here and there like mushrooms. But is it really worth opening a record shop?

Found Brewery | Turn the passion for beer into the business

It’s no secret: People love beer like no other drink. Every year, the average person manages more than 100 liters. The enthusiasm for beer is currently fueled by a kind of paradigm shift. For centuries, while leaning on the Purity Law and brewing beer with only the four basic ingredients hops, malt, yeast, and water, a new, much more creative scene have now established itself. So-called craft beer brewers ignore the Purity Law and experiment with all kinds of ingredients – from rehabber to caramel to aromatic herbs. These new freedoms combined with the continued enthusiasm for their national beer makes many people think about starting a brewery. This post will tell you what you need to keep in mind.

Open Video Library | This is how it works today

Creating your own video store – in times of streaming portals like Netflix and Amazon Prime – is likely to create a rather unusual business idea, but certainly not one with no chance of success. Anyone who chooses this path should not only bring a great enthusiasm for films. Extensive specialist knowledge, plenty of organizational skills and the enjoyment of dealing with people are also important prerequisites if you want to open a video library. Read here which steps are actually necessary?

Opening the beverage market | You should know everything

Opening up a beverage market and becoming self-employed sounds fundamentally sound – after all, every person has to drink, regardless of the social environment in which he lives, how much he earns and what his personal preferences are. That, in turn, means that in theory, you can count on many customers. However, in practice, you should leave nothing to chance and plan the opening of your beverage market exactly. The following article will help you.

Open a betting shop | Read here what you should consider!

When it comes to sports, there are three types: Some are not interested in it at all and pay no attention to the competitions. The others are watching games and tournaments carefully and are excited about the game. That’s not enough for the third group. They go one step further and complete sports betting to add even more excitement to the game. Betting offices are a lucrative business idea, but should always be treated with caution. There is a lot to consider if you want to open one. What this is exactly, read in this post.

Become a headhunter | Training, requirements, and tasks

When it comes to topics such as job hunting and recruiting, so-called headhunters are increasingly being brought into play. It is a fairly new profession that is still relatively unknown. Therefore, many who are interested in a career as a “bounty hunter” do not know how exactly you can actually become a headhunter. In this post, you will learn it.

Open indoor playground | Step by step to the children’s paradise

Only a few years ago indoor playgrounds were an absolute marginal phenomenon. But now they have managed to conquer large parts of many countries and become an integral part of the free time of countless families. Indoor playgrounds offer fun and adventure – all year round and in all weather conditions. It is therefore not surprising that this is a lucrative business. If you are thinking of opening an indoor playground, you should definitely keep reading. We’ll tell you what you need to keep in mind.

Open a beauty salon | Successfully start a beauty salon

Modern society attaches great importance to a well-groomed appearance. So that the hairstyle sits, the skin looks fresh and the nails are always perfectly manicured, many people now spend a lot of money. Of course, this pleases, in particular, the numerous beauty salons, which are now no longer found only in the cities, but also in rural areas. Anyone who plays with the idea of self-employment has a beauty salon good prospects for success. This falls – however, as in all other industries too – not from the sky, but must be worked hard. Especially the fight against the competition demands a lot from most beauty salons. Read here how to win it and what else you need to know if you want to open a beauty salon.

Create agency | In 7 steps to self-employment

The world of agencies is colorful, fast-paced and varied. It covers a wide range of sectors – from IT to the event sector, graphics and editorial staff to marketing and PR. No question: Agencies have taken a firm place in the world of work and influence it significantly. And although there are now a barely manageable number of agencies, always new ones are founded. This is mainly due to the great demand. In addition, the founding of an agency is the ideal entry into self-employment for many. Read here how to start an agency.

Become a Business Consultant | Requirements and career opportunities

The consulting industry is booming at the moment. There is hardly another field in which no coaches, trainers, and consultants work. No matter if nutrition, fitness, life or finances – advisory experts are in demand everywhere. The field of management consulting is also continuing to develop and offers exciting career opportunities. But how can you actually become a management consultant? What requirements does this job entail? And do you have to study to be able to work as a business consultant later? We took a closer look at this exciting job profile. Everything about the topic business consultants can be found here.

Open pub | What should you pay attention to?

The dream of having a pub of its own concerns many people – most of them want to build up something by the way. The fact that starting a business in the restaurant industry is a very big challenge, most people forget. Who will not become a host? Not correct! Here, not only the concept is crucial to success, but also the many other aspects that have to be mastered even before the foundation. In many cases, pubs are closed again, as founders have not taken extensive care of the conditions and missed serious mistakes. The own concept is, however, the first step, the success of the pub strongly depends on the location.

Open bakery | Self-employment with a bakery

The fact is that the traditional bakeries, as they have been common for many centuries, are on the decline in the free market. The reasons are versatile and difficult to work around. Almost all well-known and larger supermarket chains now offer their own baked goods, some of which are just as fresh and fast available to consumers. For example, if customers want a quick roll of bread or fresh bread, they do not need to go to the nearest bakery, but can simply take them with them during their weekend shopping. Also, petrol stations and many other shops offer besides their main business baked goods and bread rolls. To the annoyance of real bakeries, which have so many advantages over the competition. But with the right concept, the dream of owning a bakery still works today.

Open a snack | What should you think about everything?

For many people, self-reliance is the last resort into a freer life, countless open small kiosks or snacks to secure their own existence. Here is a successful snack-business model is not a weird idea, because the people now love the snack food. It usually works fast, integrates well with the stressful everyday life and costs less money compared to a lunch menu in the restaurant. If you can shine with health benefits, you will certainly be successful with your own snack. Provided, of course, note a few key rules that need to be clarified in advance.

Founding a day-care center | How to start your own daycare

Children are our future, so education is a responsible job, if not a challenge. A kindergarten is therefore not just a place for children, but a place of education. Meanwhile, even many children from the first year of life, or even earlier, spend their first long time in the daycare center. So there are infant groups for babies and usual kindergartens from the age of three. Sense and nonsense can be argued, but the fact is that kindergartens or day nurseries are urgently needed in general. So whether the concept of your own daycare works is not a question, at least when it comes to the clientele. There are still far too many parents who are eligible for a day-care center but cannot get one due to lack of space. The opening of a day-care center would certainly be a complete success, provided, of course, the founders can meet all the requirements of a day-care center.

Open Travel Agency | Requirements for the foundation

Traveling and vacationing is always a great thing. No wonder that working in a travel agency is at least as much fun as traveling itself. Almost at least. Opening a travel agency can be done in two ways because in the meantime travel pages can also be created online and advertised with special affiliate partner programs. For such a foundation, however, founders need no prior knowledge, prerequisites or qualifications. Also, the creation costs in most cases, no money, and participation in affiliate programs are free. This is about starting a real travel agency where personal advice is worth something.

Open tanning salon | What to pay attention to?

Tanning salons are very popular places in this country, especially in the dull months or in winter. Then fill up the studios, where usually young people want to do something for their skin color. After all, you do not only want well-tanned skin in summer, but also in the gray months, when the skin looks rather pale. The benefits of opening a tanning salon are clear: customers are definitely there. The disadvantages, unfortunately, because the opening can be a costly affair at first. However, those who masterfully overcome the hurdles can succeed with a tanning salon. A well-structured business plan with your own ideas that stand out from the competition, a friendly demeanor, and good equipment – you can start with the tanning salon.

Open Gym | Requirements for the opening

The fitness industry has grown tremendously in recent years. One in ten is now registered in a gym and the demand continues to grow. And not only that but also the offers and the various possibilities for effective fitness training increase and vary. Many now even offer wellness in their own gym, put together individual training plans, offer a variety of snacks and drinks and are more motivated than ever. No wonder that many a wish, he would be able to jump on the successful concept of the fitness industry. However, if you want to open your own gym, you should pay attention in advance, because there is not only a high financial hurdle to take.

Create a Nursing Service | Which conditions are there?

Even if you want to counteract this, the number of people in need of care continues to grow. Many people have a need to look after others and improve their quality of life. Unfortunately, these aspects are not always given in many nursing homes, so that some old people would prefer to spend their retirement in their own home. They are not to be blamed, but they usually need an all-around care or part-time care. Many everyday things cannot be taken over by older people themselves. At this point, nurses are used, who take care of the everyday tasks of the elderly and the care. Unfortunately, the number of nurses is growing so that it makes sense to start a nursing service.

Create a temporary employment agency | Which conditions are there?

Many people want to flee their employment or unemployment and decide to become self-employed. Due to the long-term decline in permanent employment, temporary employment agencies are becoming increasingly lucrative and worthwhile. The perfect time to start a temporary employment agency. Many companies have a great advantage when working with a temporary employment agency. With fluctuating order levels or rapidly changing situations, companies can respond quickly and reduce costs. This trend is, therefore, moving towards temporary work, which does not always have to be an advantage for employees. So if you want to start your own business with a temporary work agency, you have a good chance of succeeding in the market.

Open Driving School | What you should pay attention to

Surely you can still remember your first driving lessons and how nervous you were before this. And still, you love cars and want to do a job that deals with it? Can you handle young people well, teach them something and drive responsibly? Then the profession of a driving instructor is certainly the right job. Should it now come down to wanting to open your own driving school, then certainly some aspects before the foundation will be important. But then own driving school can bring an incredible number of possibilities. Successful driving schools are never empty and customers are always present.

Open a health food store | Serve a well-funded market!

In your country, there are many organic shops, so at least the associations appreciate it. In addition, there are the commercial discounters, which are now opening with a wide range of organic products. So are REWE stores and even Aldi, Lidl and Co. the small health food store around the corner the biggest competitor. So if you want to realize the dream of your own health food store, you need a little courage, perseverance, and the necessary seed capital. Then it can certainly work with your own health food store, because the clientele for organic products is available and, above all, financially viable.

Create Cleaning Company | What to pay attention to?

They have recognized the need for professional cleaning and now want to cover it with their own business. You realize that pretty much every place where people are, cleaning work is due. Whether it’s larger or smaller buildings, commercial or residential spaces, as well as homes, are often hired by cleaning staff. So specialists for professional facade cleaning are needed, carpet cleaners who understand something of their craft and cleaning staff for offices, private rooms or hotel rooms. With a cleaning company, you are the head of a large cleaning crew, which are sent to different clients. They organize and see that customers are happy with their ordered cleaning staff.

Establish Taxi Company | Which conditions are there?

You may have been a taxi operator for some years, but over time you have found that this is not really profitable and now you want to start your own taxi business. Most taxi companies pay far too little and demand a lot of commitment. For this reason, it may well be worthwhile starting your own taxi business, provided, of course, you want to be your own boss and earn more.

Open Cafe | The first steps to implementing your own cafe

You burn for coffee, love the atmosphere in one and have a bright idea to bring your own Café forward? If you want to open a café, then you really have a lot of hurdles to take, after all, you are not the only one with such a fondness. Opening your own café is the dream of many people who are at home in the restaurant business. What you need to start a cafe is first and foremost a unique idea for the concept. Simply offering coffee and tea may work, but let’s remember the concepts of successfully l managed cafes, such as Starbucks or similar café chains.

Become a real estate agent and make money!

When you should become a realtor

The question of when you should become real estate agents is actually relatively easy to answer. Basically, you just have to bring some interest in the job. Nevertheless, we consciously ask this question, because many want to become real estate agents for the wrong reasons.

Easy to earn money | 6 ways to supplement the account balance

Making money while sleeping – many dreams about it and yet most are aware that this does not correspond to reality. There are many ways to make money, but only a few are really easy. Nevertheless, if you are determined to supplement your balance a little and secure yourself an additional source of income, then you should definitely continue reading. We have put together 6 different ways to make money relatively easy.

The franchise system | This is how franchising works

You are thinking of becoming self-employed, but are still struggling because you are afraid of all the tasks and challenges? Then you should definitely think about the possibility of franchising. A franchise system – in simple terms – ensures that you never stand alone during the foundation and afterward, but always receive help. Nevertheless, you are your own boss and enjoy the various advantages of self-employment. What exactly a franchising system is and how franchising works in detail is explained in this article.

Company formation | Step by step into self-employment

From the first idea to the founding of a company, it is often a long and arduous journey. Those who want to start their own business should know right from the beginning that they are embarking on a wild roller coaster ride. There will be many highlights, but also downs. Not everyone is equal to this permanent burden. However, if you are determined to launch your own business then you will naturally be interested to know how starting a business works. We have summarized the most important facts about the topic for you in this article.

Founding a Single Enterprise | You absolutely must know that

When it comes to self-employment, many now almost automatically think of the fast-paced world of startups. Entrepreneurship, however, can also have a completely different, far less spectacular face. Individual entrepreneurs, for example, consciously decide against founding a team and prefer to face the challenge alone. What sounds like a big disadvantage at first brings countless pluses with it. For example, you do not have to justify yourself to anyone and have sole decision-making power. If you are thinking of starting a sole proprietorship, you should definitely read on.

Found Franchise Company | You absolutely have to know that

It is no longer a secret that there is not only one way to start a business. Also no insider tip: franchise companies as a good start into self-employment. But what exactly is behind it? And what do you need to know if you think about starting a franchise business?

Lucrative side job | So it works with the additional income

There are many reasons to look for a lucrative side job in addition to the main job. Probably the biggest advantage is the additional income, which partially ameliorates the monthly salary. Also, the realization of personal dreams plays in the search for a part-time job now and then a role. Especially if the main job is anything but fulfilling, the part-time job can be a great compensation or a fulfilling supplement. Despite all the advantages, it should be noted that a part-time job always involves a great challenge – and that means time.

Find a small business ideas

Many dreams of becoming self-employed. But first, you have to find a business idea. That’s not so easy. Good business ideas do not fall from the sky. First and foremost, you have to find the right business idea that also suits you. What good is it, if you have found a great business idea, but the personal characteristics are absolutely out of line with the idea? Find the right business idea for you by asking yourself which problem you want and can wholeheartedly solve. If there is still a target audience for this problem solving, then you have found the right business idea. There are many ways to find a business idea. In today’s article we show you some ways:

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