Musical people have the rhythm in their blood and often master several instruments at once. It’s not uncommon for them to turn their passion into a career. If you do not want to be on stage as a musician, but would rather pass on your passion to others, for example, you have the option of becoming a music teacher. But how exactly does it work? How can one be self-employed as a music teacher?

A music teacher is a good way to become self-employed as a small business idea.

Is a music teacher freelancer?

Music teachers are educators and lecturers – after all, they impart their knowledge to other people. If you are a music teacher but you do not want to work at a classical school then you should think about the possibility of being self-employed. Music teachers have a good chance of being classified as freelancers by the tax office. This means that you do not have to set up a business and pay business tax. In addition, starting your business, in general, can be described as very simple and straightforward.

Info: Before you become a music teacher, you should definitely contact a tax consultant. This can inform you about the peculiarities of freelance work and tell you exactly what steps a proper startup as a music teacher includes.

How do you register your freelance work as a music teacher?

If you want to become a music teacher and work as a freelancer, it’s enough to send a letter to the tax office. This should indicate that you intend to become self-employed as a freelance music teacher and need a tax code from the tax office. In addition to general information, such as your name and full address, the letter should also include a rough summary of your future work.

Become a Music Teacher

Following this, the tax office will send you a so-called questionnaire for tax collection. Once you have completed and returned it, you can start your professional career as a music teacher.

Creating a concept – The key to success

Even before you register your freelance at the tax office, you should take the time to get a few more detailed thoughts about your later life as a music teacher. Of course, to say that you want to become a music teacher is a good start, but by no means sufficient. For example, ask yourself if you:

  • Want to teach individuals or groups
  • specialize in one instrument or teach several
  • rent separate rooms or teach with the students on site

There are many questions that need to be clarified in advance. Only in this way can you gradually create a clear concept for your work as a music teacher. This, in turn, is necessary to convince future customers (read music students).

Become a Music Teacher

What does it take to become a music teacher?

If you are thinking about becoming a freelance music teacher, you should, of course, bring with you the corresponding know-how. You can only teach other people an instrument or song if you have the proper skills.

What also underestimates under no circumstances is the educational component. Mastering an instrument or singing well is one thing. On the other hand, giving this talent to other people and teaching them something that they have not mastered so far, or at least little, is quite another.

As a music teacher, you must bring along various hard skills, as well as lots of soft skills. While the first category includes aspects such as grading and mastery of various instruments, soft skills required include:

  • patience
  • Ability to motivate people
  • Teamwork
  • Social competence
  • Communication skills
  • Organization

Main target group: children and adolescents

Of course, adults sometimes use the services of a music teacher, but the vast majority of your students will be made up of children of different ages. It is important for you to know this as a budding music teacher, because not every passionate musician can be comfortable with children automatically.

Become a Music Teacher

While working with the kids, it’s pretty easy to see why it’s so important for you, as a music teacher, to bring extra patience. Children are usually very capable of learning, but can also be distracted quickly and often lose the desire from one moment to the next. Then it’s up to you to encourage students to keep going – for example, by showing them their recent achievements or promising a small reward. At this point, it is once again particularly clear how important the pedagogical component is in the professional life of a freelance music teacher.

Start your own music school – how does that work?

Not a few who play with the idea of becoming a music teacher think in the next step about founding their own music school. Of course, this is a very different number that is likely to jeopardize your status as a freelancer.

If you want to become self-employed with a music school, a business registration is almost inevitable. In this context, you should ask, among other things, which legal form is the right one for you. Many private music schools decide, for example, for the GmbH, the GbR or even a UG (Entrepreneurial company).

When it comes to funding, you will not get around the contributions of the music students. In addition, however, you also have the opportunity to apply for various subsidies or to take a loan. The fact is: founding your own music school requires money – for example, for renting premises, equipment, and staff.

Speaking of premises – these play a central role in the desire to found their own music school. Because who wants to grow his business as a music teacher big, definitely needs a lot of space. The perfect premises for a music school have many different rooms that can be soundproofed as well as possible. There should also be several lounges, a kitchen, and several toilets.

Become a Music Teachers – with the help of franchising

If you like to become a music teacher without learning from scratch then franchising is the best way to start. This form is common in the music industry and can be found among others at the major Music Academy.

Become a Music Teacher

Franchising brings many benefits – from the extensive support in all areas to the reputation of the company, which will automatically attract the first customers. The downside of this business model is that you usually contractually bind yourself to the franchisor for several years, thereby losing much flexibility. Whether franchising is the right way to become a music teacher.

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