The profession of bicycle courier has a special appeal for many. Especially sports people, who cannot imagine sitting in the office for eight hours a day or more, sometimes think about swapping the desk chair for a bicycle and working as a courier. If you bring the necessary condition and have no problem with being out in the wind and weather, then it might be worthwhile thinking about starting a new career. How to become self-employed as a bicycle courier, what you are aware of and what requirements you have to meet is revealed in the following article.

What do you do as a bicycle courier?

Even though bicycle couriers now exist in almost every city, many are still not 100 percent aware of what they do all day long as such. Or to put it another way: How does a bicycle courier actually earn his money?

If you start a bicycle courier business, your main task is to bring everything of all kinds – letters, parcels, samples, etc. – from A to B. The primary means of transport is a bicycle, as you are here, especially in the inner city area the fastest way. In addition, you do not have to pollute the environment and spend money on fuel.

Bicycle Courier Service - A Small Business Ideas

Who thinks that a bicycle messenger is nothing but a postman, is only partially right. Of course, the employees of the Post office take care that letters and Co. come from the transmitter to the receiver, but as a bicycle courier, you will have a much smaller radius of action. Their services are usually used within a city – on routes that can easily be covered by bicycle.

Many customers also consciously choose the bicycle courier services when a shipment needs to reach the recipient very quickly. While big courier companies deliver the same day, you can often hand over the parcel or letter after just a few minutes. To make your customers happy, you should always try to get from start to finish as fast as possible.

What does a budding bicycle courier have to bring with them?

As a bicycle courier you have to be one thing above all else: physically fit. It is part of your future work routine that you are on the road every day – depending on the order situation – 10 to 50 kilometers on the bike. Some bike couriers also report that they complete up to 90 kilometers a day. Anyone who has only occasionally taken a tour on the bike will quickly reach its limits and realize that working as a bicycle courier is far more exhausting than it is thought.

Another important prerequisite for this job is visibility in the traffic. As a cyclist, you do not have to have a driver’s license, but you only benefit if you know all the regulations.

Something that every bike courier absolutely has to bring along is an in-depth knowledge of the area. As already described above, the motto “time is money” applies in this industry. Couriers who first have to look up the map or online for the best or quickest way to get to a specific location will not survive long in this profession. When you have accepted a new job, you should know immediately which way is the right one.

Bicycle Courier Service - A Small Business Ideas

In addition to these personal requirements, there are also a number of materials that you should know if you want to work as a self-employed bicycle messenger:

The bike:

a bicycle messenger without a bicycle? Totally unthinkable. Think carefully about which model is right for your job. For example, racing bikes are unbeatably fast, but on cobblestones a real challenge. If you want to get a new bike for your business, it’s better to invest a little more money. You will realize afterward that it was worth it.

The courier bag:

Just as essential as the bike is the bag for the courier. This should not only provide enough space for several shipments but also be waterproof. It will always happen that you are on the road and it starts to rain. If the letters, parcels, etc. are wet when you give them to the recipient, they (and also the sender) will not be satisfied.

The clothes:

Let’s stay with the weather for a moment. Of course, as a bicycle courier, you will also need to be out in wind and rain. In order to get the most out of any weather conditions, it is very important to adapt your clothing accordingly. As a bicycle courier, you should be prepared for all eventualities. A rain jacket is just as standard equipment as shorts.

A crash helmet:

Whether summer or winter, sunny or rainy – on the head of a bicycle courier heard a crash helmet! Because you will be traveling so much and often extremely fast, traffic accidents cannot be ruled out. Provide optimum protection by driving ahead, being alert and wearing a helmet.

The radio and/or smartphone:

As a bicycle courier, you must always be reachable for your customers, and later perhaps for your employees. Radio and smartphones are good sources to communicate.

How much do you earn as a bicycle courier?

Working as a bike courier is really a tough job and unfortunately, he doesn’t earn a good income. If you choose this career, then it should be clear to you from the first moment that it is very difficult to get rich.

Bicycle Courier Service - A Small Business Ideas

Most bike couriers love their job because cycling is their passion. If you too, then you probably will not mind that earning potential tends to be in the lower segment.

Who works as a hired bike courier, often receives only the minimum wage. If you start bicycle courier you should charge at least 20 Euros per hour. However, in this industry flat rates are common. It’s important that you always know exactly how much to earn in the month. Based on this, it is easier to estimate whether the cost for a courier trip is worthwhile or not.

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