If you enjoy entertaining other people and pampering them with culinary delicacies, but do not want to start a classic catering business idea, you may find your calling in catering. Catering companies can look forward to a very good order situation – not least because they appeal to both private and business customers. However, until the entrepreneurial success sets in, you have to take a long and sometimes difficult journey. Because one thing is for sure: founding a catering company may sound easy. But again, this is a challenge that wants to be mastered. In this post, we tell you all the important information about catering business idea to start your business today.

Catering Business Idea

Catering Company – Is a license necessary for this?

Anyone working in the catering industry has ever heard of the concession. But what exactly is behind this strange term? And do you need a license for your catering company?

The concession is an official permit required by a landlord to serve, for example, alcohol. If he can not present the document in question at an inspection, threatens him in the worst case, the closure.

For you as a prospective owner of a catering company, it is important to know that you do not need a license. Since catering companies are not covered by the Restaurant Act, no other permits are necessary. However, this does not mean that you do not have to pay attention during the start-up process.

Catering Business Idea

Permits, instructions, and evidence

Who wants to start a catering company, does not need a license. So far so good. However, there are a number of other requirements that you must meet in order to get your business rolling in compliance with the law. The three most important ones are briefly presented here:

  • Infection Protection Act: Hardly any catering gets by without animal products. For you, this means that you and all your employees must take part in initial instruction under the Infection Protection Act.
  • Food Hygiene Ordinance: The same applies with regard to the Hygiene Ordinance, which also applies to you as a catering company without a license. The Regulation provides that anyone who comes into contact with food (and processes it) has the necessary expertise to guarantee a food safe condition. In order for you and your staff to know how food is hygienically treated and processed, you should definitely attend a course (for example at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry).
  • Authorization to serve alcohol: If your catering is to include alcoholic beverages at non-private events, you will need a permit to do so.

Craftsman or not? When you need a license for your catering company

Catering Business Idea

What you also need to consider if you want to start a catering business is the aspect of the licensed industry. For example, if you make cakes and other baked goods yourself (by mixing ingredients such as flour, eggs, yeast, and spices to make a recipe), then, strictly speaking, you are the actions of a baker. Again, this is a handicraft profession requiring a license. Or in other words: In order to be able to work without problems as a caterer, you must prove your professional aptitude (at best with a master’s certificate). If you buy baked goods, you do not have to worry. Your activity is then admission-free.

What is the case of baking can lead to great problems, is completely unproblematic in terms of cooking? The profession of the chef is surprisingly not subject to licensing. This means that as the owner of a catering company, you can cook meals without hesitation and offer them as part of your catering – without having to prove your professional qualifications.

In order to achieve first-class results, however, it is highly recommended to train for a cook before founding the catering company. In the course of this, you will learn a lot about what you need during your later career – for example, the knowledge about the correct preparation of certain foods, the planning of large portions and (very important!) The handling of stress. Several years of professional experience in various kitchens or other catering companies will help you to successfully start your own business.

With the right concept for success

If all of the above conditions met can start your own catering company. But before you get to work, you should take a moment to ask:

What should make my catering business idea unique?

To stand out from the crowd (in the catering industry, the competition is often particularly hard), it is a good idea to think in advance of a unique selling point or a unique selling point. Looking for it, the development of a unique concept that further enhances the profile of your catering company will help you. Ask yourself in the course of this, among other things:

  • What kind of food and drinks do I want to offer?
  • What extra services should my service include?
  • Which target group (s) would I like to address?
  • Do I want to offer themed caterings?
  • Which country kitchens do I want to specialize in?
  • Do I want to go to the private sector or caterings for big (public) events?
  • Does my catering also include decorations, dishes, cutlery, and other extras?

When designing your catering company you should definitely take your time and also think about the details. It will not do good to get over this step quickly so land the first job as soon as possible. In order to be successful in the long term, intensive preparation is indispensable.

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Customer acquisition through marketing and recommendations

Whether meticulous preparation or kickstart – a catering company is only profitable when your order books fill up. In concrete terms, this means: Think of customer acquisition and invest both time and money in marketing.

Found a Catering Company-Marketing Strategy

In addition to classic advertising channels such as radio, newspaper, and posters, you should definitely try various digital options. As a fresh catering business idea, present yourself positively in social networks by establishing a bond with the (potential) customers.

Never underestimate the power of recommendation. Always your satisfied customers recommend your service to others.

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