Open cell phone repair shop and start your own business as a mobile doctor because man’s best friend is no longer the dog, but the Smartphone. At least that’s what you might think when you watch the countless people who are looking at their phones wherever they go and stand, seemingly unable to put it down for a few minutes. The triumph of the Smartphone cannot be denied. No wonder, after all, it is the handy communication devices are true all-rounder’s. However, the growing functionality of modern mobile phones also brings with it a dark side: once they are broken, the professional usually has to work. Luckily, the professional image “mobile doctor” has now established itself in this industry. But what exactly is behind the winking term?

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How to become a mobile phone doctor?

If you think of becoming a self-employed phone doctor, you will be pleased to learn that you do not need to have a specific job title. The profession is neither protected nor standardized. That means anyone can open a cell phone repair shop and call themselves a mobile doctor. As a small business ideas becoming a mobile phone doctor is the best suggestion.

Nevertheless, it is, of course, advisable, first of all, to build up a certain amount of experience before you start your own mobile phone repair business in this quite demanding profession. Many mobile phone doctors come from a technical or electronic profession and know exactly about the structure and functioning of smartphones.

However, it is just as possible to turn the hobby into a profession. Anyone who is passionate about dealing with the disassembly and assembly of electronic devices and who has been able to practice a lot in practice over the years is at least as well suited to work as a mobile phone doctor.

Requirements: You have to bring this as a mobile phone doctor

Mobile Repair At Home-Requirements

As a self-employed mobile phone doctor, you should definitely meet certain requirements to exist in the industry and to make your customers happy. These include in the first place:

  • Technical understanding
  • Tact
  • Skilled craftsmanship
  • Patience
  • Good eyes

Is the handheld doctor in times of YouTube tutorials still in demand?

A cracked display, broken speakers, low-power batteries – When it comes to the small and larger ache the Smartphone, now almost every owner can give a (suffering) story to the best.

Especially because mobile phones are now so vulnerable to damage, more and more laymen are dealing with the repair. In the meantime, there are numerous instructions on the Internet that, for example, explain the replacement of a display or the replacement of circuit boards step by step. These videos led to the legitimate question: Is it still useful today to become self-employed as a mobile doctor?

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The answer is: definitely. Because the people who actually dare to lend a hand are clearly in the minority. Most of them are simply not sufficiently tech-savvy, they have no time and no desire to deal intensively with the repair of the Smartphone or are simply afraid of doing something wrong. Accordingly, they are quite willing to spend money on the handheld doctor.

In addition, there is also the fact that not every repair attempt by a layman succeeds. Many people who specialize in the professional repair of smartphones report that some “amateur hobbyists” compound the problem even more if they think they can do it themselves.

Another point that gives cell phone doctors full order books is the sometimes lengthy repair process by the manufacturer. If you send your Smartphone to Apple, Samsung, and Co., you can usually expect several weeks (involuntary) mobile-free time. As most users know that this process is often very viscous and complicated, they deliberately opt for the Alternative Handheld Doctor. This fixes the Smartphone usually not only faster but is also better to achieve and (depending on the provider) cheaper.

Successfully Grow Cell Phone Repair Shop

Nothing works without marketing

Let’s be clear at this point: Even in times when more and more amateurs are trying to repair smartphones, a mobile doctor has a good chance of earning his money. It is important that you draw attention to yourself from the beginning and tell people what you can do.

For many entrepreneurs, marketing is a time-consuming evil that, to make matters worse, also costs money that you do not actually have. If you approach the issue with this attitude, it’s no wonder marketing does not deliver the results you want.

Mobile Repair At Home-Marketing Strategy

Marketing of mobile doctors is fun – and above all, does not have to cost a lot of money. Many effective networks like Facebook, Twitter, and a blog are completely free which offer opportunities to connect with your customers.

Above all, it is important that you value a good marketing mix and digital marketing. An advertisement in radio or in a newspaper can attract attention to your new orders.

Equipment You need for Cell Phone Repair Shop:

Anyone who repairs extremely small-scale and filigree smartphones naturally needed special tools and other aids. As a professional mobile phone doctor, you should have these features, including:

  • Special tool for screwing on smartphones
  • White gloves
  • Magnifying glass / magnifying glass
  • Grounded pad
  • Lamp
  • Brush
  • Tweezers
  • Spare parts such as batteries, displays, etc.

By the way, you do not need a special workroom or an external office for your mobile repair business. Many mobile phone doctors start mobile repair from home and have set up a functional home office. This should, if possible, be flooded with light and provide sufficient space for all tools and other aids. Other requirements do not have to meet your job.

Legal peculiarity: the battery regulation

Self-Employed as a Domestic Worker

As a mobile doctor, you have to be prepared for very few bureaucratic hurdles. One must be mentioned at this point nevertheless. As a company that accepts old cell phone batteries and installs new ones, you are subject to the Battery Ordinance. Among other things, this indicates that you need to inform your customers about various information, including:

  • that you receive batteries and rechargeable batteries free of charge
  • that the end user is required by law to return batteries and rechargeable batteries
  • what meaning the symbols have on the batteries


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