Do you enjoy cleaning up, dispose of rubbish and really “clear ship”? Then bring the best conditions to start your own cleaning services business. What does that mean in concrete terms? In the following article, you will learn what you have to keep in mind and how the dream of your own business will come true. This post is part of small business ideas in which we are discussing 100+ business ideas.

Cleaning Services Business: What requirements must be met?

Anyone who wants to become independent with the cleaning services business of private households and companies does not need to have a specific vocational training. In this industry, it is more important to be able to tackle properly and to have a long breath. Because not infrequently turns out to be harmless at first clearing out as a real mammoth project, which requires a lot of sweat and use.

Cleaning Services Business-A Small Business Ideas

Basically, you should bring along as “Cleaning Services Business-expert”:

  • brawn
  • condition
  • organizational skills
  • the structured way of working
  • teamwork
  • Knowledge about the disposal of various objects
  • Basic knowledge of antiques

Tip: Before you can get started, of course, you have to register your company with the trade office.

Which services offer?

It may sound easy to clear out individual rooms or even whole houses, but you should never underestimate this activity. When developing a concept for your business to start your own cleaning services business, it’s helpful to think about which subcategories to divide your service into. Here some examples:

Cleaning Services Business-A Small Business Ideas

  • Bulky waste disposal (including transport)
  • Clearance/clearing of offices, attics, basements, garages, storage rooms, and Messi apartments
  • Budget resolution (after death / after separation)
  • Disassembly of large furniture (including disposal)
  • Company resolutions (for all industries)
  • Removal and disposal of floor coverings, ceiling coverings, wallpaper etc.
  • Cleaning the room or the entire apartment

This list makes it clear how varied your daily work is when you devote yourself to the topic of clearing out. It’s not always about turning dusty attics upside down and maybe finding some treasure or two. As a professional decompiler, you can handle even the most difficult circumstances and master every challenge with confidence.

Clearing alone or in a team?

One thing is out of the question: In the team, it clears out much faster than alone. But just in the beginning, when there is still room in the order books, the big question is whether you can already afford employees.

Cleaning Services Business-A Small Business Ideas

Basically, you should take it slow first and make sure that you get by yourself. For particularly large and/or difficult jobs, there is nothing wrong with hiring temporary workers. Since there are no conditions for clearing out, this job is well suited as a student job, for example.

Once you have established yourself on the market and have a good order situation, you can think about whether you want to expand your team to permanent employees. This has the great advantage that you do not clear out with constantly changing people, but can gradually form a constant team. Arrangements handle, conflict resolution – all this will be much easier to do in a solid team.

The right equipment for clearing out

Although muscle power is the basic prerequisite for professional clearing out, it is far from everything you need for a smooth operation. The basic equipment of each decluttering squad includes for example:

  • Bucket
  • Different plastic bags
  • Gloves
  • Shovel
  • Broom
  • Hand truck
  • Toolbox

Safety first!

What else you should always have with you is a first-aid kit. Rusty nails, broken glass, unstable planks – who clears out professionally, expose themselves daily countless dangers and must also be aware of it. In order for you to be able to react immediately in the event of an accident, appropriate tools must always be at hand.

Tip: In order to best protect yourself, you should absolutely get vaccinated against tetanus.

Fixed price or hourly rate?

Since it can never be clearly predicted how long a clearing takes ultimately, most companies offer their customers fixed prices. These have the unbeatable advantage that those who use their services know exactly what is coming from a financial point of view.

Cleaning Services Business-A Small Business Ideas

In addition, you can calculate very well with fixed prices and are not under any time pressure. Even if you are done earlier than originally planned, this is not a problem.

What is disposed of properly where?

Even if a clearing out requires primarily physical effort, it is wrong to say that this does not have to be considered at all. In fact, as the owner of a cleaning company, you must have extensive expertise in the field of waste disposal.

What is still simple in the case of glass, paper, plastic, and furniture can quickly become a challenge. Where, for example, are empty car batteries disposed of? Or buckets full of paints and varnishes? There are so many different types of garbage – and one of the reasons you are commissioned by customers is because you are able to dispose of them without incident.

Ultimately, it wants to make each of your customers as easy as possible and have to think about anything.

Freshly market a dusty topic

Granted, you can imagine more beautiful things than taking care of order in a neglected Messi apartment. The decluttering industry is anything but attractive and sexy – probably rather dusted in the truest sense of the word.

Cleaning Services Business-A Small Business Ideas

It is even more important that you fight against this image and give your company a fresh and modern “look”. This starts with your website and ends with the sticker of your company vehicle.

Approach the subject clearing out playfully or even with humor. It’s okay to break with common conventions and give a new look to the stale household dissolution. How about, for example, a social media channel? Or a winking newspaper ad? The possibilities are manifold and waiting to be used by you. You just have to dare.

Tips for the perfect website

  • Use high-quality before-and-after photos to visualize your services
  • Include a form that automatically generates an offer for the customer
  • Use authentic customer voices to underline the quality of your work
  • Place contact options in a prominent position
  • Make sure you have a fresh and friendly design
  • Run a blog for continuous, up-to-date content
  • Always keep an eye out for search engine optimization in your city and keep an eye on keywords such as “clearing location XY” or “budget resolution location XY”

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