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Stressed workaholics, restricted seniors, families who just want to enjoy the time together – the target group of so-called shopping services is huge and is constantly growing. No wonder, after all, it is extremely comfortable to have bread, milk, and Co. delivered to your doorstep. What was taken for granted a few decades ago has been almost completely forgotten lately? Now the shopping services are celebrating their renaissance and are once again enjoying great popularity. Who wants to start a shopping service now, finds very good conditions – but also a tough competition.

How to start a shopping service?

Establishing a shopping service means in any case: becoming self-employed. Those who want to take this step should definitely check in advance whether they are up to the challenge. The tasks that will come your way are not only versatile but also very exhausting. Especially at the beginning, when many shopping services are handled by a single person, you will not only have to take care of the organizational but also buy and deliver. So ask yourself if you can handle this multiple burdens and answer it honestly.

In the next step of your foundation, you should consider an exact business model. Simply saying that you found a shopping service is not clear enough. Think of a niche or a unique selling point that sets you apart from the sometimes tough competition. This is the only way you have the opportunity to position yourself on the market in the long term and not just disappear from the scene again. Incidentally, marketing also plays a decisive role in this context. As the number of shopping services continues to grow, it is wise to position oneself clearly from the outset and to make this positioning clear to the outside world. Various marketing measures and a well-thought-out strategy will definitely help you here.

Shopping Service Business

If the business model stands, you may have written a business plan and at best you could already acquire the first customers, you can finally start the shopping service. In any case, a business registration with your local trade office is necessary for this. The costs that are due depend heavily on the region in which you start. Most must be calculated between 20 and 50 Euros. In any case, the amount is manageable.

Defining work processes exactly

To ensure that your shopping service does not sink into chaos right after its founding, it is essential that you define your work processes precisely – from acceptance of the order to delivery to the customer’s front door. A good system is essential if you start a shopping service and want to be successful. Otherwise, it quickly happens that you lose track of things, jumble orders or even forget completely. It goes without saying that such an unprofessional way of working in no way triggers enthusiasm among the customers and a renewed use of your services is unlikely.

Become part of a partner system

Defining a business model clearly, creating a marketing strategy, acquiring customers, structuring work processes, writing a business plan – all of these steps when founding a shopping service sound like a jargon for you and massively diminish your desire for self-employment? Then you should definitely think about getting professional help on board. If you want to start a shopping service, you do not have to do it alone and on your own.

For example, there is also the option of becoming part of a partner system such as “your breadwinner”. This shopping service specializes in bread rolls and other baked goods, thus occupying a clear niche. The result: The customer knows exactly what he can expect from the bread lad and very much enjoys this exclusive service. But what exactly is a partner system?

Shopping Service Business

Partner systems work much like franchising. There are two sides: the partner system (similar to the franchisor) and the partner (similar to the franchise). The partner system primarily provides the partner with a business idea that has been tried and tested in practice. In addition, he receives extensive advice on shopping service and a variety of support in all areas of the business – from finding suitable bakeries in the region, to provide a well-functioning and search engine optimized website and marketing materials.

In return, the partner undertakes to pay a profit share to the system.

Start shopping service – A business idea with many possibilities

Whether it’s through a partner system or on your own – if you’re thinking about starting a shopping service, you’ll quickly see how many opportunities it opens up. The good news is that the services of this kind are currently in great demand. Because even though work in the digital age is becoming more and more obsolete, there is hardly anyone wanting to sacrifice their free time to go to the supermarket or the bakery. Instead, people would much rather spend time with family, have fun or just relax. For you, this means ideal conditions for a successful business.

Shopping Service Business

However, you should always keep an eye on the challenges. Probably the biggest difficulty is building a solid customer base. With test offers, interested parties attract quickly, but only a fraction of them will take your services permanently. That’s why you should never forget about marketing and PR. Always keep in mind that shopping service business is very profitable nowadays. This also means that the number of (direct and indirect) competitors is constantly increasing. If you want to get in the favor of the customers, you have to think a bit and (positively) stand out from the crowd.

Starting a shopping service can turn out to be a very rewarding business. Modern society does not want to waste time in the supermarket. For you, this means that there are many potential customers who can inspire you for your business model. Keep in mind, however, that the supply market is fiercely contested and you will definitely not be given anything. If you don’t dare to take on this challenge, it makes perfect sense to seek help from a partner system.

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