What is Customer Satisfaction and what is the purpose

What is the flagship of your company? Many entrepreneurs would answer strangely to this question: “Yes, well … we have a great product – one of the best on the market.” Would you answer that as well? Yes? We do not! Instead, we would say, “The flagship of our business is our customers. We can proudly say that we have the most satisfied customers in our market. ”

“The customer is king” – the figurehead of your company

A good customer does not change business for three years. Good business does not change customers for three years.

This wisdom from China is not only valid in the Far East, but can also be transferred without problems to the Western world. Today’s blog post is once again about the important relationship between companies and their customers. Exactly today we are dedicated to customer satisfaction and will show you 6 reasons why customer satisfaction is so important.

The term customer satisfaction comes from marketing and describes how products, services, and support of a company arrive at the customer. If your products (or services) arrive well, there is usually high customer satisfaction. Conversely, customer satisfaction will tend to be low unless your products convince the customer.

In other words, the more satisfied your customer is with a purchased product or service, the greater your customer satisfaction will be.

Obtaining positive as well as negative customer feedback is a very important tool. It helps you to improve your business in the long term. Meanwhile, the constant increase in customer satisfaction should be the maxim for you.

Satisfied customers eventually become repeat buyers and recommend your company or certain products with a clear conscience. This will allow you to expand your customer base and retain existing customers even more. In addition, satisfied customers are more than willing to pay a higher price for a product or service. As a result, the pricing policy in your company can evolve.

Satisfied or even enthusiastic customers are thus an important reference for you or the figurehead for your company and achieve a not to be underestimated advertising effect, which is on top of that usually free of charge.

The satisfaction of your customers is an important success factor, as positive customer recommendations generate confidence and generate new customers.

What speaks for high customer satisfaction? We will give you 6 reasons!

  • Strengthen customers’ buying intentions and loyalty
  • Stand out from its competitors
  • Customer satisfaction reduces customer churn
  • Very satisfied customers increase the turnover many times over
  • Reduce negative word of mouth
  • It is cheaper to bind customers than to acquire new ones


American best selling author Alan Weiss puts it in a nutshell: Customers are not a problem, customers are a part of the solution – “Ask your customers to be part of the solution.” and satisfied customers will bring your company on the road to victory in the long term.

With our blog post today, we could hopefully sensitize you to this topic and at the same time show you how important and complex customer satisfaction can be.

In addition to a good product, comprehensive service is crucial. Only then will you be able to satisfy your customers completely. And always remember: Even dissatisfied customers can be valuable to you. Take their criticism to heart!

Positive feedback is the deserved reward for good work, but negative feedback helps you to improve!

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