Decor Stores Business Model

Decore Stores are very popular with many people not only in the Christmas period but also in the rest of the year, Decor Shops that offer the corresponding goods have enjoyed great popularity for some years now – but they also have to deal with intense competition from the well-known chains. Anyone who would nevertheless like to open a decor shop and thus delight customers should, above all, never lose sight of one thing: uniqueness. An assortment made up of merchandise that only exists in your decor store will most likely be the key to success. What else is there to keep in mind when you want to open a decor store, tells you the following post.

Develop a distinctive concept

The generic term Decals is of course quite general and leaves a lot of scope for individual implementations. That’s a good thing, because just because everyone understands something else as “decoloring”, you have endless possibilities to create a unique concept and thus stand out from the crowd.

Basically, the more individual the decolor you want to open, the better. When creating your concept, you should ask yourself these questions:

  • Who should belong to my target group?
  • Which products do I want to offer?
  • Will it be products that you can only buy from me?
  • Values should be added to offer my customers for their satisfaction?
  • What special features should the premises of the shop have?
  • What is my USP or my unique selling point?

The answers to these questions will automatically help you to sharpen the profile of your decor shop and, piece by piece, develop a professional concept. This, in turn, is the basis for all further steps.

Decor Stores Business ModelWhich legal form for decor stores?

If you want to open a decor shop, you must register a trade. This, in turn, means that you should consider in advance which legal form you choose. This choice has to be well thought out because it has an impact on many future decisions and issues.

Most people who open a decor shop opt for the classic individual company. This legal form is generally considered unbureaucratic and can be established relatively quickly. You do not have to go to the notary or the lawyer but simply complete and hand in the trade license – a document that you can obtain from your local commercial office and also online. However, the sole proprietorship cannot be valued positively. The biggest disadvantage of this legal form is the unlimited liability. In other words, if your decor stores, unfortunately, goes bankrupt, you are liable not only with your entrepreneurial property but also with the private one.

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Founders who want to hedge against this should opt for the legal form GmbH or their “little sister”, the UG (limited liability). What many do not know: A GmbH can also be founded by an individual. Probably the biggest challenge that awaits you, if you choose this legal form, is the 25,000 registered capital that you must prove when you found it. If you do not have this amount, the UG will be interesting for you. This brings quite similar advantages to the GmbH with it (namely the security of your private assets) but requires only one euro of share capital.

Find the right premises for decor shop

A decor shop lives both by regular customers and by walkers. In order to be able to address both groups optimally, you should attach great importance to a good location. Who wants to open a decor shop, of course, would like to be found and therefore not hide in any side alleys. The ideal location for your business is:

  • in a busy street
  • in the immediate vicinity of other shops, such as clothing stores, delis, etc.
  • easily accessible by public transport
  • in the inner city area
  • near a parking lot

Of course, the property you choose should be a retail store. That is, the premises are located on the ground floor of a house and point to the street. Large shop windows invite you to rummage around and arouse the interest of the passing people. The entrance to the store should always be easily recognizable and suggest: “Come in, you are very welcome”.

Which goods to offer in the decor store?

Once the business has been registered and you have found the perfect space for your decorating business, it is high time to think about the goods on offer.

Of course, as the owner of a decade, you have many choices – from products that appeal to the general taste, to very special pieces that may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Everything in between and a colorful mix of different styles are of course possible.

Basically, visitors to decor stores expect the following products:

  • candles
  • Peel
  • Picture Frame
  • mirror
  • Craft elements for DIY projects
  • characters
  • Home accessories
  • Textiles (for example pillows and blankets)

If you want to open a decor store, you should definitely stand out from the competition – as mentioned above. Of course, this is best achieved by offering products that are only available to buy from you. In the run-up, take a closer look around your city to find out what other decor shops are offering their customers. Everything you find in the competition does not mean you have to sell it in your own shop.

It makes much more sense to start at exactly this point and take a different path. How about, for example, to cooperate with young, not so well known designers or to buy goods that have not yet made it to the small provincial town? The possibilities are manifold and offer plenty of space for your personal preferences. Visitors to your shop will immediately feel it and appreciate it if you choose each product individually and thus also connect something. A loveless ragtag assortment, which does not show a clear line and is obviously aimed only at the greatest possible profit, however, will cause less enthusiasm. Anyone who wants to buy any interchangeable mainstream deco will usually target one of the big chains anyway.

Marketing for Decor StoresMarketing for decor stores

When you have opened your décor shop, nothing is more important than to make customers aware of the new offer. Especially in the early months, you have to be found first (regardless of the location) and get a place in the perception of the people. Founders, who do not want to leave anything to chance, deal with the topic of marketing or Marketing Strategy and all the possibilities that come with it at an early stage.

In addition to the classic marketing measures, décor stores benefit in particular from the relatively young advertising channel Instagram. The social network, which places the focus clearly on image and video content, is a mecca for users who enjoy exploring the beautiful aspects of life – and, of course, this includes decoration in all its forms.

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