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Sustainability plays a central role in the lives of more and more people. One wants to act in such a way that one does as little damage as possible to the environment and also succeeding generations find an earth on which one can live well. One area that is really closely linked to sustainability is energy. Fortunately, eco-power, energy efficiency, and co. Are no longer marginal issues. On the contrary, more and more often you become the (desired) normal case. One professional group that benefits significantly from this are the so-called energy consultants. The good news: To be allowed to work as an energy consultant, you do not have to fulfill any specific professional requirements. The bad thing is that the market is full of black sheep that you have to fight against.

What does an energy consultant do?

As a service provider an energy consultant has the task of advising his customers on the subject of energy – up to this point quite obvious. It is extremely important that the focus is always on sustainability and the efficient use of energy. In this context, for example, such questions are answered:

  • Which environmentally friendly energy is suitable for us?
  • How is the least amount of energy wasted?

As an energy consultant, you will primarily work with companies, but also occasionally with private individuals. It is important to know that the profession cannot be confused or equated with the building energy consultant. This is another activity that – unlike the energy consultant – is a protected job title and thus subject to authorization.

How to become an energy consultant

Basically, everyone in Germany can call themselves energy consultants. On the one hand, this means, on the one hand, that you are allowed to practice the profession without any prerequisite, but on the other hand, that there are many supposed experts in the market who abuse the trust of the customers.

In order to best assert yourself against this dubious competition and at the same time to signal to your potential customers that you, in contrast to others, really have an idea of energy consulting, it makes perfect sense to complete an appropriate training.

Attractive training opportunities are now offered by almost all well-known long-distance academies.

To further substantiate your expert status as an energy consultant, you can also subscribe to lists like these. However, it goes without saying that you have to fulfill a few basic requirements and prove your professional competence.

Why are energy consultants so in demand?

If individuals are interested in energy consultants, the first and foremost because you want to plan a construction project and make it as energy-efficient as possible. This not only reduces costs in the long term but is also partly subsidized by the state. The aspect of environmental protection plays a minor role in construction projects.

The situation is different in the case of companies. Sustainability has been a priority here for a while. No wonder, because anyone who wants to exude a positive image on the outside places values on environmental protection and the sensible use of resources.

The move towards a sharper awareness of the world’s environmental problems is a real blessing for energy consultants. In the meantime, it is a good thing to deal with topics such as environmental protection and “green energy” if you want to be lenient with your customers.

But not only sustainability in all its facets contributes to the fact that companies get an environmental consultant into the house. Of course, the money factor also plays a decisive role here. By explaining to companies how to use energy most efficiently and act so that nothing is wasted, they can simply save money.

A career field with perspective

The latest developments in energy, resources and environmental protection are far from over. Even if some people are no longer able to hear it, sustainability will continue to accompany us in the coming years or even decades. For you as a (prospective) energy consultant, this means best conditions and almost always full order books.

Anyone who chooses this profession will opt for a career with prospects. Even though there is more and more evidence on the topic of energy efficiency on the Internet, most still swear by the expert advice of the specialist or the specialist.

These requirements must be met by an energy consultant

RequirementsEven if there are no specific requirements for energy consultants, this does not automatically mean that everyone is suitable for this job. Anyone who wants to work in this profession and optimally want to be certified in advance must fulfill certain requirements. In principle, these requirements apply to all energy consultants in general:

  • comprehensive expertise
  • competent appearance
  • well-groomed appearance
  • good rhetoric
  • clear, understandable language
  • varied presentation
  • Ability to easily explain complex issues

Anyone who decides to train as an energy consultant must also take into account that some remote academies require prior knowledge in order to obtain admission to the course. It is always beneficial before your career if you are already considered as an energy adviser

  • mason
  • Installer
  • Electrical engineers
  • roofer
  • (Interior architect
  • Construction engineer

or have worked in a comparable (craft) profession.

Energy Consultant – A varied and demanding profession

Anyone who decides to become an energy consultant may look forward to a varied working day. As you will be constantly working with new clients from a wide variety of areas, you must learn to adapt to other situations over and over again. What is a challenge at first, soon turns out to be a nice change from a variety of routines?

In addition, your level of knowledge has to be constantly expanded. There are always innovations in the field of energy efficiency, and with regard to laws, guidelines and support programs, you will come across innovations that are of relevance to your customers. Those who want to provide comprehensive, correct and target group-oriented advice must take the topic of “Lifelong Learning” extremely seriously and prepare for regular further education.

But let it be said that the effort is worthwhile. As a self-employed energy consultant, you not only have a secure but also a well-paid job. Revenues of 4,000 euros and more per month are absolutely not uncommon.

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