Establish Chocolate FactoryEven if everyone just discovered the “healthy lifestyle” for themselves and consciously pay attention to his diet, the candy classic chocolate is as popular as ever. If you take a closer look at the start-up scene of the chocolate factory, you can see that the topic is increasingly being taken up in the form of business. Chocolate factories enjoy great popularity and are sprouting up like mushrooms. If you too want to benefit from this trend, you should plan and start your own business startup without wasting time.  If you want to start up a business with no money and start your journey as an entrepreneur then, the following article will help you to establish a chocolate factory.

What is actually a manufactory?

Before you embark on the adventure of self-employment, you should, first of all, realize what exactly it means to start a chocolate factory. While everyone can do something with the first part of this term, the second one still regularly causes question marks over the heads. Who wants to start a chocolate factory, of course, should know what it is.

Establish Chocolate FactoryA manufactory is generally formulated as a small company in which the products are still made by hand, ie without machine assistance. There are factories in a wide range of industries – for example, jewelry factories, musical instrument manufactories and also the chocolate factories discussed here.

If you want to found one, that means you are not offering your customers mass-produced industrial goods, but handmade and lovingly made chocolates. This is exactly the reason for the success of the chocolate factories.

Permits for a chocolate factory

Establishing a chocolate factory means one thing in the beginning: a lot of official visits. Not only do you have to register a trade, but you also have to get a number of permits. The reason for this is obvious: Since you work with food, a lot of emphases must be placed on hygiene. An instruction according to the Infection Protection Act is therefore just as obligatory as proof of a health certificate. Keep in mind that your future collaborators will also need to prove the instruction and testimony.

Working as a chocolatier: What requirements must be met?

Of course, to create a successful chocolate factory, you should bring with you the appropriate expertise. Who knows from the FF how to make chocolate and refine it expertly?

Establish Chocolate FactoryThe profession that prepares you best for this task and the many challenges facing the industry is the chocolatier. This is a kind of sub-discipline of the confectionery trade, which in turn is subject to approval.

If you do not want to have any problems with the approval of your trade, it makes sense to first train yourself as a pastry chef and then focus on the production of chocolate. A corresponding training is helpful here.

Anyone who wants to do an apprenticeship as a chocolatier and leave out the detour via the pastry chef would have to go to Belgium. Here is Chocolatier, in contrast to an independent profession. No wonder, after all, our neighbors are famous for their chocolates and other chocolate specialties.

Important: The profession of chocolatier is not protected. This means that theoretically, even without training, you could start a chocolate factory. Whether this path is meaningful and promising, every one must decide for themselves.

Chocolate in all its facets

Chocolates, truffles, as a blackboard, in liquid form, pure, with exquisite extras – chocolate has an infinite number of faces that everyone wants to be seen and, above all, tasted. Anyone who intends to start a chocolate factory will certainly have ideas from the beginning that are gradually being realized.

Establish Chocolate FactoryLet your creativity run wild. Manufacturers, who keep surprising their customers with new delicacies taste, enjoy great popularity and also have the opportunity to expand their buyers more and more & make these customers satisfied. Also, they are increasing the tase of cunsumer (Taste of consumer which is one of the important determinants of demand )

At this point, it is also very clear what the great advantage of a manufactory is. As all production steps are done by hand anyway, it is usually not a problem to try something new and to experiment a bit. Large companies that have their chocolate industrially manufactured, on this point, have bigger problems.

The individual image of your chocolate factory

Looking at already established and successful chocolate factories, for example, Goldhelm Chocolate from Erfurt, it quickly becomes clear that these companies all exude a certain image. You can even speak of a certain aura.

Chocolate is a highly emotional, but also sensual and enjoyable topic, which offers countless possibilities of marketing and building the marketing strategies. When you have checked all the formal points of your establishment, it is high time to think about how you want to be perceived outwardly.

Establish Chocolate FactoryChocolate factories usually stand for:

  • individuality
  • regionality
  • enjoyment
  • creativity
  • Tradition (combined with modern influences)
  • craft
  • enjoyment of life

By choosing a few of these aspects and incorporating them into your corporate concept, you will almost automatically create a certain image that you will radiate to the outside world. It is important that you do not emulate any of the other manufactories and try to copy their recipe for success. Every chocolate factory is unique – and just because the subject of chocolate is so versatile, there’s bound to be something that will make you stand out from the competition.

The offer of the chocolate manufactory

Of course, when you start a chocolate factory, you should at some stage know which products you want to include in your assortment. This may be composed of some solid classics and seasonal features. This means that the customer always finds his darling, but also constantly discover new things and try.

Establish Chocolate FactoryFurthermore, it pays to think about the scope in which you want to sell your chocolate products. Most factories have their own store, where the treats can be offered stylishly arranged. In addition, you should always try to cooperate with small local shops that also stock your products. Less recommendable is the cooperation with large discounters and supermarkets. Here your chocolate will quickly perish between all the other products (well-known manufacturers).

Once your chocolate factory has established itself, it pays to think about further steps. Not only can you continually expand your product range, but you can also plan to supplement your services. Consider again the example Goldhelm in Erfurt. In the meantime, this chocolate factory not only operates its own café but also produces heavenly ice cream that is known far beyond the city limits.

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