Fruit delivery service is a good source as, in the hectic everyday life of many companies, the subject of healthy nutrition often falls under the table. Too complicated, too time-consuming, too time-consuming – there are many “good” excuses that justify the quick currywurst in the canteen and give the healthy alternatives a discreet discharge. It is not difficult at all to eat well in the office. One possibility – which has since become a promising business idea – is fruit baskets for companies. Find out what lies behind and how you can build such a business.

Is Fruit Delivery Service a Business?

At first, the business idea of fruit delivery service sounds extremely simple and unspectacular – as if it could be implemented by anyone. In reality, however, this business requires different skills and commitment. Anyone who thinks this is an entrepreneurial walk is wrong.

If you want to make money from fruit delivery service to companies as a small business idea, you should be aware of the challenges and challenges you will face right from the start.

The individual steps include, for example:

  • Building contacts with various fruit growers and wholesalers
  • The structure of a customer base
  • The compilation of different fruit baskets (partly taking into account customer wishes)
  • Distribution of fruit baskets
  • Marketing
  • Accounting

Fruit Delivery Service - A Small Business Ideas

Which requirements do you have to fulfill?

In the early days, when you send the first fruit baskets to companies, you are likely to be the only employee of your company and do most of the work yourself. It goes without saying that not everyone is up to the challenge. To build a successful business with fruit baskets for companies, you should definitely meet these requirements for fruit delivery service business:

  • Structured and organized work
  • Good time management
  • Talent in acquisition and sales
  • Exercise capacity
  • Creativity

Register your business to earn money by shipping fruit baskets

Of course, in order for your business to be built on the right foundation right from the beginning, it is, of course, necessary to register a trade for it. For this, contact your local trade office or download the corresponding form online. In both cases, you have to expect between 20 and 50 Euros. How much your start-up will cost depends on where you start your business.

Fruit Delivery Service - A Small Business Ideas

Furthermore, in the course of business registration, you should consider what legal form you want to choose. Who wants to compile fruit baskets for companies and send, is not bound to any specific legal form. Possible, for example:

Looking at the individual legal forms in detail, sometimes large differences become apparent. So that you make the right choice in the end, it is of the utmost importance to deal with all possibilities and not to decide lightly. A tax accountant can help you choose the right legal form for your business.

Workplace health promotion as an argument for customers

When you start to convince your first customers of your fruit baskets, you should always have an argument at hand. The provision of fruit to employees as part of workplace health promotion – which in turn is tax-exempt up to € 500 per year per employee. The fact that there is such an allowance for various preventive measures – including, for example, various exercise programs and cooking classes – is only known to very few employers.

That, in turn, is good for you, because it often turns out to be a convincing argument that speaks for the fruit baskets for companies.

Fruit Delivery Service - A Small Business Ideas

Cooperation with farmers and wholesalers

Another important issue that you may want to consider before starting your fruit delivery service business is the question of where to get the fruit for your baskets. There are two basic ways to do this:

  • Shopping in wholesale
  • Purchasing from regional farmers

Whilst you will, of course, be able to obtain almost any fruit in the wholesale trade – even the exotic ones – cooperation with regional fruit growers will be particularly sustainable. As a result, you not only avoid long transport routes but at the same time support producers on site. Such an approach is not only ecologically, economically and socially valuable, but also the ideal starting point for a promising marketing. Because one fact is: companies that value a sustainable way of working, are absolutely in fashion.

Individual baskets for individual customers

In order to address as many customers as possible, it makes sense to come up with different products. How about, for example, a “home-basket” that only contains local fruit and an “exotic” variety that also contains bananas and oranges in addition to apples and pears? The more creative the fruit baskets you develop, the better.

In addition, you should always offer your customers the opportunity to customize their baskets. Although this costs more time, it addresses the specific needs of the individual and thus strengthens customer loyalty in the long term.

Tip: Over time, you can, of course, expand your range more and more. In addition to fruit baskets you can then also fresh vegetables, juices or salads and soups offer. The possibilities are manifold and offer plenty of space for creative development.

Fruit baskets for companies: Targeting customers with marketing

Finally, to bring your product to the customer, it is crucial to know your target audience as accurately as possible. Once you have defined these, you can develop a comprehensive marketing strategy based on them. The good news right away: fresh fruit, which is draped appetizing in baskets, can be marketed first-class through various channels.

Fruit Delivery Service - A Small Business Ideas

Whether classic advertisement in the IHK magazine or contemporary social media appearance – the topic of healthy nutrition appeals to almost anyone and will, therefore, bring you quick first successes. It is important to emphasize the added value of your business idea time and time again and to point out how easy it can be to integrate a healthy diet into the hectic daily work routine.

Additional tip: Create a corporate blog and use it meaningfully as a tool for content marketing. The advantage of a corporate blog is that you do not have to submit to the turning point of journalists, but you can publish yourself what you consider important. Crucial, however, is that the corporate blog is not abused as a “perseverance channel”, but actually provides the reader with added value. Therefore, pick up on various aspects from the areas of “office life” and “healthy lifestyle”. Of course, the fruit baskets themselves may be mentioned here and there, but they should never be all about them.


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