A man and his garden – a never-ending lovbusie story. But what if the tasks become more and more extensive, you no longer have time for your garden or you are simply no longer physically able to take care of it? In such cases, it is advisable to hire a garden worker. The industry is becoming increasingly popular. Get involved and become self-employed as a gardener helper but everything has to be considered?


Garden helper or gardener – what’s the difference?

Of course, anyone who wants to become self-employed as a garden helper should know exactly what he or she must be able to do or what is required of them. The most important information right away: As a gardener helper you are not a fully trained gardener.

Even if the occupation of the gardener is not subject to licensing, it is explicitly advised to provide appropriate training. In the course of this, you acquire a comprehensive knowledge of plants that you need to practice in everyday professional life. Gardeners, for example, know:

  • Which plants have which requirements
  • Which plants thrive best where
  • How to deal with pests
  • Which aesthetic guidelines must be observed when planting

Gardener Helper

The gardener assistant, however, is charged primarily with the execution of various simple activities. He is not engaged to create a garden and help with the selection of plants, but for example:

As a garden helper, you offer only executive activities, which can also be referred to as assistance or auxiliary services. For this, you usually do not need the technical know-how of a gardener.

Register a business to become a self-employed garden assistant

Offer simple gardening, help an older lady, earn something – the work as a garden helper is often done black. That is: Without registered trade and without deduction of taxes. What seems to be quite attractive and uncomplicated for one or the other is of course forbidden. If you want to establish a serious business as a gardener and do not want to be punished, it is essential to register your business.

Gardener Helper

Go to the trade office and fill out the trade license (this is now also available online). After that, you receive a tax number from the tax office and can start.

  • You are wondering which legal form is suitable for gardening, you can look forward to a clear answer.
  • You plan to realize your business single-handedly, we recommend the sole proprietorship.
  • On the other hand, you would like to think big and employ several garden workers

then it is better to start a UG (limited liability) or GmbH.

These qualities should bring you as a prospective garden helper

Even if your daily gardening duties are relatively modest, that does not mean that you do not have to fulfill any prerequisites to do this job. Probably the biggest challenge will be that the activities, in the long run, are a heavy burden on the body. In addition, you work outside all year round – in wind and weather. The following list will help you to find out if you are suitable for gardening.

  • Exercise capacity
  • fitness
  • force
  • basic plant knowledge
  • Enjoy being outdoors (in any weather)
  • organized and structured work

A special degree or an explicit training as a garden worker is not necessary if you want to become self-employed in this industry. It is advisable, however, to have basic knowledge of gardening and not to be a bloody beginner. Your customers will soon realize if they know about your job or not.

The right equipment for professional gardeners

To make your work in the garden as easy as possible and to reduce the risk of injury, it is important that you get the right equipment. As a gardener helper, you absolutely need:

  • durable clothing (long and short)
  • sturdy footwear (best with steel toe cap)
  • thick and thin gloves
  • headgear
  • Garden tools (if not provided by the customer)

A Gardener should consider

  • Insurance: As a gardener helper you need good insurance protection – because even if you are so careful and careful, it can always happen something. Both accident and professional liability insurance are mandatory. In addition, you should also think about legal expenses insurance and occupational disability insurance.
  • Tree felling: It is quite appropriate to attend a course if you want to offer this service as a gardener. For example, contact the local forestry office, the volunteer fire department or a chainsaw manufacturer. In order to receive the appropriate certificate, you have to plan around 300 to 400 euros costs.
  • Wintertime: Of course, there is always something to do in the garden, but you have to admit as an independent garden assistant also that starts with the winter of an acid-cucumber-time, in which only a few orders flutter into the house. In order to survive this time without a great financial loss, it pays to think about various additional services – for example, Kellerentrümpelung or domestic help.

Building the gardener helper as a big business

Working as a gardener is really fun. Take your business to the next level. Nobody tells you that you have to handle all orders on your own.

When the time comes, you can think about hiring staff and building up a kind of (nationwide) gardener helper network. The job is great as a student job – why not cooperate with local colleges and give young people the opportunity to supplement their monthly budgets?

If you intend to expand your business and employ people, it’s important to keep these two points in mind:

  • Register each employee properly (read: no moonlighting)
  • Take care of a comprehensive insurance cover for all employees

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