Hairdressing Salon Business Model“No matter what the future brings – people always have to go to the hairdresser’s.”

Phrases like these express how firmly the profession of the hairdresser is rooted in our society. That at some point it might not be possible anymore is more than questionable for most people.

In turn, these are the best conditions if you are flirting with opening your own hairdressing salon. In fact, the chances are good to build up a solid customer base after a short time – provided you meet all the requirements of this profession. Find out how to open a hairdressing salon in this post.

These reasons speak for their own hair salon

It is no secret that the density of barber shops in the city and also in the countryside is extraordinarily high. No matter where you look, the next salon is not far away. The extremely large presence of this profession makes it clear that many hairdressers play with the idea of becoming self-employed – and sooner or later put it into action.

Of course, there are reasons – above all the payment. It is no secret that salaried hairdressers are often at the bottom of the pay pyramid and seldom enjoy lavish wages. Many who seek self-employment and open a hairdressing salon hope for more revenue and a better standard of living in the first place.

Add to this the desire to realize oneself and one’s dreams. Many hairdressers are so bubbly with creativity and unfortunately, they can live out mediocre in the employment relationship. This, in turn, causes frustration and lack of motivation.

One last reason, which speaks clearly for the opening of its own hairdressing salon, is the possibility to assemble its own team. It is not uncommon to find tensions in the shops between the employees who sooner or later discharge themselves into open conflicts. If you open your own hairdressing salon, you can decide yourself with whom you want to work with and form a harmonious team.

Hairdressing Salon Business ModelHair salon open without a master – Is this possible?

This question can be answered with a clear “yes”. The fact is: The craftsmanship of the hairdresser is subject to licensing. This means that you have to have appropriate training to practice it. If you want to become self-employed as a hairdresser, you should at best have a master craftsman certificate. This document not only your know-how but also your experience and empowers you to train hairdressing apprentices.

However, there are also various ways to open a hairdressing salon without a master’s certificate. Specifically, these are the three exemptions:

  • You hire a hairdresser/hairdresser as a manager
  • They refer to the parental regulation and qualify for an exercise (§7b HwO)
  • You apply for an exemption according to §8 HwO

If you want to open a hairdressing salon without a master’s certificate, you should definitely adjust to additional costs. For example, you may need to have your skills reviewed by the Chamber of Crafts. Here costs of up to 1,000 euros are due. Also, the employment of a master who works as a manager is not cheap and must be taken into account in the business plan.

Hairdressing Salon Business ModelWhich legal form for a hairdressing salon?

If you meet the basic requirements and are allowed to open a hairdressing salon, you should consider in the next step what legal form your business should have. Only if you can answer this question clearly does it make sense to register a trade with the local trade office?

Possible legal forms for a hairdressing salon business include:

Info: It is a misconception that one can only found a limited liability company with several people. The special form Ich-GmbH or Einzel-GmbH is also realizable by a founder. Although you then have to raise the share capital in the amount of 25,000 euros alone, they can look forward to the good name of a limited liability company and the insurance by the limitation of liability.

Hairdressing Salon Business ModelStand out from the crowd – this is how it works

As mentioned above, the hairdressing market is almost supersaturated. Anyone who still thinks about opening their own hairdressing salon should think carefully about how they manage to differentiate themselves from the competition and thereby attract as many potential customers as possible. Here are a few suggestions to help sharpen the profile of your hair salon.

  • The Facility: When a customer enters the hair salon, the decor is the first thing he consciously perceives. It is therefore highly recommended to have detailed thoughts on how to set up your business. In this context, ask yourself:

       – Which style should prevail in the salon?

       – Which atmosphere should be generated?

       – Color concept suits my salon?

       – Which highlight/eyecatcher can I use to create a “wow-effect”?

  • The concept: A very good way to stand out from other hair salons is a special concept. This should provide the customer with something he does not get elsewhere. No matter if special services, club atmosphere, complete wellness program or mobile hairdresser bus – there are many possibilities to position oneself clearly on the market and thus to address a very special (desired) target group.
  • The Name: It’s no secret that hair salons have been prone to fancy and “hair-crazy” names for some time. Of course, there is a clear motivation behind this trend: to attract attention, to remember and to be recognized. A succinct name can certainly help you to differentiate yourself from other barber shops.

The perfect location for a hairdressing salon: you must pay attention to this

Finding the ideal location for a hair salon is not all that easy – after all, there are hardly any streets in cities where no hairdresser has yet settled. It is, therefore, all the more important to weigh exactly where the opening of your hairdressing salon makes sense – and where not. The following tips will help you in choosing:

  • Make a comprehensive analysis of all hairdressing locations within a radius of about 20 km
  • Limit an area that is suitable for you
  • Take a look at the hairdressing salons in this area and pay particular attention to their concepts
  • Consult your own concept and determine where you would notice it most
  • Find suitable properties in this area

For example, want to open a men hairdressing salon, must have two other stores like spa treatments and nail design. Such benefits primarily appeal to women, which in turn means they have a different audience than you.


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