Regional and seasonal products, sustainable cultivation, fair conditions, organic standards – topics like these are just ubiquitous when it comes to food and nutrition. No question: A healthy lifestyle is currently extremely popular – but unfortunately not always easy to implement. Especially when the workday takes a lot of time and you enjoy a few nice moments with the family after work instead of hiking through the supermarket, the intention is to eat a balanced diet and to support the farmers on site. go there fast. In exactly such cases, the business idea of the healthy food box subscriptions takes hold. If you grow and/or produce your own products or have good contacts with producers, these are ideal conditions for implementing this small business idea.

The first steps to your own subscription list: choose legal form and register your business

Anyone who wants to become self-employed with the delivery of subscription or organic crates must definitely register their own business. In the course of this, it is best to think about the legal form that you want to choose for your company. In the case of the Box Schemes, there are no requirements.

Many decide to start for the sole proprietorship, others start a GmbH or UG (haftungsbeschränkt). It is important to know which consequences each individual legal form entails. Also, it’s important to know, what you have to observe in the run-up to and after all.

Healthy Food Box Subscriptions - Box Scheme

The registration of your enterprise takes place over the Gewerbeamt. Here (and now also on the corresponding website) you will receive a form – the trade license – which you fill out and send either by mail or digital to the relevant department of the office.

Important to know: For the registration of a trade costs are due. These vary depending on the region and usually amount to 25 to 70 US Dollars.

Create a Comprehensive Concept

The number of subscription boxes has literally exploded in recent years. The business idea has hit a nerve and inspires more and more customers. For you, of course, the favorable conditions, but you must also remember that the number of competitors is large. To be successful, you should think hard about a unique concept. After all, customers should order from you and no other supplier.

What’s in the Healthy Food Box Subscriptions?

The first step on the way to a comprehensive concept is the question of what should ever be delivered in your subscription box. If you look at the existing suppliers, it quickly becomes clear that the focus is clearly on fruits and vegetables. Especially people who live in cities and can not grow their own, appreciate the fact that fresh fruit and vegetables are delivered in a good (organic) quality.

But other foods can be found in many subscription boxes such as meat, cheese, honey, juices, jams, and other dairy products.

Healthy Food Box Subscriptions - Box Scheme

Special Case: Cooking box

Some healthy food box subscriptions vendors have further developed their concept and not just send their customers food. Everything that can be found in their boxes, can be prepared for a delicious and wholesome dish. In addition to basic foods, these subscription boxes also contain fresh herbs, some exotic spices, and other ingredients. What is also not to be missed is the recipe, which helps with the preparation.

Where do you get the products from?

Of course, it is by no means economical to procure the food for your subscription in the supermarket and then resell it. To maximize profit margins and not scare off customers with overpriced products, you should either buy the food directly from the grower – or grow or produce it yourself.

The most important thing is that you pay attention to excellent quality. In addition, in order to compete in the market, it is never wrong for the products to meet biotech or even Demeter standards.

Important: Even if you grow the fruits and vegetables in your home garden and do not work with any pesticides. You must not simply sell it under the label “bio”. For this purpose, various guidelines and standards must be met – a complicated process that can cost a lot of money and is therefore far from being used by all “organic” farmers.

Healthy Food Box Subscriptions - Box Scheme

Cooperation with producers from the region

healthy food box subscriptions is a great business idea that not only you but also local growers can benefit from. For example, farmers who produce fruits, vegetables or dairy products suffer from the immense pressure exerted by large corporations. Because of that farmers are far from reaching as many customers as they need to live a carefree life.

Working with you would mean for the farmers that they could continue to sell their goods at a fair price and increase their turnover by a variety. In turn, you would be assured of delivering truly high quality and sustainable products to your customers – a classic win-win situation.

In what radius do you want to deliver?

People who deliver a subscription box usually value a sustainable lifestyle. Therefore, you should not only avoid unnecessary packaging waste but also pay attention to short transport routes. The smaller your delivery radius, the more your company protects the environment. Customers also know that the products come from their area and are grown seasonally which they consume.

Tip: Research in detail whether there are already providers for healthy food box subscriptions in your region. If the market is already dominated by several competitors, it is difficult to establish itself as well. In that case, you might want to search for other areas where no regional subscription boxes are yet to be sent.

Healthy Food Box Subscriptions - Box Scheme

Win Customers with Clever Marketing

One thing is certain: the customers who are to buy their healthy food box Subscriptions list will not come by themselves. As popular as this business idea is now. The potential buyers must always be made aware that there is a corresponding offer in their region.

In order to generate as much attention as possible, it makes sense to consider a comprehensive marketing strategy in advance. Do not just focus on one channel, but broaden your advertising efforts. As a provider of subscription boxes you will have many options, for example:

  • Social Media Activities, v.a. on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Youtube
  • an own blog, on which all topics around the sustainability can be taken up
  • classic advertising in local media (newspaper, radio)
  • poster advertising
  • Flyers (for example, at the local bakery and at the barber)

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