Healthy sweet snacks freshly baked, wonderfully fragrant and heavenly tasting waffles – Well, does your mouth water? In all likelihood, after all, there are hardly any people who would reject this sweet snack. Waffles are simply delicious and thanks to various toppings such as powdered sugar, applesauce, and hazelnut spread also extremely changeable. So it seems that with the Waffles and business idea, you can approach quite a few people and build a successful business. Of course, it’s not that easy. In this post, you’ll learn what you need to keep in mind if you want to start your own business to make healthy sweet snacks with a waffle stand.

Mobile Waffle Stand with healthy sweet snacks

Making Healthy Sweet Snacks a hobby – A Good Business Idea?

Anyone who thinks about establishing a waffle stand will most likely be a passionate baker. Not a few have the intention to turn their hobby into a profession and wonder accordingly whether this is a good small business idea.

Basically, you have to fulfill as an enthusiastic amateur waffle baker an important prerequisite for a successful independence: They are passionate about the matter. Often this fact is disregarded by founders who only have profit in mind. It is absolutely important that you really love what you do and enjoy your work.

At the same time, however, it must also be said that this joy can disappear over time. Because when the hobby becomes a profession, then it is no longer a hobby, but work. Be aware of this when you think of turning your beloved recreational activity into your livelihood.

Mobile Waffle Stand with healthy sweet snacks

Mobile waffle stand or firm loading?

If you want to become self-employed with a waffle stand, you will usually be traveling a lot. This is usually a so-called travel trade, for which you have to obtain special permits.

It is also important to know when and where you can sell your waffles. Lucrative starting points include:

  • Christmas markets
  • Fairs
  • Folk festivals/festivals Old Town
  • funfair
  • Concerts / Festivals

Note: It is often not easy to get a parking space at festivals, markets, and Co. Therefore, try to establish contacts in the scene as early as possible and thus set foot in the door.

Once your mobile waffle stand has established itself in a city and you realize that your products are well received by the target audience, then it’s worth thinking about the next step. In principle, nothing speaks against settling down with the waffle stand at a fixed location and opening a shop there. Even if additional costs (eg for rent, electricity, and heating) are due, a fixed waffle shop can also be quite lucrative.

Formal requirements for your own waffle stand

As already briefly mentioned above, as the owner of a waffle stand you will found a so-called travel trade. This simply means that you have no fixed location and instead travel from city to city with your stand to sell your healthy sweet snacks (waffles).

Mobile Waffle Stand with healthy sweet snacks

In addition, you should also bear in mind that you (and later also possible employees) as a supplier of freshly baked healthy sweet snacks (waffles) must meet various hygienic standards. The health pass is just as obligatory as a briefing on all hygiene regulations.

Personal requirements for your own waffle stand to make healthy sweet snacks

The idea of the traveling waffle baker is often romanticized. Of course, it is quite charming, with your own waffle stand from market to market, from festival to festival to draw and to delight the local visitors with heavenly delights.

But always be aware that this is a bone-heavy job that should not be underestimated.

If you work on a waffle stand, you often have to stand the whole day – in any weather. Precisely on Christmas markets, rainfall and icy temperatures create additional challenges that not everyone can handle. So as a waffle baker, you should not only be in a physically good shape but also have a certain weather resistance on the day.

Another essential requirement for those who want to become self-employed with a waffle stand is the joy of dealing with other people. It is only logical that you will meet tons of people every day. These often expect not only a freshly baked waffle but also a little chat. Recommendations of your stand are unlikely if you do not respond to the people, but just as quickly as possible.

Mobile Waffle Stand with healthy sweet snacks

The offer at the waffle stand

Although the name Waffel stand suggests, you are under no obligation to exclusively offer this pastry. If you look at the stalls at markets and festivals, you will often find that they have expanded their range with other sweet and sometimes savory treats. It is conceivable, for example, that in addition to waffles you also offer these dishes:

  • Crepes with sweet and savory toppings
  • Quark balls
  • Soft ice cream

It is also important that the customers at your stand can refine the waffles with as many different toppings as they like. In addition to classics such as powdered sugar and applesauce, it is always worthwhile to offer a few fancier variants. In winter, for example, you will be grateful for a warm cherry compote and in summer it may be like a fruity sorbet. Seasonal variance plays a very important role in this business idea.

Equipment for a waffle stand – with these investment costs you have to expect

While your waffles ingredients are really cheap and therefore not worth mentioning, it looks quite different equipment.

A mobile waffle stand equipment costs gladly several thousand euros which you need to raise at the beginning. To start a mobile waffle stand you need to save around 20,000 euros otherwise take a loan in this amount.

Tip: Include items such as clothing, decoration, and marketing in your cost list.

A waffle stand can be quite lucrative if it is operated professionally. But be aware that this is a really strenuous activity and not everyone can handle the challenges of travel.

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