What is Freelance Copywriter and how to become a copywriter? While classic journalism is increasingly weakening, the importance of digital media continues to increase. Of course, not every content posted on the web automatically has a journalistic value – but what we read there must still be written by someone. The triumphant advance of the World Wide Web is also the triumph of the copywriters. Because these can often not save themselves from orders. If you are thinking about becoming a copywriter and taking the step into self-employment, this is the time. Learn how to become a copywriter in this article.

Copywriters are freelancers – But what exactly does that mean?

Anyone who wants to become self-employed as a copywriter (or online editor) has reason to be happy – because every tax office in the world will classify you as a freelancer – provided that you can prove your professional aptitude (more on that below). Why is that good news? As a freelancer, you do not have to pay any business tax – regardless of how high your annual sales are. In addition, freelancers, including translators, interpreters, non-medical practitioners, educators, lecturers, lawyers, doctors, architects, and notaries, benefit from simplified accounting.

How to become a copywriter

The fact that the copywriter certainly belongs to the liberal professions, does not mean that you have to overcome any obstacles in your way to independence. Precisely because professions such as journalist, author and even copywriter are not protected, the tax office looks exactly at the allocation of tax numbers. In concrete terms, this means that in order to become a copywriter, you must be able to prove that you are suitably qualified. These may be, for example, training certificates, degrees or even a certificate of employment. Importantly, the document indicates that you are apt to work as a copywriter and understand some of your craft. Absolute newcomers who can not prove their professional aptitude may find it difficult to convince the tax office.

How to Become a Copywriter & How does it work?

Conversely, the fact that you are a freelancer as a copywriter means that you do not have to register a trade. However, to officially work as a freelance word acrobat, you must send an informal letter to your local tax office. It should contain the following information:

  • Complete name
  • Address
  • Business email address
  • Active phone number
  • place and date
  • Her request to become self-employed as a freelance copywriter
  • Formulation of the rough contents of your work
  • The request for the allocation of a tax number
  • Proof of your professional qualification (as an attachment)

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If the letter has been received by the tax office and the employee in charge is of the opinion that there is nothing against your freelance work as a copywriter, you will receive a questionnaire for tax collection. This document is the first real bureaucratic hurdle for many aspiring copywriters, as it is not always clear what information is required of you.

Tip: Seek help with a tax adviser right now. This will assist you in completing the tax collection questionnaire.

If you have sent the document back to the tax office, it usually takes a few weeks before you will be sent your tax code and (if required) a sales tax identification number. Even during this waiting period, however, you can start working as a copywriter and issue first invoices to your customers. Where the tax number normally appears, insert the remark “Tax number applied for at the tax office”.

How do you as a copywriter win customers?

Anyone who wants to be a copywriter should know from the beginning how important it is to acquire customers immediately. It is best if you land your first orders before you register for freelance work and thus create a secure basis for your business. Gaining customers have countless faces in the case of copywriters. Here are some suggestions:

  • Log in to agencies that are looking for copywriters
  • Apply for applications in special job sites for copywriters
  • Share your work through social networks
  • Create meaningful business profiles with LinkedIn and XING
  • Ask your friends and let them recommend you

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The better known you are and the better your references become, the easier it will be to win new customers. However, what you should definitely remember in the beginning: unsolicited direct marketing via telephone or e-mail is prohibited. It can sometimes be problematic if you send your range of services randomly to potential customers. Even if it does not seem to you like this: These are direct advertising measures, which may be sent only with prior consent.

The thematic specialization as a success factor

Many successful copywriters can confirm: As soon as one specializes in a thematic niche, the demand of the customers grows steadily. It is a phenomenon that can be observed and easily explained everywhere in the industry.

By specializing in selected topics (maximum of three), you will develop an expert status relatively quickly and make a name for yourself in the respective field. The chances that other clients from the relevant industry will become aware of you and also want to benefit from your specialist expertise is correspondingly high.

But be careful, a specialization can also bring one or the other disadvantage. It can happen that a customer terminates the collaboration because he learns that you also text for a competitor. For this reason, it makes sense to not only have a specialty but to set up a little bit wider. This will attract more potential customers but still have a thematic focus.

Typical subject areas that texters specialize in:

  • health
  • Sports / Fitness
  • nutrition
  • Gaming
  • technology
  • finances
  • marketing
  • Career / Business
  • to travel
  • Fashion / Lifestyle

Living by writing – is that really possible?

Earn so much money by writing that you can live on it – that’s what every copywriter dreams of. But is it really possible? Can lyrics be a full-time job that can feed you and maybe even a family?

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Absolutely! When you have endurance, high-quality work and you can stand out from the crowd. The copywriting industry and online editors are currently overflowing. The selection for customers is correspondingly large. To really live off writing, you should definitely rely on class rather than mass. Acquire an expert status and convince your customers with impeccable texts (also called quality content). Then they will not complain if their hourly rates are above average.

Hope you love this small business idea and try yourself to become an entrepreneur as a freelance copywriter.


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