How to become a Nutritionist? The topic of nutrition plays a very central role in the lives of more and more people. While a few years ago, everything seemed to be indiscriminately stuffed into it, a strong awareness of healthy and balanced food is now emerging, which can have a direct influence on the health of a person. One professional group that benefits significantly from this development are nutritionists. But what does a dietitian do all day? And what do you have to do to be able to practice this profession? The following post will clarify for you how to become a Nutritionist and how you can implement this small business idea to get a smart income?

What does a nutritionist do?

Of course, if you want to become a nutritionist and start an independent business, then you should know exactly what is behind this profession.

As a dietitian, of course, you need to be knowledgeable about nutrition and be able to pass that knowledge on to lay people correctly and understandably. People who seek nutritional advice usually do not suffer from any disease, such as obesity. However, they either belong to the risk group (due to slight overweight) or attach particular importance to a healthy lifestyle (for example athletes). Even in kindergartens, schools and many companies there is always the need to seek the expert advice of a nutritionist.

Your task is specifically to inform the participants of your advice about different foods and their “composition”. As a nutritionist, you know exactly what is good and what is bad for the human organism, what amounts of sugar, fat, and Co. are justifiable and how to integrate a healthy diet with as little effort in everyday life.

How to become a Nutritionist

How to become a nutritionist?

Fortunately, there are different ways that lead you to your goal dietitians. Which of the optimal for you, you must individually and individually check.

Most people who work as nutritionists have previously learned or completed a degree in one of these professions:

  • dietician
  • Ecotrophologist
  • nutritional sciences

However, in order to be allowed to actually call themselves a nutritionist and to be able to cooperate with health insurance companies, a special further education is usually necessary. These are offered, among others, by the German Society for Nutrition and the professional association Oecotrophologie e.V.

A nutritionist is not a protected profession

Incidentally, the profession of a nutritionist is not protected. That is, anyone – at least in theory – can do that job. In practice, however, proves again and again that you will go down without proper education or training sang and soundless. Working as a self-employed dietitian requires a great deal of expertise, which only a few can teach in self-study.

Tip: Training certificates and certifications create trust and ensure that you get to customers faster. The time and the money that you invest in a continuing education program are worthwhile in any case.

How to become a Nutritionist

Nutritionist: Freelance or business?

Anyone who plays with the idea of becoming self-employed as a nutritionist usually stumbles in the early days on an all-important question: Am I a freelancer in the future or do I have to register a trade?

Many who think about it come to the quick conclusion: As a nutritionist, you can be assigned to either the healing or the teaching professions. Consequently, there is clearly a freelance. Unfortunately, it is not that easy. In the past, it has repeatedly been found that many nutritionists were not awarded a status of a freelancer. Accordingly, they had to go to the trade office and register a classic trade there (for example as a sole trader).

Whether you are now considered a freelancer or a trader, cannot be clarified at this point beyond doubt. The practice has shown that many tax offices individually examine and decide. It is worthwhile in any case, first to apply for a freelance. Because after getting approval you can look forward to simplified accounting and the abolition of trade tax.

If you are not classified as a freelancer, that is no reason to despair. The business registration is usually quite straightforward and costs – depending on the region – between 20 and 50 US Dollars.

A clear concept for your consulting activity

If you start to look more closely at the daily work of a nutritionist, you soon realize that almost everyone specializes in a different field. While some give priority to athletes, other children bring the topic of healthy nutrition closer. Still, others work closely with gynecologists and advise pregnant women.

There are many ways to establish yourself as a nutritionist. It is very important to focus and know exactly your destination. Therefore, at the very beginning, think about what your area of specialization should be or which target group you want to achieve as a priority.

Such a clear concept helps you to focus on the essentials. In addition, outsiders perceive you as particularly straightforward and defined. Especially with regard to the development of an expert status, this can only benefit you.

How to become a Nutritionist-Marketing

Marketing for nutritionists: How to draw attention to yourself

Of course, when you start out as a dietitian, you need to wait for your customers. Even if you have the opportunity to work closely with health insurance companies, you should think about the modern marketing. In this way, you reach maximum people with good order situation after a short time.

One thing that you should have your own blog to share all topics related to nutrition and health. Being an expert you can frequently go to deliver your expert voice for newspapers or other places. Take advantage of such opportunities to attract attention and establish your name. The expert status already mentioned above attracts a great deal of attention and helps you prevail against your biggest competitor: the Internet.

Although there is now an incredible amount of information on how to live a healthy lifestyle, most people are still most likely to trust a person who knows the subject and can respond individually to questions and problems. Did you hear your name before – so much the better!

How to become a Nutritionist

How much do you earn as a nutritionist?

Let’s conclude with a question that is sure to interest any prospective dietitian: What is your expertise worth? In other words, what do you earn by becoming a self-employed nutritionist?

Of course, we cannot mention the exact numbers here. How high your nutritional counselor’s salary depends on various factors such as your area of application, experience, and specialization. Basically, In this industry hourly rates are $50 upwards common. There are hardly any limits to the top.


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