The school system is constantly under scrutiny. Teacher shortage, failures, too much teaching material in too little time … It is no wonder that many students are overstrained and do not come along with the curriculum. In such cases, it often makes sense to think about going to a tutor. If you want to become self-employed in this professional field, you can usually look forward to a good order situation – the demand has been high for years. It is estimated that about 25 percent of the students have ever taken tutoring. But how to become a tutor? And what legal requirements must be met for this?

Become a tutor is part of  a small business ideas

Become a Tutor

Tutoring as an alternative to the right teaching profession

Many young people still decide after school to practice the profession of teacher themselves. You start a corresponding study, acquire theoretical knowledge and look forward to the first practical experience during the legal traineeship. However, this holds a lot of disillusionment for many. An extreme level of stress, high demands and sometimes very complicated students are not what one imagines under the ideal everyday teaching. And so it happens that many teacher’s students drop out during or after their legal clerkship and have to re-orientate themselves professionally. But what happens then?

A career as a tutor is perfect if you have acquired the theoretical knowledge for certain subjects, but you can not or do not want to teach in front of 30 students. In one-on-one lessons or with small groups, teaching content is much better and more effective. In addition, the children and adolescents who will teach you approach the matter with a completely different motivation – after all, tutoring is an additional offer that is usually only used by those who really want it.

Skills to become a tutor

What requirements are needed to become a Tutor:

Anyone who thinks that you have to have completed a degree in order to work as a tutor is wrong. In fact, there are no strict requirements for this profession. This means that even university drop-outs can start a career as a tutor.

However, it must be pointed out at this point that demonstrable qualifications – that is, a degree and, at best, several years of professional experience as a teacher – make a significant contribution to generating customers.

Parents want to know that they are giving their children into the hands of a capable (tutoring) teacher. If this is the case, they are also willing to pay more for the tutoring.

What does a tutor honor per hour?

Speaking of pay: If you want to be a tutor, you are certainly also interested in the earning potential you can expect. How high your hourly rate may depend on various factors, such as:

  • graduation
  • work experience
  • offered subjects
  • region

Generally, most private tutors earn between 20 to 50 Euros per hour. If the demand is high and/or you have a particularly long professional experience, you can ask for more.

By the way: If you hire a tutor in one of the large networks, the hourly wage is often not more than 10 euros. Especially for well-educated academics and teachers with several years of professional experience, this is a convincing reason to choose the path to self-employment.

Become a tutor

Illicit work in the field of tutoring

Especially retired teachers often offer tuition “black” – that is, they do not report their income to the tax office and therefore do not have to pay any taxes. If you want to become a tutor and build a serious business, you should definitely avoid the moonlighting and tax all your income.

Tip: If you want to attract customers with the lowest possible hourly rates, you can make use of the small business rules. Because then you do not have to pay sales tax and can offer the service at a net price. In this strategy, your sales will not cross the lines in which you have to pay the taxes.

What marketing ways should adopt when you become a Tutor:

Even if you work as a tutor primarily with children and adolescents, you must never forget that they are your customers.

In order for you to land as many orders as possible right from the start, a sympathetic and transparent marketing is indispensable. For example, contact schools in your area and ask if you can interpret leaflets. Youth clubs, family-friendly cafes and the black boards in supermarkets are blackboard starting points for analog marketing.

Your most important advertising channel, however, will be the recommendation. Satisfied pupils and parents recommend you to others. In this way, their base will grow and consolidate – assuming your lessons are convincing and score as a human too. Sympathy always plays an important role in “word of mouth”.

Be sure to also have a Google My Business account and ask your customers to rate it. For example, if a prospect searches for “Berlin Tutoring” and finds positive reviews as well as your website, he will be more likely to contact you.

Marketing ways to become a tutor

How to become a Tutor – More Tips

The right premises: If you want to be a professional tutor, you will definitely need the appropriate facilities to teach. For example, rent an office with a separate room or set up a suitable room in your apartment/house.

The most popular tutoring resources: Tutoring in a particular subject is better for your business. You will receive a lot of encouragement if you offer tuition for the subjects Maths and Foreign Languages. But all natural science subjects, history and economics are often in demand at tutoring.

The ideal group size: Of course, tutoring is most effective when it comes to one-to-one lessons. However, there is nothing wrong with teaching two or even three students at the same time. This has the advantage that these (or their parents) can share the costs of the tutoring. The effort for you, however, is not appreciably larger.


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