You want to become self-employed with a mobile food cart? Under certain circumstances, not a bad idea. Keep in mind, however, that you have to overcome some hurdles before you can throw the first sausages on the mobile grill. What should be considered when starting a business, how to gain a foothold in the industry as quickly as possible and what else you should know – the following article is part of small business ideas.

Which permits do you need for a mobile food cart?

Who likes to run a mobile food cart and wants to bring, for example, sausages, fries, Currywurst, and other fast food among the people, has to get in advance a whole series of permits. No wonder, after all, you work with food, which means that there is a big focus on hygiene.

As a prospective operator of a mobile food cart, you will need:

  • A stand permit (for a certain area)
  • Health certificate (for you and also for potential employees)
  • Instructions according to the Infection Protection Act

Not to forget the trade license and a certificate that you have officially registered your trade. You should always carry the latter with you if you are checked at your mobile food stall.

Mobile Food Cart - A Small Business Ideas

Where do you get a mobile sausage grill?

When all the bureaucratic hurdles have been overcome, further challenges usually do not take long. Of course, a mobile sausage stall does not fall from the sky and so you should think about where you can get a suitable implement.

Basically, you have two options:

  • You buy a finished barbecue (optionally used)
  • You build your mobile sausage stand yourself

What is ultimately cheaper, the flat rate cannot be said. It makes the most sense to look for a finished model and think in parallel about the costs that arise when you lend a hand. If a material is already available and you do not have to use the services of a professional, it may well be that the home-made sausage brand is slightly cheaper in the end. But you will not save time by doing so.

The right choice of location for the mobile food cart

Let us now turn to the aspect location. Anyone who operates a mobile sausage stall should use the biggest advantage that results from this – of course, the mobility – and test different places. At the same time, it is also important to return to the same places over and over again in order to build up a regular clientele. Basically, these locations are ideal for the sale of sausages:

  • On squares
  • In shopping streets
  • In front of football stadiums
  • Near discos and other venues
  • In supermarket parking lots


Important: The agreement with other takeaway operators

Unfortunately, a mobile sausage stall cannot be described as an innovative and unique business idea. Even in small towns, you are unlikely to be the one or the only person to earn his / her money. So that this circumstance does not end in merciless competition, in which the end of all participants go out as losers, it is advisable to treat collegially with the other takeaway operators from the beginning.

Enter into an open dialogue and make arrangements about who is traveling where and when with his mobile sales booth. In this way, a fair distribution of the best seats is achieved and the risk of two mobile stands appearing in one place is minimized.

Although overcoming a certain amount of high-turnover days for the competitor costs, remember that in the end, everyone – including you – will benefit from such arrangements. It just does not do any good if two mobile bratwursts stand right next to each other and snap each other’s customers away. Make sure you have the necessary distance and look forward to each one who buys his sausage from you.

Mobile Food Cart - A Small Business Ideas

The choice of the butcher can be crucial

Just as important as the sales car and the right location – but perhaps more important than both together – is the choice of the right sausage. Anyone who grapples with this factor will notice very quickly: sausage is not just sausage. Especially in the “country of birth of the sausage” Thuringia there are countless different variants, which are quite different in taste. But also in the rest of the Federal Republic, it is about selecting a supplier for the sausage.

By the way: If you want to sell Original Thüringer sausage, you have to be supplied by a Thuringian butcher. This can also certify the “authenticity” of the sausage.

If you are looking for a butcher who will provide you with sausage for your mobile food cart, it is a good idea to first have a look around. In every region, there are outstanding butchers who convince especially many customers. It pays off to work with exactly these “stars” of the scene – even if the goods may be a bit more expensive.

It does not do you any good to buy cheap and therefore perhaps inferior sausages. If these taste and quality can not convince, the buyer will not return to your mobile sausage stand.

Info: Remain loyal with your trusted butchers. Sausage lovers like to know what they are like when you head to a snack bar. Accordingly, they react sensitively to frequent changes.

Mobile Food Cart: Marketing for connoisseurs

Famous snack bar operators in the market, generally do not need to spend money on marketing and advertising. The situation is different, however, if you are new to the industry and, as a newcomer, have to convince customers.

Mobile Food Cart - A Small Business Ideas

As a founder – no matter what field you are in – you should always deal with the topic of marketing. If you do it smartly and develop a good strategy, sometimes even small budgets are enough to get big effects.

It does not have to be the huge advertising campaign. Of course, you can do without celebrity support in the form of testimonials. A mobile sausage stall is a local and regional business. Accordingly, “small format” may also fail marketing.

One possible approach: Target young audience to act in social media and developing “cult status” here. It is also never wrong to become visible as a person behind the company. Successful takeaway operators, for example in Mallorca, show what it means to be a personal brand – a personal brand. But even if you are not “Rampensau”, you have a good chance, by clever marketing quickly build a regular clientele. Make sure you use a meaningful website.

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