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Almost everyone knows this situation: A moment of carelessness, the door closes and the next moment you realize: I just barred myself. In itself no big problem, after all, a mobile locksmith is usually fast on the spot to reopen the door. If only there were not the sometimes exorbitant high costs that result from this service. You might think that it really pays off to do a locksmith. But is that really the case? And what else do you need to know if you want to start a mobile locksmith? Find out in this post.

Mobile Locksmith – A business in need of surveillance

When you open a mobile locksmith, you will be able to open locked doors in seconds without any noise or damage. A very important skill, which unfortunately can be abused.

To ensure that you do not use your skills to break into apartments or houses, the trade locksmith is in need of supervision. This means that before you can begin work, you must prove that you can be trusted and that you do not abuse your abilities for a crime.

In order for you to be admitted and open your locksmith service, you not only need to prove your personal trustworthiness, reliability, and suitability but also provide a police certificate of good conduct. Anyone who has noticed even negatively before the law has no chance to make themselves independent with a locksmith. So you definitely need the famous white vest if you are looking for this career path. Another document that you need for the registration of your mobile locksmiths is a trade central register extract.

Mobile Locksmith BusinessDoes one have to complete an apprenticeship to work as a mobile locksmith?

This question is of particular interest to many people who want to open a locksmith’s shop. A short search on the Internet is not very informative, because here you will find in addition to various training measures no specific information about training to locksmiths.

The fact is: The former profession of key and locksmith has fallen victim to the last training reform. In the meantime, there is no longer a uniform job description in this industry – which is mainly due to the fact that keys and locks are now extremely diverse. There are no longer just the classic variants of the past, but also various electronic systems and other special features.

For you, as an aspiring locksmith, this means that you have to face new challenges every day and always have to be up-to-date with the latest technology. While there are a variety of locksmithing training courses available, most of those working in the field receive their knowledge from a colleague or become self-employed. The key to success is learning by doing.

The fact that the profession of locksmiths is not subject to licensing may seem gratifying at first glance. In reality, however, this is a huge disadvantage. Because if one can prove his trustworthiness and present the required documents, everyone may work as a locksmith – no matter whether he brings the required professional qualifications or not. This circumstance has made the locksmith’s industry somewhat discredited in recent years. If you want to establish a serious business right from the start and win the trust of your customers, you will score with verifiable knowledge.

Constant availability and fluctuating order situation

Many who choose to become self-employed and open a mobile locksmith can be attracted by the apparently good payment for this service. In fact, a locksmith with just under a minute’s work often earns 150 euros and more. The attractiveness of this profession is therefore not to be dismissed out of hand.

However, something that is often forgotten: The job also has its downsides. First and foremost, it should be mentioned that as a mobile locksmith you have to be available for your customers virtually around the clock. Because these not only exclude Mondays to Fridays between nine and 17 clocks but also like on weekends or at night. If you are not available at these times, valuable orders can be missed.

This is more annoying when you realize that you have to adjust as a locksmith on an irregular situation. In almost every city there is a wealth of key services. Build a monopoly in this industry? Absolutely impossible. And it happens that you compete with the competition and always find that they have opted for another service.

Last but not least, that as a locksmith is of course not only to open the locked door. Your working hours also include agreements with potential customers. People think you are making a lot of money with little job but in reality, it is not.

Mobile Locksmith BusinessLocksmiths open up: High investment costs for equipment

People who need the skills of a locksmith often get annoyed for the price they pay. However, they are only rarely aware that the equipment used to open the door costs a small fortune.

If you want to start a mobile locksmith business, the investment costs are relatively large and not recover immediately.

Image Care: Seriousness is everything

Of course, as a locksmith, you have the opportunity to attract new customers through targeted marketing measures. But always be aware that best advertising is satisfied customers who also recommend you very well.

For this not only you be able to open doors in seconds, but also important to exude a certain image. It marked by seriousness and trust. Because no one likes to open the door of someone who seems somehow dodgy and could also be a crook.

In addition to word of mouth, a good ranking plays an important role when it comes to acquiring new customers. Someone who excludes himself is now pulling out his smartphone and looking for “Locksmith CityXY”. If your service appears at the top of the results, you have a good chance of being contacted.

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