What do you mean by Moving Assistance Business?

Moving Assistance Business means a company who look after the things during moving from one place to another. Removals – for some the epitome of a new beginning, for others the ultimate in horror. It never denied that relocation is always associated with effort and does not just cause a sweat break out. That is why surprisingly many people get professional support on the boat and hire a relocation helper. If you are interested and want to start this profession, you not only have to show strength and physical fitness. It also depends on a whole series of other conditions that you meet at best all.

Start Moving Companies: These are the first steps

To be able to work as a self-employed relocation helper, you should definitely register your Moving Assistance Business with a trade. There are a number of black sheep in the industry who unofficially offer their services and thus avoid the obligation to pay taxes. Not only will this cause great difficulties sooner or later, but it may also give you a negative and unprofessional image. That is why it is always better to register your business with the commercial and tax office and thus avoid any trouble.

In a small business ideas, this is very good to start your own moving assistance business with your close friends who are in search for the work.

In this context, it is also important to think carefully about which legal form is suitable for your company. As a moving assistance business you can, for example, found a sole proprietorship, a GbR, a GmbH or a limited liability company (limited liability). Be sure to find out in advance about the individual variants and weigh up.

Moving Assistance Business

Not always, little effort automatically means that you are satisfied with your decision in the long run. For example, a sole proprietorship is simply established but does not provide you with complete protection when it comes to liability. In other words, founding a limited liability company means a lot of work and costs that have to be covered. However, once you have completed the process, you can look forward to comprehensive liability protection and an excellent reputation for your business.

Tip: Contact a tax accountant as soon as possible and get comprehensive advice on choosing the business form.

Find the right business premises

Of course, as a moving assistance business, you will be traveling a lot. But that does not mean that you can do without business premises. After all, you need to communicate regularly with (potential) customers, write quotes, do the acquisition, advance your marketing, and do bookkeeping. For these and other activities, you absolutely need suitable business premises that ideally also provide the opportunity to receive customers for a conversation.

If you want to save money at the beginning of your self-employment, it is sufficient to work in the home office and make customer arrangements by phone.

However, if you have established yourself in the market and a bulging order book, then it makes sense to think about a separate office. This must first and foremost meet your own requirements and bring with you the qualities that you demand. There are otherwise no exact rules for the perfect office for a moving assistance business company.

What does a Moving Assistance Business do for You?

Almost all of us have helped privately with a move and know what an exhausting and sweaty job it is. Nevertheless, at this point, it will be explained in more detail which tasks you need to prepare yourself as a professional relocation helper.

  • Furniture disassembly and construction
  • furniture assurance
  • safe packaging of dishes and other items
  • Furniture Transport
  • Equipment transport (washing machine, stove, etc.)
  • Installing lamps and other electronic devices

People who hire a removal company usually want the complete program and do not have to worry about anything. This means the bigger your service spectrum, the better.

Hourly rate or fixed price? What does a relocation helper deserve?

In order for you to succeed in the long term with your company, it is important to think about realistic cost planning right from the start. Must reward your relocation helper as this is not an easy job.

Anyone who wants to become self-employed in this area, always asks himself sooner or later what makes more sense: billing by the hourly rate or a fixed price.

Rates for moving assistance business

From the customer’s point of view, the latter is always the better choice. A fixed price ensures that your client does not have to fear a rude awakening, but knows exactly what to expect financially. In addition, it is extremely difficult to estimate the time required for a move in advance. The more experience you gain, the more often you will come to points where unpredictable complications occur.

When it comes to calculating a fixed price, you should not just think about what you (and your employees) end up wanting to earn. Also, consider spending (for example, on fuel and electricity), insurance costs, and the taxes you’ll have to pay later.

Tip: Only set the fixed price for a move if you were able to estimate on-site what the effort will be. Otherwise, you tend to quickly set the overall price too low to attract as many customers as possible.

Even relocation helpers have to be able to live from their work. At the end of the month, your at least income should $3,000 per head.

What does a relocation helper have to bring?

When it comes to the work of a moving helper, most people automatically have muscle-packed men in mind, who demonstrate their full physical strength and carry heavy furniture from A to B.

No question: strength and physical fitness are two essential requirements that you need to bring along as a relocation assistant.

For example, you must never forget that you are not just furniture movers but also entrepreneurs. As the owner of the moving company, you have to deal with countless things. Just think about topics such as (payroll) accounting, taxes, insurance, and marketing. An entrepreneurial seminar (eg at the IHK) prepares you optimally for these challenges.

Talent in dealing with customers is something that every moving assistant should bring with them. Your customers will recommend your business to their circle if you have good teamwork.

Also, keep in mind that building furniture, installing lamps and other moving work requires a basic crafting skill.

Last but not least, as a moving assistance business must have your own driving license. To transport large furniture or equipment efficiently, a truck with a large cargo area is simply the best tool.


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