From where niche websites ideas come? The Internet is not only a place of entertainment and information for more and more people but also a place where you can make money. The so-called online businesses are still on the rise and are gaining more and more followers. There are multiple reasons for that. While some people smell the fast money, others are looking forward to being able to work flexibly and anywhere. Before these wishes come true, however, you should first think carefully about which business model you want to set up on your own. In this article, we introduce you to the example of niche sites and explain, among other things, how you can create niche websites and ultimately earn money.

What is a niche website and how to act on niche websites ideas?

Niche sites are websites that focus on a very specific topic and provide relevant information. It is up to you which topic should be dealt with concretely. There are basically no limits to creativity. However, you should make sure in the election that you create a niche website that is really visited by the users. In other words, pick a relevant topic that has an attractive search volume. What exactly that means is to be discussed in more detail later in this article.

Niche Websites Ideas

However, a special topic alone does not make a niche side. If you want to realize this business model profitably (meaning you want to make money), you need two more components: Helpful content (content with added value) and purchase recommendations (affiliate links).

The helpful content or the content with added value can be, for example, test reports and experience reports, comparisons, guides, blog entries or lexicon-like texts. It is important that the visitor of your niche site has the feeling of being informed and experiencing exactly what he wants to know.

The buy recommendations are ultimately the elements that make your website a business model. To understand how to make money with a niche, you have to internalize what affiliate marketing is.

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At a glance: What is a niche site?

  • The website specializing in a very specific (niche) topic,
  • this represents high-quality content with added value
  • and draw attention to purchase products through affiliate links

Affiliate Marketing: Making Money Online through Referrals

Affiliate marketing has become a passive source of income for many online entrepreneurs in recent years. The principle is easy to understand: You recommend a product on your niche website (or on your blog as well) and receive a percentage commission for each purchase (for example, 7% of the sales price). That means the more people buy something through your affiliate links, the more money you make.

In order for you to ultimately benefit from referral marketing, it is not only important to create a niche site, but also to become a partner in an affiliate program. Probably the best known and at the same time most popular program is that of Amazon. If you are already an Amazon customer, you can log in with your account and deposit your niche site (s). Once checked and unlocked (which is not usually a problem), you can instantly find products on Amazon, create affiliate links, and embed them on your niche website.

By the way: It does not matter if the user buys the product you have recommended or another one. The only important thing is that he gets into the shop via the affiliate link.

Niche Websites Ideas

Excursus: Do affiliate links have to be marked?

Anyone who advertises on his website (for whatever) must mark it accordingly. Otherwise, in the worst case, a warning threatens. Whether affiliate links are considered advertising, is currently not clearly understood. When asked if they have to be marked accordingly, the ghosts are different. If you’re creating a niche site to legally make money online, be sure to play it safe by tagging all referral links with an asterisk (*). At the end of the website, you can then explain what the labeling and term affiliate is all about. In this way, they create transparency and win the trust of your users.

Search engine optimization: A factor that no niche operator can ignore

Let’s reiterate at this point: Ensure people visit your website and ready to buy through the affiliate link. But how exactly do you attract these people?

You probably already heard the answer before: Through search engine optimization, also called simply SEO. To put it bluntly, a niche website is only as good as its ranking factor. In other words, the further up your website lands on search queries, the higher the likelihood that the searcher will call your website. Also, the search volume (say: how often do people search for specific topics) plays a crucial role here.

So you need to consider different aspects to optimize your niche websites in the search engine. To list all of them here would definitely go beyond the scope of the article. Therefore, we would like to give you just a few basic basics:

  • Search for keywords that are particularly popular with your niche topic (for example, with the “Google Keyword Planner” or “Answer the Public”)
  • Use the keywords (!) On your website, in your headlines and in the metadata (meta-title and meta-description)
  • Make high-quality, up-to-date and relevant content available (this not only applies to text but also other formats, such as photos, videos, and infographics)
  • Collect backlinks, links to other websites that refer to yours

Niche Websites Ideas

Find a niche that has not been filled & lt

Anyone who wants to create niche sites and earn money online should carefully consider in advance which topics he wants to focus on. It is clear that the fewer competitors deal with it, the better. Ideally, you will find many unfilled thematic niches. Not only does this mean that you will not have competition, but also that you will automatically get pretty good search engine results.

As niche websites ideas become more and more popular as a business model, finding a free niche is no longer so easy. However, you can get success if thoroughly research according to the US market.

Do you have to be an expert in the field?

Many budding online entrepreneurs who want to create the niche websites only to make easy money. This says that you can only really earn money with a niche site if you yourself are an expert in the field. In a nutshell: That’s not the case. There are tons of reviews, customer reviews and comparisons on the Internet that will help fill your website with helpful information. All you have to do is to bring some time to work.

As a small business ideas discussed on Business Guide Blog this is the most profitable business by which you can unlimited income.


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