Open an eBay store online as eBay is known to most people only from the point of view of a buyer. However, it is also possible to switch sides and use eBay as a professional sales channel. Anyone who wants to earn money as a commercial eBay seller has to pay a lot of attention – the platform distinguishes strictly between private sellers and companies. How to become an eBay seller and what you need to think about to open an eBay store? the following article will tell you in details about a small business ideas.

Step by step to open an eBay store

Commercial sellers on Ebay – so-called business sellers – do not use the platform to get rid of used items, but to generate an income. Once the profit is the primary motivation of your activities on eBay, you must register as a commercial seller. That’s not a big problem in itself. What many ignore: To become an eBay seller, you need to register for a self-employment.

This project will take you first to your local trade office. Here you will receive a so-called business license (which, incidentally, is also available online). When you fill out the form, you not only have to provide information about yourself but also about your business. These include, for example:

  • Legal form (enter as individual enterprise)
  • Type of company (in your case retail / online commerce / eCommerce)
  • Assets of the company

If your business is registered, you can open an eBay store and set up a merchant account on eBay in the next step. A detailed step-by-step guide can be found on YouTube.

eBay Seller-Open an eBay Store

eBay as an important sales channel

Most people who choose to open an eBay store have already begun building their retail businesses and consider the sales platform as an additional channel. This strategy makes sense, because eBay, as a well-known Internet company, still appeals to a large number of users and can, therefore, be instrumental in increasing your profits.

Especially when your own shop (whether online or offline) is still unknown and does not attract the desired mass of customers, it makes sense to open an eBay store and build up an additional sales channel.

But beware, as always, it’s not all gold that glitters. Although Ebay offers extremely good infrastructure and a high level of attention, these benefits are by no means free. Anyone who is acting as a merchant on eBay and sells his goods commercially must always keep in mind the fees the platform charges for each discontinued product.

Info: Commercial traders pay higher fees than private ones.

A demanding day-to-day work

The eCommerce industry is booming – not least because many retailers believe the online business brings many benefits. It’s true that if you focus exclusively on digital commerce, you do not have to stick to shop opening hours, you have local flexibility and you do not have to plan any rent for the business. On the other hand, there are many challenges that often only become visible when the business has started to take off.

eBay Seller-Open an eBay Store

First and foremost, at this point, the enormous logistic effort that goes hand in hand with online trading must be mentioned. Who sends his goods exclusively to the customer, has to think of many things and, for example, ask:

  • With which parcel service should the goods be sent?
  • Where do I get packaging material that complies with the Packaging Ordinance?
  • Shipping cost?
  • Packaging material cost?
  • What must I pay attention to in terms of the right of withdrawal?
  • How do I manage to get a few returns as possible?

But not only the shipping itself is a major challenge in online trading dar. Many eBay dealers underestimate, for example, that task areas such as accounting, marketing, and customer communication eat a lot of time and energy.

If you decide to become an eBay retailer or to expand your online store through this channel, then you should be aware of one thing: this task is really demanding and will demand a lot from you. Especially in the first few years, be ready to work very hard – even on weekends and bank holidays because there is no shop closing time in online trading.

eBay trading as a sideline

If you take it easy and offer only a small range of products, for example, then eBay trading is perfect for the part-time self-employment.

If you are interested in an ancillary business, you should discuss your project with your boss. Because even if in Germany everyone can freely choose which job he wants to exercise, your employer has the opportunity to veto. Usually, this happens when you become a direct competitor to your business or your full-time job is on the sideline.

One of the most important things for you to succeed as a part-time eBay dealer is: organization. Must plan and structured down to the smallest details of your workflow. Because the only way to avoid that you lose track time.

As mentioned earlier, the e-commerce activity has many challenges. Take them seriously from the beginning and prepare for all eventualities. The better you plan your step into self-employment, the more disruptive factors you eliminate.

eBay Seller-Open an eBay Store

Start small and get bigger step by step

No one is asking you to become an eBay seller and start a huge business from day one. Many who opt for this career path, take it more modest approach and establish a small shop first. This can grow steadily over time and thus give you an ever-increasing income.

If you have no online trading experience before, this strategy will work for you. It is perfectly normal that first internalize all processes and deal with issues. After all, no master has fallen from the sky.

It is important that you are open at all times for advice and also consciously seek contact with other traders. The online market is big enough, so you do not have to consider anyone as a competitor. Instead, seize the opportunity and learn from the experiences of your colleagues. You will soon realize how much you benefit from the active exchange.


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