Podiatry Clinics is also a small business idea as a well-groomed appearance enjoys a very high priority in our society. More and more people are not only looking for the face, hands and body look good, but also the feet. The deliberate examination is necessary from a cosmetic point of view as well as from a health point of view. Because foot care not only lets feet “brighten” but in the truest sense of the word maintain.

Podiatry Clinics

As more and more people develop the desire to do something good for their bodies and are prepared to spend money on it, they have ideal starting conditions for those who want to become self-employed with a mobile Chiropody Clinic. Read here what you have to consider in this project.

Medical or Cosmetic foot care (Chiropody)?

If you are thinking to start a mobile pedicure business, first ask yourself rather go to a medical or cosmetic. This decision is very important because it dictates the conditions that you must fulfill. The following overview clarifies:

Medical Pedicure

–> Tasks:

Treatment of fungal and nail fungus, damage due to diabetes, ingrown toenails and other medical problems

–> Requirements:

State education to the podiatrist

–> Job title protected?


Cosmetic foot care

–> Tasks:

Checking the feet health, removing the cornea, cutting, filling and cure the nails, removing cuticles, foot massages

–> Requirements:

Checking the feet health, removing the cornea and cuticles, cutting, filling and care the nails, foot massages

–> Job title protected?


While a podiatrist must take training to work in his profession, there are no prerequisites for cosmetic foot care. However, it is strongly recommended that you attend the appropriate course and the necessary specialist knowledge. The certificates not only certify your suitability but also inspire confidence in the customer.

Of course, there is no reason not to attend training as a podiatrist and further education in cosmetic foot care. In this way, you can offer your customers or patients the “complete package” and address a much larger target group.

Why a Mobile Podiatry Clinics and No Fixed Location?

Who decides on the pedicure service, this usually has a valid reason. Probably the most frequently mentioned are the lower expenses like rent and additional cost for a studio or a practice.

Remember, however, a mobile foot care cause costs for a vehicle, fuel, and insurance. What is ultimately cheaper depends on various factors such as the type of vehicle and the area of application.

An advantage of the mobile foot care is that you will reach more customers with it. Especially in the medical pedicure is often the problem that patients are reluctant to leave home because of their suffering. Inflammations, infections, and fungi sometimes cause severe pain and make running a challenge or simply impossible.

If you know from the outset that you want to work with medical patients (and perhaps already have the appropriate degree as a podiatrist in your pocket), it makes perfect sense to think about mobile foot care.

But even in the cosmetic field, this business model can prove to be lucrative – for example, if you are active in a rural area and your clientele is scattered. If you visit the customer at home and do not need to get in the care or any other means of transport.

You have to fulfill these (personal) requirements

The technical requirements for a Podiatry Clinics depend primarily on whether for medical or cosmetic aspect. But what about the personal requirements for this profession?

Whether medical or cosmetic: As a chiropodist or podiatrist you need to bring a strong talent for communication. It is important that you not only explain to your clients and patients what you are doing with their feet. You also need to be able to quickly build a (superficial) personal bond, so that your counterpart feels comfortable and can fully engage in the process of foot care.

Furthermore, it is important that you bring a minimum level of physical fitness. Especially your back is due to the bent posture when working exposed to a permanent load and must, therefore, be strengthened regularly. A lot of movement between the individual treatments and of course after work should become a matter of course for you.

A third point, which can actually be described as obvious, is the willingness to work with the feet of strangers – with feet that are not always up to standard and are often unhealthy. If you feel that you feel a hint of disgust, if you think of inflamed feet or diseases such as athlete’s foot, then you should quickly discard the idea of a mobile Podiatry Clinics.

Last but not least, as a medical or cosmetic foot care service, you must have a great deal of pleasure in working with people. Those who prefer to be alone will not be happy in this profession.

Registration for mobile podiatry clinics – Is this possible?

For you as an independent chiropodist, this approval makes sense, because it ensures that the health insurance companies take over your services and thereby relieve the patients financially.

But is it even possible to get a health insurance pass if you are traveling as a mobile pedicure? The answer to this question is Jain.

A cash register requires a firm, self-contained practice. This means that someone who focuses exclusively on mobile foot care will not receive a POS. However, if you also have a practice in which to treat patients in addition to the mobile pedicure, then it is quite possible that you will get the approval.

Podiatry Clinics – Business or Freelance?

Divorce the ghosts when you have a question of whether you need to register for a trade of freelance. While in the cosmetic pedicure is rarely discussed (here, the trend is clearly in the direction of trade), in the medical pedicure is always referred to the catalog profession naturopaths.

Although this clearly speaks for a freelance, has de facto nothing to do with the pedicure. So most tax offices and courts will not agree with you if you want to practice as a pediatric nurse.

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