What was often referred to as a cleaning lady in the past has become a recognized business by now. As a small business ideas home helpers provide cleanliness, order and improved family life. What many do not even know: The tasks of a household help not only cleaning. If you are thinking about becoming self-employed in this area, you can also offer services such as shopping, medical visitation, and babysitting. But how do you actually become a domestic worker?

Good prospects for a domestic worker

The demand for the domestic worker in the developed countries is growing steadily. While only a few years ago, few people wanted to admit that you were getting help in coping with the household, in more and more strata of society it is now almost a good thing to hire a domestic worker. It is estimated that every 10th household relies on external help. There are also business customers.

Another fact that should please you as a budding domestic worker is the rapidly becoming larger of an important target group: the elderly. In the coming years, an extremely large number of people will reach retirement age – and depend on their state of health, need help with their household.

Stay away from moonlighting

As positive as the development of domestic workers in developed countries is, there are still some problems that put a heavy strain on the industry. One of them is the moonlighting. Not a few domestic helpers offer their services “black”, so without reporting them to the tax office. For the customer, this brings with it a decisive advantage: He does not have to pay sales tax and thus saves noticeably.

Although these prospects are promising, it must be emphasized that undeclared work is prohibited. Who is controlled and caught, I have to expect high fines and in the worst case even with prison.

Tip: If you make use of the small business rules, you do not have to declare sales tax and can offer your service “cheaper” to the private customer.

Self-Employed as a Domestic Worker

Beware of bogus self-employment

Another taboo topic that needs to be mentioned in the context of home helps is fake self-employment. Not a few who work in this industry have only one customer. What may be enough for them to supplement their full-time income or the unemployment benefit is simply a clear case of bogus self-employment – and also prohibited. In order to avoid problems, you should always strive to build the largest possible customer base.

Info: The risk of bogus self-employment is especially great if you are not working for a private client but a company and are firmly involved in its structures – as if you were permanently employed there.

Home help: A particularly flexible business

Let us now turn to a more pleasing topic. Not only do domestic workers have to be afraid of moonlighting and bogus self-employment, but they can also look forward to an extremely flexible work routine.

Quite a few options for this career path, because they want to free up their time and customize each day. The good news: who works very organized and structured, this will have no problems.

It is important that you always keep track and get a sense of what work takes how much time. Over time, it will always be easier for you to coordinate the different jobs and keep them running smoothly.

Info: The flexibility of work ensures that many domestic workers start their business during parental leave or alongside their main occupation. If you find that the customers’ response is there, you can gradually expand your business.

Self-Employed as a Domestic Worker

Requirements for a domestic worker

You would like to become self-employed as a domestic worker, but you are not sure if you are up to the challenge of this job? Then you should have a look at our checklist with all the requirements:

  • extensive knowledge of various cleaning agents
  • extensive knowledge about various household tips/home remedies
  • physical fitness/resilience
  • social competence
  • flexibility
  • organizational skills
  • strong communication skills
  • empathy
  • friendliness
  • trustworthy appearance
  • thorough work

Which services offer as a domestic worker?

In order to give you an even better idea of the daily routine of a home help, let us now mention a few typical services that are traditionally offered in the industry. It is important for you to know that you are under no obligation to incorporate all of the above points in your portfolio.

Ask yourself much more about what your strengths are and what you would call your weaknesses. Based on this, you can decide which services you want to offer your customers.

Typical services of a domestic worker

  • Cleaning work of all kinds
  • Clean up / create order
  • Support in the kitchen/cooking
  • childcare
  • Accompanying for medical appointments etc.
  • Accompaniment when shopping
  • Care of pets
  • gardening
  • winter service
  • doing laundry
  • other household activities
  • nutrition counseling
  • Help with correspondence
  • Help with sorting documents

Tip: Create a modern website where you can present your range of services in detail. On the basis of this, the potential customer can then decide much better whether cooperation is possible or not.

Address additional customers with additional skills

The specific activities of a domestic worker can sometimes vary greatly. While the majority of people are hired to help with cleaning and tidying up, there are also more and more domestic workers who have to take on very specific tasks and, of course, have the right skills to do so. Two classic examples of this are childcare and professional advice on a healthy and balanced diet.

Basically, the more qualifications and skills you have, the more customers you will address. It is never wrong to mention certain talents from previous activities if they could be useful in the context of the domestic worker.

Cooperation with health insurance companies

What many do not even know: People, who need home help for health reasons, can specifically contact their health insurance and apply for financial support. This is not only a great relief for those affected, but also represents an excellent opportunity for you.

Collaboration with health insurance companies promises you not only an uncomplicated customer acquisition but above all a secure income. Because while many private and business customers like to settle before settling the bill, the health insurance companies are usually very reliable.

Marketing for the domestic worker

Self-Employed as a Domestic Worker-Marketing

Regardless of cooperation with health insurance companies, you should invest time and money in various marketing activities, especially in the early days. Especially if you have not made a name for yourself and can rely on your customers’ recommendations, then advertising is important so that others will notice you. For example, use flyers, posters, and advertisements in local media, as well as modern channels such as Facebook.


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