Small business ideas for men without equity sounds tempting at first – why then not everyone is self-employed? Business success requires more than money. Without equity, other skills are even more in demand. This applies during the self-employment build up. That’s why I call the entrepreneur the best personality development machine in the world.

I will present my Top 5 small business ideas for men and women in this blog article. In the first part, I define what I think is a business idea and what is equity. Not only money is equity. In the next point, I chat from the sewing box, how I started with bootstrapping and was successful. In the main part, I dedicate myself to business ideas without equity.

What is a Business Idea?

A business idea is an idea of how you want to build your business. Before you develop a business idea, you need a product idea. With which product do you want to create added value that does not exist today in this form? What are people willing to spend their hard-earned money on? How to find the right business and product idea, I have in the blog article “Self-employment! 6 Steps to Business Idea “. In addition to the product idea, you need a working business model. A business model describes the way you want to monetize your product. For this purpose, a Business Model Canvas from the book Business Model Generation is suitable.

I observe that ignorant founders sometimes look for the perfect business idea. The business idea is only 5 percent decisive, 95 percent are the processes that are responsible for the success of a startup. The book Lean Start-Up describes the processes that are successfully used by startups in Silicon Valley. First and foremost, it’s not about being “successful” – but going through fast learning processes and not wasting resources. In the beginning, I made the mistake of dealing with 95% with the business idea and only 5% with the processes. The result was chaos.

Above all, I tested my ideas too late. I simply had no process! If you have a good process for developing products, test and measure it. Get feedback and you’re a winner. Your business model will rapidly move in the right direction.

You can compare the founding of a startup with a pack of milk. You buy them fresh and have a certain amount of time to drink them. After that, the milk gets sour and eventually even bad. A startup, an idea, and a business model have a window of opportunity. In this time you have to succeed, to succeed. Otherwise, the time runs out: either someone else has the same idea or the technology continues to evolve.

Definition of Equity

Let’s take apart the word equity. There is the term “own” and “capital” in it. What your “own” is you know, but what is your capital?

Here is an excerpt from Wikipedia:

“Under capital in the economic sense ,one can understand all production means involved in the production.”

A form of capital is money. Money is a factor that should not be underestimated. Much more important, however, is your capital in the form of know-how, time and contacts. Your product can be a blog. You can use know-how and time to create the product website and have not yet spent a Euro.

In business terms, the capital is composed of debt and equity. External capital is raised through a bank. The bank requires 10-20 percent of its total funding needs to finance startup financing to limit risk. So you need a business idea without equity. For this reason, banks are failing as financiers.

Actual status: You can currently use the following capital – know-how, contacts and time. We’ll take a look at what you can do with it. But first I want to chat out of the box.

Business ideas without equity – perfect for Bootstrapping

With the Diamond Academy, we applied for a loan of several hundred thousand euros. The bank has luckily refused. Conclusion: It is easier to finance a sausage stall than an internet startup. We were simply not ready for a loan. I recommend you the proof of concept first. This is the review of your business idea from your own resources with a prototype without external financing. So you can take your time and make decisions sustainably. If we had gotten the loan, we would have been obliged to give account to the bank and to hold unpleasant talks month after month. Because the bank thinks differently than you as a founder. She thinks you reach the goals in the business plan. Hiring a startup is more the reverse.

Assume that your assumptions are wrong and you cannot reach the numbers. Anyway, you know nothing about the business at the beginning and have no experience. Therefore, better no capital, but Bootstrapping. We startups have an explorative approach – that is, we discover and learn at insane speed! If you want to learn more about bootstrapping, check out the blog article “Bootstrapping or KFW Startup Loan?”.

Top 5 small business ideas for men and women without equity

1. Online business – a really good business idea without equity

Today you can sell your know-how over the internet. Prerequisite is neither a school nor a university degree. You can prove your expertise to your community through a blog. All you need is a niche and a good strategy. I have developed this strategy for you. I wrote a blog article on this topic.

2. A franchise is a business idea without equity including know how

With a franchise concept, you adopt a proven economic system that is implemented according to clear guidelines. You pay royalties for this system. In the implementation you get support. The most famous franchise system is Mc Donald’s. Many franchise systems require equity, others do not. You can search for franchise ideas without equity on this portal. Give as investment budget zero euros.

3. Multi-level marketing – structured sales

I started my self-employment with 19 years in structured sales. The difference to MLM multi-level marketing is that it does not build consumer structures that sell at the same time. It was ideal for me. I was able to learn from the successful entrepreneurs and at the same time test my skills as a self-employed person, but without using money that I did not have at the time. Three important points in MLM and structured sales are:

  1. You need a top leader
  2. No start payments or starter packages
  3. You have to be convinced of the product

At MLM, you will not see any “roast pigeons” in your mouth, even though this is usually sold differently on beginner’s seminars. The difficulty lies in the recruitment of other business partners and the simultaneous sale of the products. With a lot of time, I have managed to build up 60 distributors in structured sales. To select these 60 people, I have conducted more than 500 calls. I advised people from my immediate environment – I’m glad that I’ve listened to me and not to anyone else. Use your intuition and common sense to gauge whether MLM or structured sales are for you. Read my blog article Multi-Level Marketing! The opportunities and risks you should know.

The strong MLM systems come from the Anglo-Saxon area. There are thousands of companies. Here is a selection of the biggest players:

  • 5Linx.
  • ACN Inc.
  • AdvoCare.
  • Ambit Energy.
  • Amsoil.
  • Amway Global, previously known as Quixtar.
  • Arbonne International.
  • Swiss Life Select (formerly AWD)
  • Ergo Pro (formerly HMI)
  • AMC
  • Loyoness shopping community
  • Herbalife LTD
  • LR Health & Beauty System

Become a co-founder

You do not have equity, but maybe someone else who is looking for your skills. You invest your time and your know-how, someone else the necessary money. Everyone gives what they have or do best. This model is not uncommon. There are startup weekends. Service providers meet potential founders and co-founders and jointly develop a business model.

You are welcome to read my blog article “Co-founders”. In this, I have described which platforms you can find projects where you can promote yourself as a co-founder.

External service providers – the fire

Let’s say you want to sell books or clothes. Today, you can find service providers on the Internet who produce for you on demand. Production costs only accrue when you sell something. Here you will find a service provider for books. For clothing, there are patterns that you can customize with covers and colors according to your own wishes. Sell prototypes first, then use your cash flow to build your own production. One supplier is Spread shirt. Similar service providers exist in many other industries and niches.


An important lesson on the way to becoming an entrepreneur is to start without an initial budget. Your know-how is your capital – continue to educate yourself!

I wish you every success in this way!

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