Tattoo Studio Business Model

What was considered rather skeptical just a few years ago has long since become an integral part of our society? We are talking about tattoos that have managed to change from marginal to a mass phenomenon. The scene is happy about steady growth, new trends and general acceptance. For the tattoo studios all over the country, this means above all one thing: an outstanding order situation. So it’s not so wrong to think like about opening such a studio or tattoo studio service yourself, provided, of course, you have a set of requirements and you have the makings of a tattoo artist. What you need to know if you want to open a tattoo studio? The following article tells you.

How do you become a tattoo artist?

Probably the most important information right away: there is no uniform and legally compliant training tattoo artist. However, that does not mean that you should head straight into your professional life and open a tattoo studio.

Those who want to work in this profession must definitely learn the theoretical basics and then gain practical experience. In this profession, the motto is learning by doing.

The entry into the industry succeed most tattooists by asking at established studios and ask for an (informal) education. If you are accepted, you will wgradually learn how to use the tattoo machine, the various hygiene regulations and also the creative cooperation with the customer.

How long such a training as a tattoo artist lasts cannot be said on a flat-rate basis. While some have internalized the craft of tattooing after a short time, the others need a little longer, until the knot finally burst. In general, it can also be said that every tattoo artist is in an endless learning process and constantly evolves in the process. Since the scene is constantly changing and, for example, new trends are constantly being flushed to the surface, it is important that you are always ready for new knowledge.

Tattoo Studio Business Model

The days when amateur tattoo artists have “beautified” their customers’ skin more than rightfully are long gone. Tattoos are now something like status symbols and therefore it is important to the people that they are stung professionally. Training as a tattoo artist is therefore indispensable if you want to open your own tattoo studio.

What do you have to bring as a budding tattoo artist?

Of course, if you want to work as a tattoo artist, you must first and foremost bring your craft skills. This means that you know how a tattoo machine works, know how to handle it and pay attention to a sterile and hygienic way of working.

It is also important that you have a strong artistic talent combined with a lot of creativity. Most people who would like to have a tattoo have a rough idea in mind, but can not visualize it. Her job as a tattoo artist is not only to sting the final product, but also to make sketches and drafts.

In the end, all parties involved are satisfied, so communication with the customer is indispensable. This is one of the biggest challenges facing tattoo artists – because the opinions of customers and artists often drift miles apart. As a professional tattoo artist, you will be able to respond to the individual needs of your client and make it clear at the same time, which expectations you may not meet. Remember, most people who want to have a tattoo are lay people and have no idea about the technical implementation. They are simply unaware that some wishes can not be realized in practice. The challenge for you is to be as responsive as possible to the client’s ideas while not forgetting what is possible and what is not.

Tattoo Studio Business Model

Last but not least, as a tattoo artist you should be able to demonstrate a certain physical fitness. Although you sit most of your professional life, but that is exactly the problem. The permanent slightly bent forward position when tattooing in the long term is a great burden on the spine and other parts of the body. Act with enough movement between tattoo sessions and physical activity.

Creativity meets hard business world

If you want to open your own tattoo studio, you must never forget that this is usually a tough business. Of course, creativity and an artistic streak are the foundations of the tattoo artist’s job, but once you have your own studio, you suddenly have to deal with issues such as accounting, taxes, marketing or marketing strategy, and merchandise purchasing. Not only does that sound pretty uncreative, that’s it.

In order to open your own tattoo studio and thus have long-term success, it is important that you prepare enough for this challenge and not just jump into the cold water. If necessary, visit start-up seminars and learn the basics of business administration.

Although most tattoo artists can imagine much better, it is important that you take your business seriously. Once all the processes have been established and you have an overview of the tasks and challenges, you will also have more time for your creative work as a tattoo artist.

The location of the Tattoo Studio – an important success factor

The place is one of the important P of  7Ps of service marketing mix. It is important to choose a strategically smart location to find more customers. This is located at best in a popular inner city area, where a lot of walkers are traveling.

It is also recommended to look for premises that are not in direct proximity to another tattoo studio. Such closeness is harmful to business and should, therefore be avoided.

Furthermore, your tattoo studio should be easily accessible both by car and by public transport. Sufficient parking nearby are always beneficial.

Tattoo Studio Business Model

Alternative to the fixed studio

Unfortunately, rooms in optimal locations are often quite expensive. For many tattoo artists own studio is out of the question. Instead, they “tour” from city to city and from studio to studio as a guest tattoo artist. This business model is widely used in the tattoo scene and can be compared to the rolling of artisans. You learn a lot and broaden your horizons when you meet with other tattoo artists and new customers.

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