Tea Shop Business ModelWhen it comes to the popularity of drinks, tea still has to rank behind the coffee, but it can also be said that demand has increased significantly in recent years. In addition to the old-established tea drinkers, more and more young people are discovering the fascinating world of teas. Whether classics like black tea or trend products like the green matcha tea – the enthusiasm for the infusion drink is great. So why not use the euphoria and open your own tea shop? Here, however, the customers should not only find a large selection, but also an owner who has a real idea of tea and good advice. What else you need to consider if you want to open a tea shop, reveals the following post.

Commercial experience is needed

There is no apprenticeship or study as a tea seller. Most people who open a tea shop are typical career changers who bring an extra dose of love for tea. Of course, it is advisable not to jump in the cold water, but to bring professional expertise with you so that you are best prepared for your self-employment as a tea trader.

Tea Shop Business ModelTraining in the commercial sector is ideal as a basis for your own tea shop. Anyone who has previously sold products will find it much easier to be successful in this business too.

Become a tea specialist!

Tea Shop Business ModelFurthermore, it is enormously advantageous to build up a comprehensive knowledge of tea. This can happen in different ways, for example:

  • comprehensive internet and technical book research
  • Travel to the big tea growing areas of this world and exchange with the local tea farmers
  • Attendance of further education and seminars
  • learning by doing or tasting

Define and analyze the target group

As already described, tea enjoys great popularity at the moment. This is a huge advantage for you because it means that you address a large audience with your business idea. No matter if young or ord – Tea almost very important and famous for all age groups.

Despite the many people you will reach, it is important that you define a target audience in advance of the store opening. Only then can you analyze exactly what the demands, wishes, and peculiarities of the people who are to buy your tea are.

Keep a close eye on the competition

When it comes to choosing a good location for a tea shop, you need to keep an eye on several factors. Of course, it’s important to find a retail outlet whereas many people pass by as possible, but do not forget that the next teashop should be as far away as possible.

Tea Shop Business ModelIf the density of tea shops is too large, then it quickly affects your business. Especially if the competitor has already established itself on the market and built a solid customer base and if the customers are satisfied with that competitor, you will have to struggle to fight it.

It’s better to choose a location that is as far away from the competition as possible. Especially in larger cities, it is no problem if there are several retailers for tea.

Incidentally, other tea shops do not necessarily have to be considered enemies. For example, if you have a different assortment, it makes sense to refer business B to customers who did not find it in business A. This creates an exchange that ultimately benefits everyone involved.

The teas – the heart of your shop

If suitable premises have been found in which you can open the teashop, the next step is to think about the assortment. Sure, in a tea shop you should above all offer tea – preferably the most diverse sorts and flavors. A large variety finally appeals to a large group of customers.

When choosing your teas, you should not just focus on the taste. It is important that the different varieties are also of high quality, if possible from organic farming and at best fair trade. While these criteria make tea more expensive to buy, you will soon realize that this investment is worthwhile.

Tea Shop Business ModelAbove all, the young buyers (this is the most important target group of your shop since they will still come to you in decades) now attaches great importance to the fact that the teas have an organic quality and are not derived from plantations on which the Farmers were exploited (keyword: Fair Trade).

Tip: If you really want to tell your customers where your tea comes from, you can travel directly to the Asian growing areas in advance. Contact and negotiate locally with the providers so that no need to deal with middlemen.

Create an additional offer

Although tea will be at the heart of your shop, there’s nothing wrong with adding a few select products to the range. Whether chocolate, noble spirits or wines – everything that can be summarized under the generic term enjoyment, is just right in your tea shop.

Tea Shop Business ModelIn order to increase your sales, even more, it is always a good idea to offer customers ready-made gift baskets. Tees are given away with great pleasure – so why not take the decision from the buyer and put together a few great products in advance? Rounded off with delicious chocolate and good wine, the ideal gift for all pleasure-seekers is created in an instant. Offering gift baskets not only saves the customer time but also a lot of nerves.

Give tea on site?

Who would like to open a tea shop play with the idea to integrate a small tearoom in the shop? The idea behind it is not even so bad: the customers taste different teas on the spot and take those who have tasted them an especially good home with them.

As lucrative as this model may sound, you should definitely know that it is associated with a big bureaucracy. Because as soon as you pour out drinks (also offer cakes or other snacks), your retail store becomes a restaurant. In order to obtain a permit for this, you must undergo various examinations and have a health certificate. It should always be clarified on a case-by-case basis whether this effort is really worthwhile or whether it is better to leave it at the disposal of teas and other products.

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