Tour and Travel Guide Business Model

It is the dream of many people: always be on the road and earn money. A profession that can make this life possible, for example, is the guide. If you and any entrepreneurs are interested to start up a business with no money as a travel guide, which challenges you have to meet, and what the daily work of a travel guide looks like, then you are in the right place. The following article provides an overview of the most important information to start your tour and travel business.

Is there any training as a guide to start a travel business?

If you want to work as a tour guide or city guide and serve the best product or service, you are usually interested in an apprenticeship that conveys not only the facts but also various hard and soft skills. However, if you research the subject, you soon realize that there is no official training for the travel guide.

Keep in mind, however, that this regulation leads to a lot of black sheep in the industry and make sure that many a customer is skeptical. Especially if you work as an independent travel guide and are not employed by a major provider or the city, you may find it difficult to establish yourself on the market.

Become a travel guide: A profession for career changers

Conversely, the fact that you do not have to undergo special training to become a travel guide means, of course, that you as a career changer also have very good chances of gaining a foothold in this industry. The most important requirement for this is passion.

Tour and Travel Guide Business ModelIf you like to travel, deal with the region you live in and, on top of that, have a good memory of facts and figures, you are ideally suited to the job of a travel guide. In order to leave nothing to chance, it is advisable to make targeted contact with travel agencies, city marketing etc. at the beginning of your career. In this way, you can build a valuable network and gain initial experience. At the same time, you will also create an ideal basis for later self-employment as a travel guide.

Furthermore, it is always advantageous if you have previously worked in the tourism sector or have completed a history course. Such qualifications and qualifications provide you with valuable background knowledge about qualities of trave guide and some qualities of entrepreneur and make you even more attractive as a travel guide.

What does a guide do?

Who wants to work as a travel guide, can look forward to a varied workday. Their primary task is to show other people the beautiful corners of the world and provide background facts. Whether you work in a popular holiday destination or your hometown as a travel guide is of course up to you.

It is important that you can identify with your place of work and build up appropriate expertise. As a travel guide…

  • know the most popular sights
  • you can reveal insider tips and insider tips
  • you know the region or the city like the back of your hand
  • you can tell exciting and sympathetic anecdotes
  • you know local peculiarities, regulations, and rules of conduct
  • You can give tips (for example, for restaurants, souvenir shops, etc.)
  • do you know local actors
  • You can recite the story of the place/region in your sleep
  • you also know the ways off the typical tourist paths

Tour and Travel Guide Business ModelWhen you become a travel guide, you should also be aware of one important difference. There are travel and city guides who offer their services for a few hours and accompany the group on a sightseeing tour, for example. There are the tour guides who spend several days or even weeks with the tourists.

If you decide on the second option, take care of different areas of the journey, such as travel, accommodation, food and leisure facilities to increase the level of customer satisfaction. They deliver – if you want to put it this way – the complete program and make sure that the tourists you look after do not have to worry about anything. because that is what the customers expect and customer expectation is one of the most important determinants of demand.

An own concept as the key to success

Of course, you can contact one of the major providers and ask if you can work for this as a travel guide. But you can also go your own way and build a business that bears your individual stamp.

Especially if you want to work independently and be your own boss, the individual way is much more recommendable. It offers you the freedom you need to unfold but also presents you with major challenges almost every day.

If you want to become an independent travel guide and want to be successful with this business idea in the long term, then you definitely need a detailed and unique concept. Ask yourself in this context, among others:

  • Who do I want to address with my offer? Who is my target audience?
  • Which region/city would I like to specialize in?
  • From what perspective do I want to introduce the region/city?
  • Do I want to offer individual tours or the “complete package”?

If you work out a concept for your business, you are welcome to let your creativity run wild. After all, you want to stand out from the crowd and attract your clientele with a unique offer.

Tour and Travel Guide Business ModelYou have to meet these requirements if you want to start a Travel Business

Even if it basically looks like a relaxed job, you must be able to withstand a lot as a guide. This profession is not for mimosas but requires perseverance. What else you should bring with you, this overview reveals:

  • organizational skills
  • good number and fact memory
  • a structured way of working
  • Communication skills (including rhetoric and pronunciation)
  • exercise capacity
  • openness
  • friendliness
  • Enjoy traveling

In addition, you must never forget: As a self-employed travel guide, of course, you always have to deal with other tasks and problems. These include marketing and marketing strategies, accounting and building a professional network. So be prepared to be regularly challenged and look for solutions.

Tour and Travel Guide Business ModelHow do you approach a customer as a travel guide?

One of the most difficult tasks in your professional life as a guide will be the acquisition. As a self-employed tour guide you cannot rest on a prominent name like CWT or Wyoming, but have to develop their own strength a certain status.

This can succeed in different ways:

    • As already described above, you will develop a unique and unusual concept for your tours
    • They are extremely active in social media and arouse the interest of classical media
    • You run a travel blog and build a community about it that will later become your customers
    • You write a book about the city or region you specialize in

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