Looking to start a business to become self-employed. Here is a business idea for you which we call “Vehicle Repair Shop or Workshop”.

Vehicle repairing service is an attractive way to independence. A man and his car – a love story that is second to none. In fact, there is hardly any other country that attaches so much importance to its means of transportation. It is cleaned and polished, cherished and cared for, which does what it takes, so that the beloved car always looks immaculate. And when a blemish arises, many will not spare the expense or effort to eliminate it. An industry that benefits from this boundless love of motoring is car repairing service. Anyone who is self-employed in this area can look forward to a well-heeled clientele.

What does a vehicle repairing service process do?

Vehicle Repair Shop

Of course, if you want to set up a vehicle refinishing company, then you need to know exactly what services you expect from you. The following overview reveals what your professional life will require from you:

  • Vehicle cleaning inside and out
  • Paint preparation and care
  • Remove dents and scratches
  • Special treatments inside and out

Choose legal form and register commercial

Of course, to ensure that your business is officially official, you must register your vehicle recycling as a trade. Before you take this step, however, you should be clear about which legal form you choose. This has an impact on all business areas, which means that you better think through the decision in advance.

Who are the customers of a vehicle repair shop?

When want to start a vehicle repair shop or workshop, of course, should not only think about the legal form (although this, of course, is extremely important thoughts). One point that you should definitely have on your agenda is: who is my target audience? With a car preparation you address above all these four groups of people:

  • A holder of luxury cars: Jaguar, Ferrari, Lamborghini – the list of luxury cars is long and sonorous. Anyone who can afford such a car, of course, also puts a lot of money in the care. As a vehicle handyman, you will have regular contact with high-priced cars and polish them to a high gloss.
  • Oldtimer fans: But not only new and extremely expensive cars are cherished and maintained by their owners with great dedication. Also, beautiful vintage cars will always drive up on the premises of your vehicle repairing service.
  • Tuning enthusiasts: Less wealthy, but no less car-crazy are the customers who are enthusiastic about tuning. Especially when trade fairs and large car meetings are on the doorstep, many (hobby) tuners treat themselves to an appointment during vehicle repairing service.
  • Companies: The last target group that you will address with your business are companies that value a very well-groomed appearance. Wherever company cars drive up, of course, one wants to provide the perfect first impression. This means: The cars must be in perfect condition and must not show any scratches.

Basically, the average customer of a vehicle repairing service can be characterized as follows:

  • male
  • over 30 years old
  • car enthusiastic/crazy
  • financially well positioned

Targeting customers with the right marketing

But what does it really mean to you to know exactly who you will achieve with your business? One area in which audience analysis plays an extremely important role is marketing. Only if you know who you want to address will you be able to figure out how to do it.

Of course, topics such as luxury cars, tuning, and classic cars only appeal to a relatively small group of people. But this is the big advantage for you. Because it means that you can almost always tailor your marketing activities to each individual and reach out to specific customers.

Vehicle Repair Shop-Marketing

To celebrate the maximum achievement, it makes sense to create different personas beforehand – archetypes that represent fictional clients and help you to get a better (and more sculptural) idea of them. When creating the personas, you are welcome to give free rein to your creativity. It is important that you present the fictive customers as detailed and realistic as possible. Exaggerations and caricatures may be funny, but not necessarily effective.

The next step is to pick and choose the channels that best suit your personal or real target group. Here some examples:

  • Social Media (especially Facebook, Instagram and Twitter)
  • Auto shows
  • Car and tuning meeting
  • Journals and online magazines
  • Poster advertising
  • Own a website with the company blog

There is no universal recipe for success for optimal marketing strategies. Your job is to find the right ingredients and mix them into a coherent composition. If you feel you can not cope with this challenge, you can easily get help on the boat – for example, in the form of a marketing agency or a freelancer specializing in this area.

Cooperation with external providers

Rockfalls, hail damage, scuffed interior – not every damage that a car has, you will be able to repair expertly in your vehicle repairing service. Nevertheless, in order to be able to offer your customers the complete package of services, it makes sense to build up a network of different cooperation partners in your region. Whether paint shop, glazier or furniture upholsterer – there are many professionals who can support you and your business and ensure that your customers are satisfied.

Vehicle Repair Shop

The suitable premises for a vehicle repair shop

Last but not least, a topic that you should, of course, address as early as possible: the premises in which you want to build your business. Of course, anyone who wants to work with cars needs one thing: space. The more covered work surfaces you have, the better.

Suitable rooms for vehicle repairing service are rarely found in inner-city areas. Instead, look specifically for peripheral and, above all, commercial areas. Even rural areas often provide ideal conditions for the establishment of their own crafting business. The main advantage of this is that rents are relatively low. In addition, you will probably have to pay less trade tax than in urban areas.

Vehicle repair shop or workshop is part of our business ideas series in which we are trying to cover small business ideas for our audience.


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