As a virtual assistant service, you enjoy organizing like to take on administrative tasks in the background and can express yourself well and comprehensible? Then you should think about setting up a virtual assistant service. This business model is currently in great demand, as more and more companies and freelancers are choosing to outsource classic office tasks. Whether as a virtual assistant who processes the tasks from your own home office or at the customer’s site – who wants to start a secretarial service, can look forward to a varied and exciting everyday working life.

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Virtual assistant service

Read here what you have to pay attention to on your way to independence.

What are the tasks for a virtual assistant service?

Of course, if you’re thinking about starting a virtual assistant service, you should know exactly what your customers are asking you to do. In order not to disappoint anyone or to create false expectations, it makes sense to start thinking about which services should belong to your portfolio and communicate them accordingly. The classic tasks of an office service include:

  • Office work of all kinds
  • Setting up writing
  • Correspondence with authorities
  • investigation
  • Picking out footage
  • Writing bills

In addition, more and more typing firms are choosing to add a few special services to their range to reach even more customers. These include, for example:

Of course, the customer should know that the corresponding additional services are not your core competency and that he can not expect an expert result. However, there are enough that will suit your average knowledge and appreciate the need to get all the services you need from a single source.

Virtual assistant service

Professional and personal requirements

Anyone who wants to start a secretarial service should, of course, think carefully about this in advance. Because even if “only” waiting for various office work, this does not mean that this job is not challenging. As a prospective (virtual) assistant, you should meet the following professional and personal requirements:

  • suitable vocational training or studies (eg office clerk, business administration)
  • organizational skills
  • Structured working
  • high communicative competence
  • safe handling of various programs and tools

How to find an office service?

If you have all the prerequisites, defined your range of services and perhaps already convinced a few customers, there is nothing standing in the way of starting up a business with office services. The good news: This is not a licensed trade. This means that you do not have to provide any proof to fulfill your professional dream.

Establishing an office service means first and foremost: registering a business. If you want to take this step, you must fill in the so-called business license and enter it among other things, for which legal form you decide.

Most office service owners choose the sole proprietorship. This legal form is considered to be particularly unbureaucratic and requires no share capital. In addition, there are other options, such as the GmbH, the UG (limited liability) or the GbR.

Virtual assistant service

What do you need to set up a secretarial service?

As already mentioned above, the daily work routine in a secretarial service is very varied. While some work exclusively online with their clients (and are therefore often referred to as virtual assistants), others are on site with the client. Still, others opt for a mixed form and adapt themselves optimally to the needs of different customers.

No matter which form of work you choose – as an office service you need a range of work materials and not least your own office or study. This list gives you an overview:

  • Laptop and/or fixed computer
  • Telephone system with a landline connection
  • mobile phone
  • external keyboard
  • writing desk
  • desk chair
  • various writing materials
  • Folder and stapler
  • Staplers, punches, paper clips and other “small parts”
  • Printer (with integrated scan and copy function)
  • camera

If you look closely at the required work materials, it quickly becomes clear: setting up a secretarial service is relatively cheap. You do not need any special equipment or necessarily an external office. The work can be done easily in the home office or at the customer’s site. The low cost is a key reason why the business idea of office service is just so popular.

Virtual assistant service

Marketing for your virtual assistant service

Anyone who decides to start a secretarial service should know that the market is currently in a very competitive environment. Especially because the business model is relatively simple and requires no permits, many try their luck and provide a great deal.

Nevertheless, to generate orders from the beginning and to stay in the customer’s memory, it is advisable to invest time and money in inappropriate marketing activities. In this way, you can hone your professional profile and specifically draw attention to your office server.

If your initial self-employment marketing budget is low, you should definitely focus on the power of social media. Used properly, they quickly develop a positive impact that helps you make potential customers aware of your business. In addition to Facebook, the networks Twitter and Instagram are especially recommended for your office service.

If there’s more advertising budget, be sure to invest it in Google Adwords to find it quickly when it comes to searches like CityXY. Classic ads may be useful, but they are not the most effective ad writer channel anymore.

Virtual Assistant Service – Setting up a branch office

Doing office work for other companies is an activity that can also be carried out first-class as a part-time job. By continuing your permanent employment as a permanent employee and setting up the office serves as a part-time employee, you benefit from a whole range of advantages:

  • They still have a fixed income and do not have to worry about financial difficulties
  • Your business can grow slowly
  • You do not have to search frantically for customers

If your virtual assistant service turns out to be a success, you still have the opportunity to make it your primary profession. On the other hand, if the long-awaited flood of orders fails to materialize, you will continue to have the security of your employee job and be able to fully concentrate on it.


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