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We are going to discuss the vision, mission, objectives, strategy and action plan of the business. to convert the small-scale business into a big business giant,  to build authentic entrepreneurship and corporate leadership we need vision, mission, objectives, strategy, action plan. So let’s understand VMOSA.


V- VIsion.


O- Objectives.

S- Strategy.

A- Action plan.

Also, additionally there do the values of the company.

Vision is the destination of the company means, where you want to go in next coming five to ten years. We can not see to our vision by the physical eyes but we can see this by the mental eyes. Many of the peoples don’t know the difference between the vision of the company and mission of the company but you can get the meaning and the difference between the vision and mission of the company in this case study.

Vision means where you want to reach in next coming five to ten years and the mission means why you want to reach there.

To earn the profit, it can not be the mission of your company or organization. Let’s understand the PM1-PM2. In PM1 P- Purpose and M- mission and in PM2 P- Profit and M- money. The mission is your purpose, why you want to reach to your destination (vision) and the money or profit will be only the outcome. Profit and money can help achieve your mission. So, to earn money is cannot be your mission.

The purpose will be which the problem of your customer that you are going to solve. Many people think like, from where we can earn more money in our business. First comes that, What problem of your customer which you are going to solve and then comes your profit

let’s understand VMOSA in very simple words,

In above box A is your current position and B is your destination means where you want to reach in coming next five to ten years. Means first you will decide that where you want to reach that would be your vision then, why you want to reach there, that would be your mission.

But to reach from A  to B (from your current position to your destination) what exactly you have to do?  So, In the above box, there are small steps between A (your current position ) and B (your destination) that is your objective, your strategy, and then your action plan. And in the business how do you behave that is your values.

But, what do I mean by value?

So the value means, what would be your core values, What would be your working nature and culture. Value means what would be the core belief system of your company.

Jack Welch  (founder of General Electric) has taken to his company from 12 billion dollars to 400 billion dollars by focusing on the core values of their company. He says that ‘every employee of our company how big performer he may be, if he is not practicing the core values of our company then put him out of the organization immediately.

Also in Microsoft Bill Gates (founder of Microsoft Corporation) says, we don’t want those employees who are near-fit, we want these employees who are the perfect fit. Even if there may be any losses but, we will not hire near fit employees, we will hire perfect fit employees who will practice our core values.

Companies culture is the magic. So, core value means how. By applying these concepts your company becomes stronger which creates deep roots of your company.

We will see some of the examples of vision and mission as a case study for more clarification,

  • Tesla Motor :


“To create the most compelling car company of the 21st century by driving the world’s transition to the electric vehicle.”

  1. Most compelling:

Tesla wants to say, first of all, we want to make the most compelling car company. It shows the leadership and excellence of the company

2. Car Company:

The second one, They want to make it clear that it is a car company.

3. 21st century:

They want to make the best cars before the 21st century.

4. The world’s transition to electric vehicles:

Also, the important indicator is, they want to work worldwide. Tesla Motors wants to shift the entire world from petrol diesel car to electric cars.

That is the vision of Tesla Motors.


” To accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable transport.”


They Want to work with high speed and also want to increase the customer’s speeds by providing the best cars.

2. The World’s Transition:

They believe their mission is to eliminate petrol and diesel cars and bring their electric cars.

3. Sustainable Transport:

They want to provide sustainable transport by providing these products which are based on renewable technology which is called as sustainable energy.

That is the mission of Tesla Motors.

  •  Amazon:     

“To be earth’s most customer-centric company where the customer can find and discover anything they might want to buy online.”

There are three important points,

  1. Global Reach:

They want to make it clear that the entire world is their customer.

2. Customer Prioritization:

They are more focused on customer prioritization.

3. Anything They Might Want To Buy Online:

It means they are focusing on widest selection.

That is the vision of Amazon.


“We Strive to offer our customer the lowest possible prices, The best available selection & utmost convenience.

  1. The Lowest Possible Price:

They Want to provide the products for the best possible price to the customers.

2. The Best Available Selection:

They want to provide the best selection to the customers.

3. The Utmost Convenience:

They want to provide utmost convenience so that the customers can get their orders or material by seating in the home.

That is the mission of Amazon. It statement don’t seem the copied statements because that is the Amazon is doing

So these are the missions of Amazon and Tesla Motors. Like them, you should also identify the vision and mission of your organization or company, and start working by following that. Then you can see the unstoppable growth of your company.

We learned these all above concepts from Dr. Vivek Bindra. As he is an International Motivational Speaker, Leadership Consultant, and the Business coach.

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